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I want to purchase an intake system for my 2008 dodge avenger SE. Is there a difference in sound between a reg. air intake and a cold air intake or are they the same thing?? Somone help
Not so much a difference in sound, but if you install a cold air intake your airbox will hang low away from the heat of your engine forcing colder air into your car, thus making the car run better, cold air boxes typically come with their own high flow filter to allow more air than a factory air intake as well.
What brand of performance parts are the best?
The best brand depends on what part you want really.
So, the question is can I use a Camry air intake manufactured by brands such as Injen, AEM, KN for my Lexus ES 300? The year is 2002, 3.0L V6 engine, I was wondering since the v6 engine is identical with its Camry counter-part. The only problem I have, is that there aren‘t any air intakes for my car but there is for the Camry. So I would appreciated any knowledgeable input from you guys. Thanks.
that is going to be a maybe. Even tho it is the same engine, for some reason there is a good bit more room in the Camry. But most any cold air intake system take a bit of beating to get it in. It wont slide in there, but with a little work it should fit
what is the best cold air intake system for a newer nissan 300zx? how much does it cost?
JWT and Stillen make good filter intakes for the Z32 300ZX. And as for the person's post above me.remember, you get what you pay for.never go cheap cause it will bite you in the *** in the long run.
Can anyone explain the difference between the Cold Air Intake Systems and the Short Ram Air Intake Systems?
A cold air intake is your basic tube and filter combination. It is shorter in length and usually cheaper. A Short ram air intake will be longer and usually ends near the bumper and is more of a forced air induction system.
Im buying a new 2013 ford f150 v8 and I was hoping to get more bang for the buck. I was looking at the KN 63 series intakes and didn‘t know if that was the one to deliver the most horsepower and torque with that nice sports car sound. Also I was wondering if I should be getting a new exhaust system as well to really bring my truck to life. thanks
A cold air intake will only put more bang in the manufacturer's pocket. It won't give you ANY more power unless you're at or near red line. Below red line, the airflow is restricted by the throttle plate. No air filter can change the laws of physics. Total waste of money.
ok i have a 2002 honda civic someone the other day said i should put a hot air intake in my honda because i will get alot better gas milage it doesnt sound like such a bad idea but i have to make my own hot air intake or something anyway how do i do that and is it a wast of time and will it mess up my engine thanks
The standard intake is a cold air intake with preheat - the best of both worlds. Aftermarket cold air intakes do not have preheat so they reduce fuel economy, hot air intakes do not include preheat either (they are only hot after the engine is warmed up) so they are the worst of both worlds. The engineering cost for a car model is typically about half a billion dollars. why people think a $100 aftermarket intake will be better than the one that came on it stock is beyond me.
In your opinion, what is the best air intake system for a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport?
Most of the well known aftermarket air intake systems are pretty much the same. They all use a bigger tube and a free flowing air filter. Some of them have a splash guard so water wont slash up and get sucked into the intake. Those are recommended. If you don't want the hassle of having to take the filter off and cleaning it and then having to spray oil onto it, stay away from the KN, because that is what you have to do. I used the KN intake as an example in my other answer just as a generic answer as an example, but I would not use it. There are others out there that are great and do the same thing. Buy a good brand name is my best answer and stay away from things on Ebay that are no name, not known products.