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If you get on OKorder and look up Task Force 12v battery packs, people are selling those 10-20 times CHEAPER than the Dewalts etc. Look, all of these have the same 'c' size Ni-Cad batteries in them. You simply take the case apart and remove the array of batteries. Then you can take a low wattage soldering iron and some solder (flux core is easier to get to stick). Just use nyour basic common sense to immitate the configuration of the pack you want to replace. Another trick I came up with was to take a vacuum cleaner hose repair- heat shrink tubbing wrap ( Hesco inc. dot com) and put enough batteries in it to equal 9.6 volts and carefully attached a Male (-) / Female (+) connection plug. Now on my Dewalt battery charger I put the correspondingly opposite Male (+) / Female (-) plug. Then on the back of my 9.6 volt Dewalt drill I put a smaller vacuum cleaner belt looped where the normal ( and expensive) OEM battery would plug in. This loop of strong rubber is what holds the battery.
Pain in the #$$, rather buy the battery.
I have a toshiba satellite p35-s6053.-LI-ION BATTERY pack model no. pa3385u-1brs (toshiba corporation)part #:psp30u-27w001serial#:95290393k
Batteries no matter it be a lap top or flash light or rechargeable they do go bad if the lap top runs on the power adapter and not when on battery power that is enough info to tell one the battery is shot/gone bad/has a bad cell replace the battery. Rechargeable lap top batteries only have so many charge cycles built into then normally around 2000 and over a three yrs period would emagine the battery has given you this and even more, replace the battery.
I have 2 rechargable battery packs,1) 6V, 3200mAh2) 7.2V, 3600mAhQ1) Can I attach both of them in parallel (by first making sure they measure same volts at that time) because I was wondering, what would happen when I'll charge the combined battery !? as one of the packs can reach 7.2V, while the other 6V only. [if not, any alternate solutions?]Q2) Would I get a total power of 3200+3600 6800mAh ?Thanks.
q1, No, not a good idea. q2, No, the 6V pack will add very little. But if you added a cell to the 6V pack, or removed a cell from the 7.2 V
And for how long? The continuous power consumption is 12v at 2 amps.
Generally, the load connected to an AA cell should not exceed 10% of its mAH rating. If you are using them in parallel, you're right at the limit.
does battery world repack batteries? if they do, how much does it cost?
some Anton Bauer battery packs are made with individual cells ( D size) internally. they can be re-celled (not repacked) yourself or by a technician. i used to do this at various television stations i worked at. i am not aware of any other type battery pack that is can be done with. it would cost about 1/4th the price of a new pack.
I have an Xbox One controller. And I was wondering which batteries would work better and hold more energy? The Xbox One battery pack, or Energizer Rechargeable Lithium Batteries?
Battery pack because the rechargeable batteries tend to get stuck
I am finally going to upgrade to a digital SLR soon and am trying to figure out how long these $250 power battery packs (that clip on to the bottom of the camera) last compared to a small $30-$60 battery. While there are reviews, this is the most important aspect of the item I cannot find. How long does this last and how much better is it than 1 or even 2 extra batteries?
Are you talking about a battery grip, like a Nikon MB-10, or an external power pack, like a Quantum? If it's the battery grip like the MB-D10, it depends on the power source in the grip, one EN-EL3e, 8 AA batteries, an EN-EL4 or an EN-EL4a. With a Quantum, you should be able to extrapolate current information, with their technical specs, i.e. a EN-EL3e has 1500mAh, so see how many shots that battery will take through online tests that are published. Then look at the technical specs on the Quantum, and see what the mAh capacity of that battery is. Then some basic math, and you can see what the expected performance should be. With something like a D300, the quantum is overkill. Add an MB-D10, and a Nikon EN-EL4a and you could take 3,000 shots or more. Using 8 AA NiMh you can get 1500 or so from AA, and then some more from internal battery. I prefer the AA battery packs, you can buy the batteries anywhere.
i need a battery pack for a project but i dont know where to get one can anyone please tell me
What does normal battery pack mean? You can get batteries at most drug stores and places like home depot. You can get battery holders online if that is what you mean. see link