12 Volt Battery

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Product Description:

  • Usage: UPS

  • Voltage: 12v

  • Sealed Type: Sealed

  • Maintenance Type: Free

  • Size: 329*172*214mm

  • Weight: 33 kg

  • Nominal Capacity: 100AH


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

wooden package

Delivery Detail:

30 days



Low self-discharge

Long discharge life

Safty valve regulated system

Deep discharge recovery

Wide operating temperature range



  1. Sealed construction and complete maintenance free, and no need to replenish water. No leakage and battery explosion under normal working condition.

  2. Total environment-friendly. More than twenty years marketing history.

  3. High capacity. Up to 110% of the rated capacity.

  4. Long service life: 6G series up to 5-8 years, GFM series up to 15 years.

  5. Outstanding leak tightness, up to 99.99%

  6. Operating temperature range: -40~+65C

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Q:Ups power delay can be how long
if the longer delay is not impossible, you may need to add other charger.
Q:UPS power supply alarm, may be normal power supply, how should deal with?
There are two cases of UPS alarm. One is UPS failure conditions: For example, 1, when the power failure or input power is not connected, then UPS battery power supply, the general UPS alarm is 2-3 seconds. 2, if the battery life is over, the battery power loss, the alarm sound from the indirect sound into a drop of continuous alarm, this time the battery lights will flash, the battery capacity lamp is generally only a grid show, then you should replace the new battery The. 3, UPS overload operation will alarm (overload, the general overload of the UPS in the specified time will be their own downtime protection), this time is not the UPS itself failure, as long as the overload of equipment to stop a few, UPS alarm will disappear. There is also a situation is the UPS internal failure, this situation is more common, many reasons, here is not tired, then the fault light will be bright, the alarm is generally 1 second or long. Then you can find a dealer or manufacturer for maintenance, troubleshooting, the alarm will be eliminated.
Q:3000W load with a large number of UPS uninterruptible power supply is appropriate, the backup time to 12 hours
1 kWh = 1000 W / H (1 kW / hour) So the theory is 3000W load 1 hour is 3 degrees electricity =================== If you use a 12V battery for power supply. Then the capacity required for 1 hour is 3000W / 12V = 125A. 12 hours is 1500A. Theoretical value If you use 12V battery to do power supply, then the need for 1500A theoretical battery capacity. This is also the UPS itself, the loss of the proposed increase to 2000A capacity. According to your purchase of a single battery capacity. Perform the stack calculation. You have to buy a little stability of the UPS head + battery pack program. A brief introduction, my company has a small room, which is the program is to use SURT15K UPS head + a 1.2 cubic meters of the battery pack program (estimated to have 30 large batteries inside). Can provide 10 IBM X3550 server running about 10 hours.
Q:What are the hazards of the harmonics generated by the UPS power supply?
For our long-term use of the UPS power supply, in the end UPS power supply which will produce what harmonics, the current harmonics in the end what will be the harm, the specific hazards are the following: 1, on the circuit breaker, leakage protection, relays and other protection, automatic control device interference, resulting in malfunction. So that the motor generates additional losses and heat, resulting in pulsating torque and noise. So that the power transformer, so that the motor generated additional loss and heat, resulting in pulsating torque and noise. 2, the adjacent communication lines produce static interference and electromagnetic interference. Causing the electrostatic compensation capacitor of the distribution system to occur in series / parallel resonance. 3, due to harmonics, so that voltage changes caused by electronic equipment damage, a malfunction, affecting the normal operation of computer programs. Resulting in data loss, and even damage to the hardware, causing building automation, fire alarm system, security system malfunction, or even unable to work.
Q:UPS power supply
Do not need to drive, did not hear the need to drive
Q:What is the difference between a UPS outlet and an ordinary outlet?
There is no essential difference between the UPS socket and the general outlet. But not what electrical appliances can be plugged into the UPS socket, the home fan is best not to plug in the UPS socket. In addition, there are watching the capacity of UPS, do not plug in the UPS socket too much electrical appliances.
Q:How to choose the right UPS power supply?
Can put your device power w and delay request, ask me.
Q:EPS, UPS power supply What does this mean? What are their respective uses?
EPS, emergency power supply, mainly used for fire, emergency lights and other occasions, low precision, cheaper than the same power UPS, the normal electricity when the bypass work, power failure when the inverter power supply work. UPS, uninterruptible power supply, mainly used for IDC room, server array, precision control system power supply, high precision, high price, normal power inverter power supply, power failure when the battery power supply. Their common place is that there are bypass, inverter, battery charging circuit, can be in the mains when the battery to provide emergency power supply. The difference is that the UPS is very precise, rectifier - inverter double conversion work to ensure that the output interruption time is less than 10 milliseconds (usually 0 millisecond intermittent, because the inverter has been working); EPS low precision, power outage time Generally greater than 10 milliseconds, between 10-50ms, if the server, so that more than 20ms intermittent time will restart.
Q:3K UPS, need to delay half an hour,
Such as the mountain 3C3 30K UPS need 384V voltage, if half an hour, then 32 will be 32 hours when the 12V battery. APC voltage is not the same.
Q:What is the difference between UPS power supply and UPD power supply?
UPS is an uninterruptible power system (English), is able to provide a sustained, stable, uninterrupted power supply of important external equipment. In principle, UPS is a set of digital and analog circuits, automatic control inverter and maintenance-free storage devices in one of the power electronic equipment; Functionally speaking, UPS can be abnormal in the mains, the effective purification of electricity; can also be a sudden interruption in the city power for a certain period of time to the computer and other equipment power supply, so you can have plenty of time to cope with; From the use of information society, UPS is widely used in information collection, transmission, processing, storage to the application of all aspects, the importance of information applications with the increasing importance of increasing. UPS according to the working principle is divided into backup, online and online interactive three categories;
Our products have passed relevant certificates. ISO9001, ISO14001, CE,CCC, and intellectual property certificates.We have 56 members in R&D department. For the markets' need, Every month there will be new models developed. Innovation is our development direction and business policy.

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