Lithium Button Cell Battery CR927

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1)3 Volts, 30 mAh. 9.5 mm diameter. 2.7 mm high

2)used in watches, flashing toys, flashing body jewelry, glow in the dark jewel

3 Volts, 30 mAh. 9.5 mm diameter. 2.7 mm high.


CR927 Lithium button cells are commonly used in watches, flashing toys, flashing body jewelry, glow in the dark jewelry.

5Pack Blister or Bulk package



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:bulk package: 16000pcs/ctn;32*27*27cm;12.3kg

Delivery Detail:3-5 days

Q:How does the button battery look positive and negative?
Button battery to check the positive and negative methods: visual, the top is more rounded, is the negative, the bottom is relatively flat, is the cathode.
Q:How to connect the button battery led lamp beads?
First check the polarity of the LED pin: (LED it is a semiconductor diode device, so it has a one-way conductivity) to supply the LED voltage + pole connected to the LED + pole, the voltage - pole LED - pole.
Q:Is there a pulse current larger CR2032 button battery?
The working voltage has been greatly reduced, can not achieve the normal supply voltage, RFID, anti-lost industry demand is more obvious.
Q:What is the voltage of a button battery?
1.5V → electronic form, quartz watch above, 3V → computer with the CR2032, CR2025
Q:Ordinary battery power is the button battery several times?
Button cell (button cell) also known as button cell, refers to the size of a small button like a battery, in general, larger diameter, thinner thickness (relative to the columnar batteries such as the market on the 5th AA batteries). Button battery is from the shape up to the battery to the points, the equivalent of the corresponding battery classification columnar battery, square battery, shaped battery.
Q:Is the battery life over the shelf life?
Some of the better domestic manufacturers such as Malak brand battery shelf life can reach more than 5 years.
Q:I accidentally found a button on the motherboard battery, I would like to ask, that battery can be used for how long?
If the motherboard battery is genuine goods but use less than a few months there is no electricity, that is, the voltage from 3.2V down to 2V or even 0V, then it is likely that the motherboard circuit leakage or diode breakdown short circuit caused by such failures.
Q:Button batteries put together after the heat, about half an hour, after the separation can also be used?
The battery has caused a short circuit, and basically no electricity, you can use the voltmeter regardless of battery voltage, high voltage or can be used, but the use of time is not long.
Q:Is the button battery's internal resistance great?
If you want to increase the current can only reduce the load impedance, because the button battery voltage is certain, there is no other way.
Q:How to install the battery scale battery, the battery is equipped with a button, how to take out?
Find the electronic scales on the body to install the battery position, generally have a protective cover to cover, and the protective cover with screws and fuselage locked together.
Our company has 10 years experience in battery R&D, producing and the oversea marketing.In our ISO 9001:2000-certified factories, which span a total of 10,000 m2, we can turn out over 120,000 pc monthly CR2032 lithium battery & 100,000,000 pc LR44 alkaline battery.With professional R&D team, experienced workers and advanced equipment, we are determined to provide you high-quality battery.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2006
Annual Output Value US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Oceania; Eastern Asia; Western Europe; Central America; South Asia
Company Certifications TUV certification; ROHS certificate; SGS certificate; CE certificate of conformity

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage 41% - 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
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