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Lithium Iron Battery Supplier & Manufacturer from China is a professional Lithium Iron Battery supplier & manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including real-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the largest Lithium Iron Battery firm in China.

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Solar power generation, per square meter of power generation in 120W or so, the cost per square meter in 1500 yuan, the greater the area the lower the price2013 PV industry in Europe and the United States antitrust investigation, overcapacity led to the collapse of a large number of photovoltaic industry in Zhejiang, solar prices have fallen. This can be checked at any time onlineRecommended to buy solar water heater price per price in the 150-180 yuan, including in accordance with the material and other costs, buy a good look at whether there is a reliable after-sales
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Or must there be built - in battery? If yes, then use the mobile phone lithium battery can?
Solar panels because of light effects, such as shadow, the angle, so the output voltage is not stable, not stable in 5V, generally with a simultaneous mobile power output and input to the panel itself has a built-in battery, then of course better.
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The advantages of solar water heaters and photovoltaic power generation are once and for all, slowly after many years of use can see the advantages of saving electricity bills, but the disadvantage is instability, a lot depends on the intensity of light.
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2 domestic solar water heater market development problems, intense competition. 2010 in the first half, the solar water heater industry ushered in the most severe market test, the number of manufacturers dropped from last year's more than 5 thousand to the current more than 2 thousand and 800. There are relevant data show that nearly 80% of the solar water heater companies have varying degrees of decline in sales, inventory increases and other issues, solar water heater industry's profits are getting lower and lower. In nearly 6000 domestic solar water heater business, really have the scale of production and R & D capabilities of enterprises less than 20, the rest for some local small workshops and brand-name enterprises. However, the quality of product inspection management, backward production technology, low price dumping, Jerry phenomenon in these small enterprises, resulting in solar water heater market order and chaos, there are many hidden dangers.
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