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Does the card have to summon two or can it only summon one if you only have one in your graveyard? Or if you have two but you only want one.
You have to summon 2 yes its a requirement, you must have 2 in your grave, and you must summon 2
i have a Sony cybershot camera and recently, one of its two batteries wont charge when placed on the charger. i put the second battery on the charger and it worked fine, so i dont think its the charger. the first battery (that wont charge) was left in the camera for at least a few months, so im not sure if thats the problem. i have left the batteries in it before with no issues so i dont know why it would be an problem. also, the battery is fairly new(er). its a type G. help?
buy a new one it died
i heard there was a way to fix a 18 volt cordless battery that wont hold a charge anymore.
You have to open up the battery pack and replace the batteries. They are usually NiCD or NiMH. 18 Volts 15 pcs x 1.2 V rechargeable batteries. Use the same size (e.g. AA) and make sure the AH rating is the same or higher than the old ones. Buy replacements at your local Radioshack or electronics store. You need to solder them together in series. Use heavy gauge (14 awg or higher) solid copper wire. You can pound the wire flat with a hammer to reduce its thickness if space is an issue. Use the shortest length of wire possible to reduce resistance. Optional: You can remove the positive end caps from the batteries and solder directly on the positive terminal to reduce resistance. Resistance is a very big issue in low voltage DC appliances because the smallest rise in resistance can cause a large drop in voltage and power. Good luck and save money!
i have a compaq presario laptop and i have used it for a year the problem is the plastic in the jack of the battery pack ( usually yellow in color) burned because of over heating and this caused the jack to be so loose that sometimes you need to place something underneath the jack like a book for it to work. and recently we bought a new laptop and i tried borrowing its charger because its the same as the 1st one. after an hour or so the jack of the new battery pack also burned and the small steel rod of my computer( wherein you insert the jack ) sticked inside the jack i dont know what to do.
With a serious electrical problem like that, take it to an authorized Compaq repair center. Keep in mind that some notebook manufacters (Dell, most notably) recently had major recall on battery packs due to overheating fire hazard issues.
I have a DeWalt power drill. It has replaceable and rechargeable Battery Pack labled XR Pack. I want to know how to get rid of it safely and appropriately.
Many okorder
i put in the pack it came with, it charges and turns red on the bulb.but i just put in newly bought rechargeable energizers but the bulb doesnt turn red. is it charging.
You have to use xbox battery packs not real batteries. You can buy other xbox battery packs to use and charge. Or you can use the original pack that the controler came with to use regular AAs but they will not recharge while in the controler.
I heard about this a lot but don't know what it is. Also tell me if I should get this when the Vita comes out.
Sony reveal that psv only get up to 5 hours so to please customer, they announce that it will come with a external battery pack as a accessory, since psv internal battery can't be replace like you can on psp. it's just a battery pack you hook up to psv using the connector on the bottom. This should give you another 5 hours. If you still dont Know what it is. Think the external pack as a regular battery you put in remotes and flash light. Now put a connector from that battery to the psv. That's what it is basically, but in its own form. I suggest you get it because the psv will only last 5 hours. I will too. Let's just hope it's small enough to fit in pocket
I currently need one, so any help would be appreciated.
You can get rechargeable battery pack and a compact charger at Wal-Mart or almost any big stores. The brand you are looking for is Energizer.