12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 90ah for solar street

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(1). Lithium batteries are light in weight, small in size, large in capacitance, high in energy and high in safety

(2). Lithium battery core raw materials. The core itself has overcharge, over pressure, and over let the flow of four safety protection. It fundamentally solves the hidden dangers of short circuit, leakage, explosion and other aspects of lithium batteries.

(3). Lithium batteries use lithium battery cores in series. 

(4). Charging chip protection plate(using military-grade smart IC chip, with over current, over pressure, overcharge, overcharge, under voltage, short circuit, reverse connection, equilibrium voltage and equilibrium charging and other multiple protection functions) to ensure the safety and reliability of the battery pack.

(5). Lithium batteries are used for a long time. The cycle can be charged and discharged more than 600 times. LED light source operating time of 20,000 hours, lithium battery life 2-3 years.

Why us?:


(1).More competitive price! As a manufacture,we have our own factory,so the price will be much more competitive!

(2).Great quality! All the cells we use are A grade cells,100% quality check and full one year warranty!

 12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 90ah  for solar street

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Q:how to reduce a 7.2 lithium battery pack to a 6 volt output?
Feeding the output of the 7.2 volt batteries through three diodes connected in series and rated at one amp will reduce the voltage to 6.0.Each diode will produce a voltage drop of .4 volts.
Q:i have a dual xbox 360 battery charger and it goes straight to a green light even when the battery packs dead?
Xbox Battery Charger
Q:Would a defective battery pack cause a laptop not to power on even when plugged in?
Unless the battery has physical damage to it then it can cause the computer not to turnbut in this case it sounds like your actual motherboard can be bad.viruses will only affect the computer once it gets past the HP splash screen, but if that HP logo doesn't come up, it sounds like it is a bad motherboardRecommend to take in to a local PC shop to have a look at it.
Q:Is there a battery juice pack that comes with a tv stand for iPhone 5?
There's a 4200mAh (the fastest charger case for the iPhone 5) battery case here, it's £35.99 but its worth the money - amazon.co.uk/Patuoxun®-4200mAh-External-Backup-Battery/dp/B00ATCGPPI
Q:Trap Stun effect on Portable Battery Pack?
Trap stun negates all other trap effects for the turn. If your trap stun is chain link 3 then any other traps activated before it are negated because portable battery pack hasn't resolved yet.
Q:Rechargable battery pack for the Xbox 360 controller?
It comes with a rechargable battery %. (a minimum of mine did). do not hassle touching directly to the battery life, it lasts long sufficient and in case you lose means then only hook it as plenty because of the fact the USB port (by potential of charging cable). What I do is only play wirelessly, then on the comparable time as i'm finished I turn off my xbox then twine up the controller and xbox expenses the controller till ultimately its thoroughly charged.
Q:How long could I expect to run a 12V DC motor (0.3 amps) off a battery pack?
all of us else advised you regarding the motor, and that they are quite often good different than that maybe they are exaggerating slightly approximately what's going to ensue (e.g., circulate up in smoke, soften). yet be conscious! The wires you employ can circulate up in smoke or soften in the event that they are not heavy adequate (do no longer question me how i understand!). on the different hand, i think of they are deceptive you approximately your image voltaic panel. there isn't any such factor as a 12V panel. in the experience that your panel is labelled 12V, that in simple terms approximately easily skill that it replaced into designed for charging a 12V battery. I even have a 5W 12V panel that i offered to test with. In complete sunlight, this is open circuit voltage is 25V. when I hook it as much as a battery, regardless of the incontrovertible fact that, its output voltage is on the instant compelled to despite the voltage of the battery replaced into on the time. If the battery voltage replaced into low, and that i circulate away it interior the sunlight all day, that voltage will (ever so slowly) upward push. in case you do no longer use a charge controller, then it quite is quite useful to observe it, and disconnect the battery from the panel whilst the voltage gets up over 14V. a solid rule of thumb for lead-acid batteries, B.T.W.: in case you pick for them to final, then do no longer charge or discharge the battery in something under 10 hours. it quite is to assert, in the experience that your battery is labelled 12Ah, then you quite quite oughten't to entice from now on than a million.2A from it, or charge it at extra desirable than a million.2A.
Q:Compact camera case that will fit DSLR with lens & battery pack?
It's Canon. A cannon is a type of gun. Take your camera along with you to a store which specialises in bags/backpacks etc. Find one you like. Check it fits in the store.
Q:is it safe to charge camcorders without draining the battery pack first?
If the battery is nickle hydride it should be ok. If the battery is nickle cadnium it is better to us it up.
Q:DC screen maintenance-free lead-acid battery pack how to charge, discharge?
DC screen debugging, connected to the AC power supply test AC dual power switching device is working properly, dual power switch device under the port voltage is normal. After the AC part of the test is normal, close the AC module of the charging module in turn to observe whether the module starts normally and measure the module output voltage and polarity. After the charging module starts normally and the output voltage and polarity are correct, turn on the battery switch and the bus switch to measure whether the voltage, polarity and polarity of the battery switch are correct, and observe whether the voltage meter is in the direction. turn.

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