• 12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 100ah  for solar street System 1
  • 12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 100ah  for solar street System 2
  • 12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 100ah  for solar street System 3
  • 12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 100ah  for solar street System 4
12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 100ah  for solar street

12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 100ah for solar street

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Our lithium battery parts:

Battery cell:

high strength aluminum alloy shell

IP65,PASS drop test/vibration test/crush test;




high stability ,low internal resistance,

Over-charge/over-discharge protect,

Over-current protect,

Short-current protect,

Temperature protect,



CNBM Own unit design to ensure the high energy density with long cycle life and high safety standard.

Be widely deployed in the energy storage system;

Why us?


(1).More competitive price! As a manufacture,we have our own factory,so the price will be much more competitive!

(2).Great quality! All the cells we use are A grade cells,100% quality check and full one year warranty!

(3).Fast delievery! 500pcs need only 7 days,and usually 3-5day!


1. Q: What's your MOQ(minimum order quantity) of Factory price li ion lipo solar battery 12v 30ah 40ah 50ah solar street light lithium battery ?
A: 100PCS.(Acceptance of sample orders for small trial orders)

2. Q: What's your packing methods ?

A: Industrial packing (can be as customer's requirements)

3. Q: What's your payment terms of Factory price li ion lipo solar battery 12v 30ah 40ah 50ah solar street light lithium battery ?
A: T/T 30% in advance & T/T 70% upon sending the goods, L/C 100%, or negotiate according to the order status.

4. Q: What's your delivery time?
A: 4 weeks after received the advance payment or L/C.

5. Q: Can we visit your factory?

A: Warmly welcome. Once we have your schedule, we will arrange the professional sales team to follow up your case.

12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 100ah  for solar street

 12 volt lithium polymer battery battery 100ah  for solar street

Q:I recently bought a cylindrical battery pack from OKorder and it is apparently made in China. The English translation is bad and it doesn't say how long it takes to get a full charge. The bottom of the cylinder battery says Capacity 2600MAH IN 5V/0 5A OUT 5V/0 5A
The time required to charge any battery depends on its state of charge at the time charging begins and the applied charging current. Most batteries should be charged at no more than 10% of their Ah rating, so your battery, unless it is specifically intended to accept fast charging, should be charged at about 250 mA (1/4 amp). Thus, a full charge usually requires 10 to 16 hours, and sometimes more. According to the owner's manual, the NiMH battery for my Kenwood TH-K2AT handheld transceiver requires 12 hours to charge.
Q:i want to buy something to recharge my controller
well there is one battery thing thing that comes with the play and charge. though you have to buy more after your first one runs out on energy
Q:I need to build a battery pack that will last a min 2hrs to power a motor through a speed controller. The motor will be run at the slowest speed possible.Motor Specifications:? Torque: 12.0kg/cm? Rated Voltage: 12.0V? Operating: 4.5 - 18V max? Current - No load: 70mA? Current - Full load: 1380mA? Gear Ratio:
You need to do two things to work this out as you have not provided enough detail. Step one: Determine average motor current over the two hour period. Step two: Calculate the required AH (amp hour) rating required for the batteries. Step one: connect an ammeter to the supply side of the speed controller. Run the motor at the speed you require. Measure the current. (lets assume 300mA) Step two: Battery Capacity. Lets say you need 3 hours run time. 300mA * 3 hours 900mAhours required. Check the AH rating of your batteries. (lets assume they are 450mAH rated) Building the battery pack: You neeed 8 batteries in series to get the required 12V. But if you did this you would only have a 450mAH rated battery pack. You need to double that, so put another 8 batteries in series. That will give you 900mAH which is what you require. (total 16 batteries) If you have 900mAH batteries you would only need 8. If you have 450mAH battaries you would need 16 (two parallel lots of 8) If you have 100mAH batteries you would need 72 batteries (9 parallel lots of 8)etc If you have 1800mAH batteries you will still need 8 to get the required voltage, but the motor will run aproximately twice as long as with the 900mAH solutions. Hope this helps!
Q:i lost the charger for my battery pack for my camera. i was wondering if it was possible to charge the battery by plugging my camera into my computer? anything helps, thanks!
in many circumstances, a single cellular could degree a million.2 volts. possibly your 'cellular' is nicely produced from 3 single cells. Getting heat could be a undesirable factor, as warmth can shorten battery existence. in case you have a volt meter. degree your 'cells' one after the other, and could incredibly be charged one after the other besides to insure a appropriate can charge. that's what i could do.
Q:do they make 18v batteries for it? If not how could i make one using an 18v lithium battery pack? Thanks
It depends on the model. I doubt you can build one.
Q:I bought a Canon VIXIA HF R300 Camcorder a few months ago, and I noticed a message saying to change the battery pack almost as soon as I turned it on. I just decided to wait and see what that meant, since I didn't know why it would need it; I had literally just gotten the camera. Now when I turn on the video camera it says that message every time, and when I go to look at the videos I've recorded it pops up there too. When I'm recording the battery drains REALLY fast. Why is it doing this?How do I fix it?
Are you charging the battery according to the instructions in the manual? If so, you have a defective battery.
Q:I just got a new battery pack from the mail i follow the instructions and it won't turn on so i call Microsoft and they tolled me that there is nothing they can do but a similar friend had a problem and he fixed it but he moved away and I can't contact him can someone please help me Thankz
get a new battery pack? and it's spelt told
Q:I am using the Play and Charge Kit for the XBOX 360.but using regular rechargable batteries instead of the pack.will it sill charge?
It doesn't charge the controller. It only keeps the controller on while the batteries still have power. You can't use it if the battery is empty, even if they are rechargeable. The only batteries it recharges are the ones in the Play and Charge Kit.
Q:Do the nyco battery packs and charging dock or regular rechargable batteries work better for the Wii remote?
nyco battery packs last about 3 to 4 hours without charging but you could just switch out remotes when the battery pack is low on one remote then you could just use a differrent remote while the the other charges and rechargeable batteries last 10 hours until they need to charge
Q:I Just bought a 3600 MhA Ni-MH Recheargable Battery Pack for the XBOX 3601. Is it safe to use it even if it's not an Original Microsoft Product ?2. Can I Play in the same time that the battery is Charging ?
What is the brand? 1) Any product that is not a first party product (i.e. made by Microsoft) will have an inherent risk factor. However, in terms of a rechargeable battery pack, the only thing you will really have to worry about is the battery melting or exploding from overheating. Explosion is highly unlikely, but battery corrosion and melting can possibly occur. This can happen to ANY battery pack, not just third party ones. So in short, the risk is very low. 2) No, you cannot. The Battery Pack for an XBox 360 controller must be fully inserted into the controller itself. Most if not all rechargeable battery packs have to charge on a base unit that CANNOT be plugged into the controller at the same time. Keep in mind: Rechargeable battery packs degrade with use. You will have a great charge time to start, but as you continue to use your rechargeable battery packs, the amount of play time you will get out of them will diminish. As a personal example, I have the Microsoft brand rechargeable pack, and I now only get about 2.5 hours of play time out of them from about 6 hours when I originally bought them. This is why I have 2 packsI swap them out as I go so I never have to waste batteries! Hope this helps.

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