2C Application Lithium Battery Energy Storage System

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2C Application Lithium Battery Energy Storage System

2C Application Lithium Battery Energy Storage System

Q:Why I should choose your company.
Re: a. Before shipment, we will inspect every battery and ensure the quantity.
b. Very competitive price offer.
c. 10+ years experienced trade assurance supplier.
d.Better custom service, prompt reply, responsive action, more considerate.
e.You are not just our clients, more a friend, just give us a chance to prove it.
Q:Do you have MOQ ?
Re: No limited. More quantity has better price, we will check the best price for you
Q: Do you provide Samples?
Re: Yes, we could offer the sample.
Q: What's the delivery time?
Re: Generally within 48 hours, we well arrange it for you as soon as possible
Q: What is your term of payment?
Re: We adopt T/T,Paypal,Wester union and so on.
Q:Which product is hot sale in your company?
Re: 18650 21700 lithium ion battery, li-ion battery charger E-bike battery and Cusomized battery pack
Q: Does your product come with a product warranty?
Re: Yes. Our battery and charger all cover with warranty
For battery: 6 month product warranty.
For charger: 12 month product warranty.
Q:Which shipping method you usually take?
Re: UPS, FEDEX , Post Mail and so on. We can also ship with your own shipping agent.
Q:How do I know whether you've shipped my order or not?
Re: Tracking No. will be offered as soon as your order be shipped out. Before that, our sales will be there to check the packing
status, photo you the done order and let you know the forwarder picked it up.
If you have any questions,please click here contact me now~

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Q:replacing D cell batteries with something else?
Smaller lighter will mean less running time, if you go too small, you could start a fire. Bad idea.
Q:how many cells in 14.8 volt battery pack?
In your question you left out that a 5.2 ampere hours capacity is required. Also having the batteries in series adds 3.7 volts for each battery. However, a series connection does not add ampere hours. Ampere hours would add when batteries in parallel, but voltage would not.
Q:Can you charge your rechargeable battery pack without the charge kit?
I assume you're talking about Xbox 360 controllers. While there is no way to charge the battery pack without a kit of some kind (due to the unique port), you can buy battery packs that use two AA batteries, and you can use recharchable batteries in them. Swing by a game store or order one for cheap online.
Q:Battery pack for the canon G9?
at amazon see if they have the lenmar brand for your camera I use that brand for my canon cameras and I bought them at amazon
Q:Is there such a thing as a small battery pack with a regular outlet I can plug a door wreath into?
Your wreath operates on 110V AC. A battery will not do anything. You need an inverter to change the electric power from 12V DC to 110V AC. This will be a bulky item. Maybe you can find a set of lights that runs off a battery and replace the original ones.
Q:where to buy, a rechargable battery pack for home appliances, and recharged using a mains socket? thanks x?
You can get rechargeable battery pack and a compact charger at Wal-Mart or almost any big stores. The brand you are looking for is Energizer.
Q:My XBOX 360 controller won't connect to the console when one of my rechargeable battery packs is used.?
Microsoft reconfigured the wireless controller power requirements at one point, around August 2007. Older packs don't work with controllers made after this point. I know Nyko has a replacement program, don't know if Microsoft does. If that is not the case, it is just a busted pack. Try to get a replacement through warranty or just buy a new one.
Q:How am I suppose to pack extra batteries for my camera in my carry on bag?
I wouldn't worry about it. I always bring my camera with an extra battery or two in the camera case that stay in my backpack. No one has ever questioned it. I even have a spare AAA battery floating around the same backpack, again never questioned. I fly about 3 times a month domestically and I think it would have come up by now if it were an issue. I also brought extras for my Motorola Razor, when I still had it and same story.
Q:18 volt bosch battery?
You have to open up the battery pack and replace the batteries. They are usually NiCD or NiMH. 18 Volts 15 pcs x 1.2 V rechargeable batteries. Use the same size (e.g. AA) and make sure the AH rating is the same or higher than the old ones. Buy replacements at your local Radioshack or electronics store. You need to solder them together in series. Use heavy gauge (14 awg or higher) solid copper wire. You can pound the wire flat with a hammer to reduce its thickness if space is an issue. Use the shortest length of wire possible to reduce resistance. Optional: You can remove the positive end caps from the batteries and solder directly on the positive terminal to reduce resistance. Resistance is a very big issue in low voltage DC appliances because the smallest rise in resistance can cause a large drop in voltage and power. Good luck and save money!
Q:Can I mix different milliamp hour batteries of the same size in a battery pack?
NO The lower capacity battery will go flat before the higher capacity battery. The higher capacity battery will then attempt to partially charge the lower capacity battery which will cause it to heat up. The charging of the lower capacity battery won't be properly regulated and this could cause a fire.

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