• Narada NPFC100-48 backup LiFe Battery Module Lithium-ion Battery System for solar and storage System 1
  • Narada NPFC100-48 backup LiFe Battery Module Lithium-ion Battery System for solar and storage System 2
Narada NPFC100-48 backup LiFe Battery Module Lithium-ion Battery System for solar and storage

Narada NPFC100-48 backup LiFe Battery Module Lithium-ion Battery System for solar and storage

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Narada NPFC series is a complete range of 48V LiFePO (Lithium Iron 4 phosphate) battery products, for a wide variety of applications, such as  telecom base station, UPS, renewable energy system,  etc., with advanced life, standard size, light weight and strong  environmental adaptability.

 Intelligent Battery Management System(BMS) For intelligent Narada lithium battery module, BMS is applied  to monitor voltage, current, temperature of cells and module,  take protections against over-charge, over-discharge, over-current,  over-temperature,under-temperature and short circuit, etc., and  provide cell balancing. In addition, there are DC-DC transformation  functions, used to perform the battery constant current, constant  voltage charge and discharge, standby, protection and other  functions, ensure a reliable safety and excellent performance.  Meantime, Narada supply customized upper computer software for  BMS communication via RS485 to set parameters or read  monitoring data.


Narada NPFC100-48 backup LiFe Battery Module Lithium-ion Battery System for solar and storage

Q:I have Rock Band drums that take 3 AA batteries and I don't want to waste batteries. Is there a way to make something that plugs into the wall and connects to the battery sockets (1.5 volt)?
I assume there's no external power connector on your drums (bad design in my opinion). There are some products in the market that do what you say, but they are specially made for specific devices such as professional flashes and cameras. The problem is that each battery compartment is different, and you also have a problem with the door. I think you're way better off by getting a good set of rechargeable batteries and a wall charger. Buy brand (Energizer, Sanyo, etc), you'll save money in the long run.
Q:I bought a pack of 4 Duracell rechargeable batteries with the charger for my camera and I plugged it in yesterday this time to charge all 4.It is almost 24 hours past and the red light is still on.My camera doesnt show me if the battery is charged all the way or not, it just indicates when its about to die so I dont know if the batteries are fully charged properly.Anyone know why I still get a red light?
Usually when you buy new rechargable batteries they have to be conditioned before use. This means a long first charge, so it could be that this is what the charger is doing. If you are using the charger that came with the camera (does it plug directly into the camera?), this can be a problem. It is always best to give 1st charges with a conventional battery charger, preferably one that charges each battery individually and is 'intelligent' enough to cut the charge when done. You don't mention the milliamp rating for the batteries. I suspect your camera charges at a very low rate and if the batteries themselves are a high capacity (2,500mA or above), this can take a long time. I think it is probably safe enough to try the batteries now. Just make sure you run them flat before charging again. It could also be that if the batteries are a very high capacity and your camera is not a recent one, then it may have trouble recognising the extra capacity of these batteries. It's like a mobile handset that states it will work with SD cards up to 2Gb, so if you put a 4GB in , it will either not work at all, or would just recognise 2GB of the card's capacity.
Q:i have a compaq presario laptop and i have used it for a year the problem is the plastic in the jack of the battery pack ( usually yellow in color) burned because of over heating and this caused the jack to be so loose that sometimes you need to place something underneath the jack like a book for it to work. and recently we bought a new laptop and i tried borrowing its charger because its the same as the 1st one. after an hour or so the jack of the new battery pack also burned and the small steel rod of my computer( wherein you insert the jack ) sticked inside the jack i dont know what to do.
The yellow jack is from the a/c adapter not the batt pack. The problem could be the a/c input on the old presario nt is loose thus causing a short that caused the burning smell. The system board would have to be replaced to resolve this problem.Send the unit and the a/c to the service center at alexendra technopark for repairs.
Q:If I get the battery pack, will the batteries last a long time or do they finally wear out after so many recharges? Is it worth buying a battery charge pack?
Here's the best thing to do. Buy a plug and play kit, preferrably the kit with two battery packs. This is a lot better than the kits that have a seperate battery charger because you can use the charger to charge your battery as you play. Not only that, if you have extra controllers but no battery pack or working batteries, stick in the battery pack without the batteries, plug in the charger, and presto, you can actually play with no batteries. It helps when you don't have the extra money for additional battery packs.
Q:I was thinking of buying a rechargable battery for my controller cuz my regular batteries die fast. So i was wondering if they work. Should i buy rechargable pack or should i just stick with the regular 2 AA batteries???
yes they work buy the rechargable controller battery pack
Q:I was told today by a friend that the battery in my Dell laptop has a predetermined number of times it can be charged and if I exceed that number of charges the battery dies. Therefore, I was advised to remove the battery any time I'm using the A/C power. Is this true? Thanks!
get rid of vista if you plan on playing games, this would be a wrong choice with the intel graphics card. try to look for a model with a nvidia video card. your best bet is for the xps series. also, go with the larter 9 cell battery if you want a decent battery life. with the 6, you'll get about 1.5 hours battery time after about 2 months. with the 9, you will get about 3 hours or more.
Q:im asking the inside of the shrink. and also can i pack it? i mean i'll buy individual battery and i'll pack it.
Ignore the silly, childish comments from friends. People come in all shapes and sizes. Thin wrists use to be a sign of beauty and elegance in the olden times. So own it and let them just live with their jealousy.
Q:I have a d-boys m4 and it came with a 9.4 volt 1100 battery . my question is that can Get a better battery to work in my gun that will raise the shots per minute and possibly the fps mainly the shots per minute without messing up my gun. Thank You All Very Much (P.S.) my gun has a battery box and if possible could you give me a link
True okorder
Q:Hi, I've been trying to google-educate myself but I want to make sure of what I'm doing and ask for some expert advice, if we've any in the audience. :) I have a battery case that takes two AA batteries (energizer if that matters), I've checked on my voltmeter and I believe it gives a DC current of 3.20v (if that's way off I may be using my voltmeter incorrectly) And the LEDs I have are 5mm Nexxtech LEDs, which from searching I've found this information on them: 5mm (T1 3/4): Forward Voltage 2.2 V, Forward Current 10 mA (max 15 mA).Now I want to hook up 4 LEDs to this battery pack, to be continuously illuminated. I have also got a pack of 1/4 watt 5% resistors. On the back of the pack it lists a whole slew of specs, apparently there are two of each type, but I'm not sure what the numbers mean, or how to differentiate which resistor is which. (see the summary of
The battery pack you have is +3.2 volts, which is correct since *unloaded* batteries are typically 1.65V and are 1.5V when loaded down. Now in order to hook up (4) LEDs with a (minimum) forward voltage of 2.2V, you will need 4 * 2.2V 8.8V (minimum) as a voltage source. Therefore you would need (3) dual AA battery packs that are connected in series to get 9.6V to work properly. Next you will need to control the current thru each of the LEDs that are also connected in series. The resistor would be need to be the voltage divided by the current from Ohm's Law as follows R V / I (9.6V - 8.8V) / 10mA 0.8V / 0.010A 80 ohms With this solution you can use (1) switch to turn off all the LEDs. An alternate way to power the LEDs is when each of the (4) LEDs are in parallel to the single 3.2V source. Since the voltage drop of each LED is 2.2V, the resistor for each LED would be R V / I (3.2V - 2.2V) / 10mA 1.0V / 0.010A 100 ohms Now you would need a switch to the batteries that is in series will all (4) LEDs that are in parallel to each other with their separate 100 ohm resistor. Notice that the batteries will not last as long with the LEDs in parallel as they would with the LEDs in series. The series combination is more efficient, but requires a higher voltage. LEDs do not give off heat, but the resistor might. However, the current of 10mA is not enough to create any danger.
Q:I have multiple electronic devices with Lithium Ion batteries: iPod, GPS, Nintendo DS Lite, etc.What is the best strategy to increase the life of my batteries (especially for the iPod, which is a pain to replace!)?For example, should I:- use the device until almost-completely empty, then recharge it full;- keep it on the charge when not in use;- recharge it once in a while, even if not empty;- etc.I've read in the DS Lite user's guide that the battery has roughly a life of 500 recharges. Is there a way to increase this; or is there something that I should NOT do to avoid reducing this?Thanks!
It is a fact that if you run the battery all the way down and then charge it all the way up and don't plug it in until it is dead it will make the batteries last longer. Some things you don't want to do are: leave the device plugged in for long periods of time, don't let the device get too hot, don't let the device get too cold. If you do these things your batteries will last longer.

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