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A bank creates money using the deposits in the bank and with a required reserve ratio, they can loan more money than their deposit base. I was wondering, which deposit base are we talking about? Is it just high-powered money/bank reserves/notes or does it also include savings transferred from other banks (eg: someone shifts from one bank to another, thus bringing all their money along to the new bank electronically only), and other form of M4 money supply types?
The deposit base does not include any money transferred from another bank. Only the deposits it has taken in at its facilities.
If the America people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. -Thomas JeffersonAt this point, the Federal Reserve can expand or reduce the money supply with no government oversight. It can essentially counterfeit as much money as it wants and charge interest on it. Money is loaned out to government to allow deficit spending and money is loaned out to other public and private entities. The net effect is that the purchasing power of the dollar for people who CAN'T print up their own money has fallen 96% since the Fed was created. In the past one family member could pay for a house and all other expenses; now it takes two workers. What should be done??
Jefferson was definitely an opponent of the first national bank of the U.S. created by Alexander Hamilton. Chief among his objections was the private ownership of these banks, something that Hamilton held as a virtue. To some extent, the original structure of the Federal Reserve validated that concern. The central oversight agency (then called the Board of Directors) was relatively weak and the large-bank dominated branches showed surprising indifference to bank failures. That all changed with the Bank Act of 1935. Absolute power over the system was given to the newly renamed Board of Governors. The branches were reduced to day-to-day operations. So it would be wrong to say that there is no government oversight. Read up on the Board of Governors. That should help with your understanding -- if you're willing to question fringe site thinking.
i want to know how to measure practical the power out of generator i have generator and i lost the Manuelthere's no info on the generator except the voltage and Frequency
Connect a high power AC current meter or watt meter between the output and load. Connect a voltage meter across the load. Increase the load until voltage drops below 10% of its rated voltage. Read the wattage or current from meter. Or calculate it W current X voltage ( obtain from meter) The simple way without those expensive current meter or watt meter and variable load Connect some known wattage device like heaters in parallel one by one until you see the voltage drops down 10% below its rated voltage. Add all the loads wattage is the approximately answer.
0.65HP LG Aircon model LA060R power input535 watt5 solar panel each connected in parallel 18v/8A is this enough?charge controller of 30Amps8 hours of daylight at 18v/40Ah 8 pcs 100Ah battery bank 800Ahwhat should be my minimum power inverter rating (watts)do i need a modified sinewave or pure sinewave power inverteris the system enough to power the aircon1. solar system charging the battery and running the aircon in 7hrs2. using battery and inverter in 8hrs3. will the battery be charged enough.
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I have seen several companies that produce a air condition unit that runs entirely on solar power. The house I am cooling will be under 500 square feet. It will be top of the line insulation and windows. What is the cost of these units (for this size house) when compared to traditional central air systems? Costs should include installation, permits, running the ducts etc etc.
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I will probably be deployed with the military in the close future, and I have to give a relative the power of attoney for my children. If he's got the power of attoney, can he go to banks, get credit cards, loans, and everything on my name? I don't want him to
Draw up a Special Power of Attorney. It is a different form which you can specify what can and cannot be done. Best if you have an attorney prepare that because the attorney can prompt some important issues that you may not have thought of before. Plus the wordings will be much clearer.
I am repairing a 20A 12V power supply ,I intend to test it for 100% full load by using resistors, can anyone help to calculate in terms of the quantity ,power rating,ohm value of the resistor?thanks!!
The power dissipation capability of your load has to be 12V * 20A 240W The load resistance has to be 12V / 20A 0.6 Ohm. So to build a load bank that can stand a 100% load for an hour you have to use a parallel circuit of power resistors mounted on a aluminum chassis actively cooled by a fan. As an example use a parallel array of 20 power resistors 12 Ohms and at least 12W each use a cooling fan operated by the same 12V that blows air across the array of resistors and the chassis holding them.
If I want 2 use my bank card 4 credit rather than debit do I still need 2 have the amount in my checking account? I've never done it b/4 and the powers out at my apt, its sunday and I need a hotel room.ty
yes you must have the money in your account. With debit cards because of holds and actual transactions you should have 2 times the amount needed in your account to be safe from fees for over drafting. Big deal the power is out-make due what is so important really to spend money for a night of no power.