Portable Mobile Phone Power Bank, Solar Charger

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Portable Mobile Phone Power Bank, Solar Charger

Hot Selling Solar Mobile Phone Charger





Item name

Solar charger for iPad











Unique selling 

Unique with patent,DUAL USB OUTPUT and All side solar   panel,can charge for iPhone and iPad together at the same time

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Charging Cable


Connector  (for iphone4/micro/mini)


Manual user


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Gift box  (White)



 Optional  Accessory ( chargeable )  


For iphone5s/Nokia and other special connectors


EU Adaptor/USA Adaptor and other special adaptors


3in1 multi cable/2in1 multi cable and other multi cables 


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Q:I just got this Power Bank last night. I used it last night to charge my phone, so I know it was working 12 hours ago at least. I charged it up last night to make sure it had a full charge for work today. Now when I plug my phone and/or tablet into it, it won t charge either. I turn it on, and then it does the auto-shutoff after 30 seconds which it does when you turn it on but don t connect a chargable device within 30 seconds. Last night when I used it and it worked, I was using my phone s USB charge cable. Today, I am also using my phone s charging cable. Any help?
you should return it. Not even any debate. You bought it recently and it doesn't what it's supposed to do.
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Call them argue it. Unfortunately banks have way too much power over our money now days!!!! ANDthere isn't much we can do about it.
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