Portable Smartphone Power Bank, High Capacity Power Bank for Mobile Phone

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Color: White/Black/Pink/Orange Shell Material: Plastic Battery: Lithium-ion Battery
Certificate: CE/ROHS

Product Description:

Product Description


Model No.



OEM 15600mAh new power bank for smartphone

Battery Type

Li-ion Battery




Micro USB 5V/1.5A(Max)


USB 5V/3.1A(MAX)








white/black +blue/green/orange/red…


Guangdong, China




1.Fashion, Mini, Bionics bamboo Design

2. Built-in LED lighting 

3. A+ level Li-ion battery cell 18650*6

4. One Mircro USB input/ Two USB output 

5. 3 LED lights displaying remaind power

6. Automatic power on/off identification

7. Software/hardware double protection of overcharge/overdischarge/overload/short/overvoltage

8. High comprehensive conversion rate

9. Dual USB output, Dual circuits design, Total 3.1A 

10.More than 500 times cycle life

11.Output  Fast charge by 5V1.5A input


 Charge Multiple Devices

TL-28 new design portable charger you can charge moblie phones ,Tablet  MP3/MP4,PSP,NDS ,ect ;    

We only use top rated battery cells enclosed by a molded aeronautic casing makes

This battery pack one of the most reliable on the market!

Portable Smartphone Power Bank, High Capacity Power Bank for Mobile Phone

Portable Smartphone Power Bank, High Capacity Power Bank for Mobile Phone

Portable Smartphone Power Bank, High Capacity Power Bank for Mobile Phone


One Mircro USB input/ Two USB output portable charger

Build-in LED lighting function

The smart LEDs display of remaining power

Packaging & Shipping



1. Type: neutral box ( this is the generic package, customized pacakge warmly welcome)

2. Dimension: 110*30*240mm- 27pcs/ctn


Shipping details


1. FOB port: Shenzhen / Hongkong.

2. For sea shipment, we could help to recommend the forwarder, or you nominate.

3.For air shipment, welcome to inquiry in detail.

Our Services

1. Logo priting, customized package, accessory available

2. Testing samples are avaible. 

3. OEM/ODM project warmly welcome

4. After-sale service.

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Q:How to solve poor power problem or how to improve my power quality?
You need an industrial-sized Uninterruptible Power Supply.
Q:How does the mobile power work?
when the lithium battery discharge to the protection voltage, the lithium battery protection board action
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Q:i want know example of capacitive load and why we dont have inductive bank in industry?
Try this applet: fastbytes.net/demo/power_plan There are two main types of loads: resistive (incandescent lights, heaters) and inductive (induction motors, fluorescent lights). Resistive loads draw real power (W) from the source. Inductive loads draw real power and inductive reactive power (VAR) from the source. The real power does useful work, such as provide light or create torque to do work. Now, inductive reactive power is required for the loads to work (ex. creates magnetic field for induction motors), but it increases the current the source must provide. Fortunately, capacitive reactive power is opposite in polarity than inductive reactive power. Simply stated, when an inductor AND a capacitor are in a circuit, the capacitor acts a source and provides reactive power to the inductor, which decreases the reactive power the source must provide. This is power factor correction. We can achieve it with capacitor banks (VAR) or over-excited synchronous motors (W VAR) or synchronous condensers (synchronous motors driving no loads) (VAR). If no inductive loads are on, then capacitive loads draw reactive power from the source. This does nothing useful, so capacitive loads are typically activated when inductive loads are on. Play with the applet and you should see how different loads effect the source. The goal is to have MEGAVARS at 0. To answer your question. There are no inductive banks in industry, since they would waste power. Good luck
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Q:Running a window unit AC from a battery bank.?
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