Piano Portable Mobile Power Bank

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Product Description:

Product size: 138(L) * 61 (W) * 25(H) mm,
Product weight:150g,

Protection function:short circuit, overcharge, discharge protection function,
Battery Type: Li-polymer Battery,
Battery capacity: 9000 mah,
Output power: 5 W,
Rated input: 5.0 V 1000 mA,
Rated output: 5.0 V 2000 mA(MAX),
Cycle life: ≥ 500 times,
Operating temperature: -10C-45C.
color: black,white

Package Including:
1 x power bank
1 x usb cables
1 x retail box
9000mAh Piano Portable Mobile Power Bank (PB-008)
9000mAh Piano Portable Mobile Power Bank (PB-008)
9000mAh Piano Portable Mobile Power Bank (PB-008)

Item numberPB-008
Product size138 x 61 x 25 mm
Product weight150g
Battery TypeLi-polymer Battery
Battery capacity9000mah
Output power5 W
Rated input5.0 V 1000mA
Rated output5.0 V 2000 mA(MAX)
Cycle life≥ 500 times
Protection functionover-charged, over-discharged, excess-current, short circuit

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Q:What is the advantage using the power capacitor bank and an equialent capacitance valued capacitor?
Capacitor banks are used to compensate inductive loads such as motors. So capacitors are included when power factor reduces (high inductive load)and are switched off as power factor increases. The capacitors should not overcompensate. Briefly banks are used for variable capacitances.
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If the camera's own adapter supplies 5.2V it should run equally well on 5V. The camera has internal circuitry to drop that voltage to the 3.5V level coming from the internal battery. Your second question is partly answered by that as well. As for the difference between 860 and 1, they are different units. 860 mAh is a capacity for work - it will deliver 860 mA for 1 hour or 430 mA for 2hours. My guess is that the camcorder will draw something like 900 mA and run for slightly less than 1 hour. The capability of the adapter to supply 1000mA does not mean that the camera takes that amount. It is good engineering practice to provide a safety factor: the power supply will not run so hot if it is working below its maximum.
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Q:What is the airplane's portable power supply?
2, mobile power must be a regular manufacturer of production, to have detailed product parameters, such as manufacturers information, manufacturers address, mobile power rated power, mobile power can only carry, on the plane must remain off the state, can not be checked.

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