Intellectual Property Infringement Policy

I. Copyright Statement
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The content of this website, especially for the potential or predictive future performance, the development of our company and further trends are forward-looking. This entails certain risks and uncertainties, and actual results and development may have certain differences with the expressions in this website due to various unforeseen factors.

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III. Exemption Clauses
The content of this website has been audited and examined by us to the greatest extent, however, we do not offer any form of express or implied guarantee regarding the correctness, timeliness, validity, stability, availability, non-offensiveness or other aspect; we do not guarantee the stability of internet service nor the ability to browse, read, copy or use this website at any time; we do not guarantee the characters, pictures, data, links, instructions, indications or other items to be correct or complete; we do not guarantee the absence of mistakes in printing, copying and other inputting methods. We can change the content of this website at anytime without notification, with no guarantee of a timely update when content changes, nor a note to users when the website is updated.
Under no circumstance, shall we undertake the legal liabilities for any losses brought to users of the site or any third party directly, indirectly or incidentally due to the application or failure to enter this website regardless of contract, tort, or other forms of suit causes.
The links on the website are to provide a convenient experience for users. However, links are not within our control. Any user scanning other websites through the links on our website is regarded to fully understand that the links are irrelevant to our website. Thus we undertake no responsibility for any transmission through the link.
Any viewpoint expressed by our website users just represents his/her personal opinion instead of OKorder. Anyone who publishes dictions or expressions of indignity, slander or uncivilized languages shall undertake all responsibilities and damages.