Cute Plush Doll Portable Mobile Power Bank for iPhone

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Product Description:

Product Description

Product Description
SI-FI like product,al alloy shell forges a strong morden feeling to the power bank.a 3200mah capacity and a flash light will keep your phone screen and the path you're walking  on bright.

Our products are strong enough to bear smash ,drop,or knock.After all,it is based on a ai alloy shell design.the 3200mah capacity gives it the ability to charge iPhone 1.5times with a single charge.And the accessory will enable you  to charge different phone.

Product Description
Cute Plush Doll Portable Mobile Power Bank For Iphone(WWDC)
Power Bank /Portable Power Bank/Mobile Charger for iPhone/iPad/Mobile Phone/PSP/MP3/MP4
Power Bank/Power Banks/Mobile Charger/Mobile Power Bank/Portable Power Bank/Mobile Power
Mobile Phone Charger/Wholesale Mobile Backup Power/Mobile Power bank portable charger backup Battery Portable Mobile Power Station / Backup Battery Charger/lithium polymer battery/external battery pack/anodic oxidation method,the same as ipad./Plush Doll power bank

1.5600mAh Polymer lithium battery cell power bank
2.LED indicators: No
3.Rated Input: DC 5V 1A
4.Dual Rated Ouptput: DC 5V 1A /2.1A
Charge to 100% Up to 500 times
6.Large capacity for lphone 4/4S/5 with 2.8 times iPhone battery time
Built-in protection functions for short circuit, over charge/discharge
9.Attached Connectors: For iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, PSP, LG
10.Devices Supported:
Mobile phones,MP4 players,PDAs, digital cameras,handheld game consoles, Bluetooth devices.

Packing Spec.:

Product Dimension: 130*90*50mm                                                                                                                          
G. W. /CTN: 9.65kgs/CTN
Package Size: Color Box 42*45*27CM

More Photos:
Cute Plush Doll Portable Mobile Power Bank for iPhone (WWDC)Cute Plush Doll Portable Mobile Power Bank for iPhone (WWDC)

Generally we deliver by  DHL, UPS, EMS, FEDEX, TNT or airfreight, We can also send by sea if necessary,For DHL, UPS, Fedex, takes about 4-5 days.

All of our products are 12 months warranty since the delivery day.7 days will be return for free if any happens in quality.


1. Overcurrent protection
When the current increasing in an exception, power bank immediately Start voltage buffer fuction, ensure the voltage in a steady state at any time., Avoid cause your charging device any damage.
2. Short circuit protection
When there is a short circuit occur in external device, power bank start Protection function, shut down the supply and avoid short circuit damage.
3. Overheat protection
When the power bank work long in high temperature environments(Exceed 60 degrees), Power bank will not be dangerous due to the high temperatures.
4. Overdischarge protection
When power bank discharge reached the critical point, the circuit automatic start Protection function and stop discharge.
5. Overcharge protection
Long time charge for mobile power supply or use power bank charge for the phone. When reach saturation point, system automatically shut down, avoiding the overload problems.
6. Overvoltage protection
Long time charge for mobile power supply or use power bank charge for the phone, When reach saturation point, in order to prevent over-voltage, the system automatically turns off.

Actual Capacity5600mAh
Cell TypeClass A Polymer Lithium Battery Cell
InputDC 5.0V-1000mA
OutputDC 5.0V-1000mA/2A
Cycle Life≥ 700 times
Size 130*90*50mm
Colorcan be can be customized
Operating Temperature-5~45°C
Storage Temperature20~30°C
ApplicationAll USB interface charging digital products
Charging Time4-5hours
Function&Feature1.Without LED lights and fifth gear power display
2.Intelligent control, micro computer intelligent monitor and show power quantity.
3.Single bond shuttle flying,all the operation of function can be controlled by one button.
4.Auto sleep under off-work state, protect from wasting electricity.
5.Intelligent protection(short-circuit,over-charge/discharge/current/voltage/load
and more)
6.Single USB Output, If you required dual usb output,pls contact us for more details

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