Smallest 10400mAh Power Bank with Real Capacity

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Product Features

Battery Type: Lithium battery

Input voltage: 5V        

input current: 1A        

output voltage :5V  

output current:5V1A, 5V/2A            

L E D light :YES        

material:Aluminium alloy    

Scope of application: Digital products in general        

For example: mobile phone, tablet computer,MP3,MP4 Etc.

product size:40*40*90mm    

net weight (including packaging and line): 0.35kg

Package contents: Gomeir GM100  External power bank, Micro USB wire, user manual,

Color: Blue, purple, grey,Red,black,Silvery white,brown,golden yellow, pink,green

Technical Details ;

The Power Bank is10400mAh of capacity. Charges all iPhone four to five times, a Galaxy S3 thrice, or an iPad / iPad 2 once.LEDs display just how much juice you've got left. Reliable lithium polymer core ensures quality, supplying you with more than 500 charge cycles during the course of its life. Use a 1A adapter (not included) for fastest charge times (8 hours).

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