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I am looking for speakers that cost roughly $200 per pair (or less). The speakers are going in the ceiling of my bedroom, living room and rear speakers for my theater room. What do you recommend?
need more info ie 1).has the sound got to be confined to that room (there are speakers used in hotels very loud under them but step away 2 yards or 2 meters and very low email me if you want a list of web sites ) 2)how loud in S.P.L. dbs 3) you can get speakers that you put in ceilings or walls that are stereo than you plaster over them and do not see them
I need a good pair of speakers that I can plug a mixer into when recording, and also at live shows. my price range is from $0 - $300 :) shanks
The type of speakers used for live performance are NOTHING like the type of speakers used in studio. Alesis Monitor One mk2 are excellent in studio.
I just bought a 2010 Camry SE. Any idea what kind of speakers would be in it without haveing to get to the actual speaker?
In the back deck they will be 6x9, 4 ohm speakers. The front speakers will probably be 6 rounds, 4 ohms. If you look in the trunk way up by the seat, you'll see the bottom of the speakers. Look on the magnets and there will be the wattage and impedance- 4 ohms, and probably 25 watts or more. If you want details on the type speakers and what it takes to change them, look in chilton's Auto Repair manual at the public library. Stock speakers will cost more than many aftermarket speakers, so if you intend to upgrade your speakers, go to a stereo store and audition speakers. Perhaps your owner's manual will give a few details about the stereo. That book is think, so don't let it scare you. If you want to know badly enough, check the index and read the section dealing with the stereo. Maybe you can just enjoy the stereo without having a list of pedigree.
I have a pair of nice cabinet speakers hooked up to my old TV, and am wondering if they'll work with my new TV.My new TV is the Samsung PN50A450, but the speakers are older and have the red / black wire connections instead of the newer Red / White RCA cables. I don't know where to look to see if my new TV has the 'old' kind of speaker connection I really don't want to have to buy a receiver or anything to be able to hook up my speakers to this TV.
Sorry, you have to.
Hello.I'd like to know how is that effect called, when the microphone input goes to speaker output and speaker output goes back to microphone, resulting in repeated amplification.Explanations why that happens or links appreciated, thanks.
You might have the software that's using the mic to pass through the speakers. So, anything you record will not only be saved to the hard disk or memory, but also come through the speakers as well. The feedback you get is a howling effect. Simply move the microphone further back from the speakers, and also turn the pass through feature off. In place of the speakers you can also use a temporary fix and put headphones in its place. This way you can hear what you're recording too.
Hello friendsCan you provide me the latest information of luxury speakers.Thanks
Hi there.What exactly do you mean by luxury speakers ?Do you mean expensive ones ,like Electrostatic ,Ribon and Planar or multiple drivers in large boxes ? Also what type of sound do you like.Are you thinking of buying new ones or are you just enquiring about the latest high end speakers.
I paid $40 for my computer speakers and only one speaker and the bass amplifyier works. I dont want to buy new ones. Can this be fixed?
I'm all the same thing with you. I cut the cable to the speakers and tape them all together. Now this was working and one day they all just tweeted. My amp doesn't respond anymore only the one in the box I now connect my phone to play music . I woundered what happened I try to buy I a new cable taped them again and it worked again for a little while. So I tried direct contact from the speaker to my computer and that doesn't work either but my computer alone plays music. I think my speakers need the amp. In the end I think I tripped over the cable and it messed up the plug to the speakers cause like I said only the speaker in the amp works. god these things are so expensive and cheap at the same time sorry.
I am constantly going to thrift stores looking for speakers and home theater receivers. I don't buy any though because I want to know if the speakers will work with the receiver. Is there any simple method to determining this? Like matching watts and ohms? Please, if possible, just a simple way to determine if the speakers are compatible with receivers.
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