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Which is brighter, the xenon lamp or the LED lamp in the torch?
Xenon light, of course!The low end of the xenon torch can reach around 100 lumensLED torch 5W lumens up to 50 lumens
How does this LED flashlight remove the LED chip?
There are two lines with the front end of the LED connection, after welding can be removed (there is need to fill in the map to you)
LED rechargeable flashlight can not charge, but plug in power can be bright, what is the reason?
LED rechargeable flashlights can be recharged repeatedly using handheld electronic lighting tools. LED rechargeable flashlight consists of LED light source, shell, rechargeable battery, switch, circuit board and so on.
Accord LED charging flashlight, the process of charging open, light on it out
It is recommended to find a new flashlight! It's hard to buy accessories yourself!
How to judge whether the constant current chip Led flashlight?
Without the constant current drive board, the whole discharge brightness of the battery is gradually decreasing
An ordinary LED flashlight, 3W, uses only 1.5V common batteries, and now uses 3.6V's lithium batteries,
Must use, must be removed or short circuit to the original, but also the series resistance of 25 Ohm, although this effect is still not ideal, the use of lithium battery voltage decreased slightly, due to the resistance divider, LED not very bright. The best of the constant current circuit (resistance will dynamically adapt to changes). An electric charge of LED after work much longer.
How many volts are the input and output voltages of the charging devices for a regular LED flashlight?
LED flashlight charging device input voltage 220V, output voltage of about 0.3V 3.6V
What's the difference between a LED flashlight and an ordinary light bulb flashlight?
The biggest difference is the light source.The LED flashlight uses a LED led, an ordinary light bulb, and an incandescent light bulb for flashlights.