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Minix Dual Core Pocket Pc Supplier & Manufacturer from China is a professional Minix Dual Core Pocket Pc supplier & manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including real-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the largest Minix Dual Core Pocket Pc firm in China.

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Does tablet support exe?
Certainly support. But the software has to be downloaded on its website
How Apple tablet planted antivirus software
If you use the WINDOWS system, then it is the same as the ordinary PC, and if you use the apple system, there is no need for antivirus software.
After connecting to the computer desktop, and although there is a safety angle to remove software logo, but I open my computer, which although there are two hard but when opened, it said, please insert the disk drive H: This is how ah tablet in USB debugging is useless
Motherboard driver is no good, two solutions, 1 upgrade, update drive, 2 refresh system. If memory fails, replace it. Different machine method is slightly different, look at yourself to do it.
Sometimes crashes, very difficult to boot, some software is gone, the game data is gone
Hello, quad core technology is still immature, crash is very normal, it should be later through the refresh version of the system changes, by the way, the quad core is generally A31cpu, is a pseudo quad core, do not believe that you can own Baidu. Hope to adopt!
Has Microsoft's new Surface tablet been able to run PC software?
Surface RT version can not run PC version of the software, Surface PRO version, you can run PC version of the software.
Now there is a tablet PC, wireless router, wireless card, how to use the tablet PC's WiFi output to connect to TV or computer
The tablet can be connected to the television via a switched line. Television uses video channels, which are equivalent to playing DVD, when the content of the TV is flat screen. Only this way.
What are the video formats supported by tablets? Is it played as long as it can be played by the computer? What about the flat below the mall one thousand? Is there a video format required? Do you want to convert?
In general, rain tablets can support H.263's 3GP H.264XviDDivxMPEG1MPEG2 encoded MKVMP4AVIRV40RV50 encoded RMRMVB and FLV are supported, and some do not support WMVThe ability to play doesn't mean all these encodings, or all of these formats can be played, depending on the performance of your tabletThe rain usually play video format but also in addition to voice resolution is best not more than 1280x720 can better support to 1920x1080 but personal recommendations in 856x480 one of the best screen would have so much put so much resolution and have no meaning in the flatThe high resolution capacity is also greatRMRMVB and XviD encoding RV40 encoding is usually under the web plate basically can put can download video basically the AVI play the common video without conversion because they are not too large unless it is to download HD AVI that seemingly cannot putBecause HD can only place H.264 encoded AVI or MKV or MP4, XviD or Dvix encoded AVIMKVMP4 can not be placed (again refers to HD)Oh, typing is not so good, slow, maybe it looks tired too
Apple Tablet PC on how to set up models?
Apple Tablet PC about the set of models, operation steps:1. open the QQ space on your desktop.2. enter the QQ space main interface and click below to switch my space".3. after entering my space, click personalization in the upper right.4. click the cell phone logo at the personalized center interface.5. settings do not display logos.6. back to the main QQ space interface, click on the middle plus sign, published mood.7. write down the words, and then hit the code [em]e10002[/em], apple, tablet PC model, click publish.8. finally displays the apple tablet model.