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What materials and equipment are needed for complete security monitoring?
Network cabinet: the rear monitoring equipment used in the large and medium-sized video surveillance system is a rack type structure, the main purpose is to install the monitoring back-end equipment orderly and orderly to the network cabinet. At the same time, when choosing the network cabinet, the cooling design and the power supply of the main cabinet should meet the demand of the power consumption of the equipment.
Video security monitoring system component
Video security monitoring system is composed of four main parts: front end, transmission, control and display record. The front part includes one or more cameras and supporting the lens, Yunnan, protective cover, drive transmission includes decoding; cable and / or cable, and the cable / wireless signal modulation and demodulation equipment etc.;
How to control remote control of closed-circuit system
Remote by network modeLAN remote this relatively simple, enter the target disk recorder IP address and port, directly in the address bar enter, enter the user name and password to access permissions.Wide area network remote the need for port mapping in the route that can be accessed using the domain name or IP address and ports.
CCTV can generally monitor how far it is?
Monitoring the distance depends on the length of your camera's output fiber, unlimited length, and how long it takes to store an optical amplifier. Depending on your hard drive, the format is different and the size is different
What are the common types of CCTV cameras?
The camera is divided according to its shape:1, hemisphere camera; 2, gun type camera, 3, spherical cameraSix, the camera is divided according to the lens:1. Focus camera; 2 zoom camera;13 years of experience with AI technology.
Security monitoring, the monitor is too far away from the hard disk video recorder, how to answer?
Or, as you say, connect the video recorder of the computer room to the Internet, and put it in the security room, a computer, LAN can. This can also be achieved, disadvantage is high cost, but also as the video network transmission in the past.
Can the closed-circuit line be a monitoring line?
Closed-circuit cable television also called cable TV signal line line, closed-circuit television signal is divided into core and shielding layer of two parts, the middle of that hard root as a signal, while the outer layer of the mesh wire core and aluminum foil as the signal shielding layer, played the role of anti-interference.
What is closed-circuit, such as closed-circuit surveillance, closed-circuit television, and so on
Closed-circuit television is the concept of open circuit, the so-called "open circuit" is released in the form of radio, that is, we all see ordinary television. "Closed-circuit" refers to television signals that transmit signals in a small range, such as military, medical and educational TV signals. The simplest closed-circuit television is a video camera that is plugged into a TV set so that only the TV receives the TV signals and no other TV can see it. This is called closed-circuit. Closed circuit monitoring, one finger camera to video host system