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I have a Sony DSC-S700 Camera. Usually My boyfriend uploads the pictures, but hes at work right now and i ahevpictureds i'd like to upload. He alwas usues the Card Reader and puts the Memory stick in it. Okay, so i know where the card reader is, and how to get the memory stick out and all that, but how do i get the pics to upload? I'd also like to know if it is possible to put previously uploaded pictures back on the memory stick so i am able to print them, and if so how do i do so? Please help.
Once the memory card is in the reader, you should be able to go to My Computer or Windows Explorer (or equivelent file manager) and see the memory card as a drive, like a hard drive. Find the files in there and just copy and paste them.
i was kinda wondering what are the advantages disadvantages of using either so any help would be much appreciated
Bluetooth is used for tranfer the data from one storage device to another (work with limited space).Bluetooth is present in todays mobiles,laptops also external bluetooth device is available.Disadvantage of bluetooth is slow transfer speed of data.There is limitation on distance between bluetooth target device. Card reader is very different than bluetooth.Cardreader is used for to store data Card reader is a storage device which is present in mobiles.Disadvantage of card reader is Storage capacity is limited .
I just tried putting my memory card from my camera to my memory card reader that is supposed to be able to read all memory cards but i can't find a slot that will fit my memory card.This is the first time i'm trying to put my memory card into my card reader,but i have tried putting my friends memory card from her camera to my card reader and there was a slot that fit.My camera's memory card is a xD-picture and my card reader has 4 slots and it even has a micro adapter for really small cards.My camera model is fe-190.I don't have the usb cable to connect straight to the camera that's why i'm using a card reader.Is there a slot that fits and is it just me that's not putting it properlly.
It's going to depend on the memory card reader model as to whether or not it will accept xD memory cards. Usually one of the four slots will be labeled as to which will accept the xD card. Just look on the side with the slots. If it doesn't fit, try turning the card upside down and try again. Worst case scenario: you may need a different card reader (make sure it says xD on the packaging) or you can try an adapter (there are adapters to put an xD card into a compact flash slot). Your best and most affordable bet is a new card reader if there's no labeled xD slot on the card reader you have.
I'm a hobbyist photographer, Someone once told me that I should get an external SD card reader even though my computer has a built in reader. can someone please explain to me why I should get one? thanks!
Might be more convenient to have it on the desktop rather than the front of the pc, especially if your pc is in a cabinet or youll be swapping cards a lot. Another option would be if the internal reader is older and slower than what you would get for the desktop. But essentially if the card fits in the slot, you should be all set with what you have.
I made a test video on my TESCO trail/deer camera on a PNY SD card. I have a PNY SD card and a PNY Multi-Slot USB amp; Flash Card Reader all together now (the card is in the reader). When I plug it into my Windows XP PC the PC recognises and installs the device but opens empty folders. Am I doing something wrong or is the card reader faulty? PNY support is a joke.
Two computers I have have card readers built in and they both work with all the cards I have purchased both for cameras and for audio recording. I can transfer data from both of these devices either through USB or removing the memory card and putting them in the built in readers and they are seen as another drive on either computer. Not all cards are compatible with all devices so you might have a compatibility problem.
1. What is a USB cable?2. What is a Card Reader?3. What is the differences?4. Which one do I need for my camera to upload pictures onto a computer? or would it be best to have both?
Cable: It's a way for you to connect your camera directly to your computer via a USB Port on your system and the port on your camera. Reader: It's a small device into which you insert your memory card then plug that into a USB port. Windows will see the reader as a drive so you can copy/paste your photo files into the folder of your choice. No extra software required. The difference is that you don't need any special software to make the reader work - it talks directly to Windows as I wrote above. I use them all the time. I have three digital cameras and all use different styles of cards so I have three different readers. They all work very well. So well in fact I have no photo upload software installed. I, of course, have a viewer program but no upload software - very handy indeed. You can use the software that came with your camera but I see lots of write ups here about problems with it. Fact is I've had those same problems so that's why I went to readers. The readers have never failed to connect to Windows and they make what can be a complicated job very simple. Great news, they're really cheap to boot!
i heard that 60 gb and 80 gb ps3s have mem card readers(memory stick pro duo)? whats so good about that when you already have 60-80 gb of space.?? also, whats the point of having more than 1 usb slot in the ps3?
I'm not totally sure which your talking about, but its either the internal memory cards that you set up so that you can save ps2/ps games, or its the thing so that if you have a memory card adaptor to get old ps2/ps saves onto your ps3, it can read it. And the extra usb slots are for additional controllers/headsets/etc.
I want to bid on a SD card on OKorder, a free Card Reader comes with it. What is it for? Why do I need it?
sd card reader lets you slide your sd card into it. Then you place sd card reader into pc via USB port to access the pics/data on the sd card