New Design Atm Card Reader,Usb Smart Card Reader

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$2.50 - 3.00 / pc
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200 Pieces pc
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5000 Pieces per Day pc/month

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New Design Atm Card Reader,Usb Smart Card Reader




1.Support hot play& plug

2. Support smart chip cards

3. Smart CardInterface: USB2.0

4. Overcurrent protection

5. Operation Temperature: 0~60°C

6. CE/RoHs compliance


product of Advantages

1.Returns the SO EASY!

2.Shopping, paying SO EASY!   

3.balance of the electronic wallet to query the SO EASY!

4.pension to query the SO EASY!

5.USB interface, plug and play SO EASY!


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A: Of course. They are very cheap. The factories provide the goods. One-stop sourcing.
Q2: Why are electronics so cheap in ok order?
A: On ok order they are the lowest price. Because it is a wholesale website and factory provide goods.
Q3: Do all electronics have silicon in them?
A: No but most modern ones do. Older electronics that don't require micro chips don't have to have silicon at all, and their mother boards are made from copper. Silicon is used in micro chips as a semi-conductor in modern electronics but some other semi-metals, like gallium and germanium can also be used. Silicon is just the most common because it is so plentiful.


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Q:What is a Sandisk card reader used for?
It allows a computer to see what's on the little memory cards found in phones and some digital audio recorders. You plug the reader into a computer then put the card into the reader. Like it does whenever a USB memory device is plugged into the computer, Autoplay will appear on your computer's screen asking what you want to do.
Q:Memory card reader not working!!?
When it tells you to put in a disk, it means the card. If you can't get it to work, reboot your computer.
Q:Apple phone how to plug the plug will show may not support this accessories is what reason?
Cause one: the data line interface IC is not working properly, the data line is damaged, need to replace the data line.
Q:is this tarot card reader genuine?
its a tough call, tarot is usually a lot of luck and a very general overview of someones life. If someone else were to go to that reader, chances are theyd say similar things to what she/he told you and the recipient would think the reader would know everything. In my opinion be very careful, do NOT spend money you cant afford on it because you dont want to end up in debt to anyone and also the spell thing is bogus im afraid :/ sorry to burst your bubble but theres no spell to make you marry someone, thats not how it works, we're not in hogwarts or middle earth :/
Q:Media Card Reader -PC Card or USB? Which is faster?
I have used both and personally haven't noticed any difference in speed. I think the only time it might matter is if you are using an older (ie version 1) USB port rather than the faster (version 2) ports that are now standard. I, too, would go for a PC Card just because of the internal part of it, you can just leave it in and not have to worry about losing it or breaking it off on something, etc.
Q:Floppy Disk Drive Problem (6 in 1 card reader)?
who still uses floppies?
Q:How can you download pics from a camera using a card reader instead of a usb Cable?
Open My Computer and plug in the card reader, a number of new drives with an associated Drive Letter will appear, one for each slot on the reader. Put your card in the reader and click on the new drives in turn all will show an error screen (no media or something similar) except one which will open the folder on the card, remember the drive letter as thats the one that you will need to use in the future. Then its the same drag and drop as before. Chris
Q:problem with card reader?
Check the manufacturers website, and see if it is compatible with XP. Many devices were orphaned by windows, and they did not provide any drivers for the reader.
Q:Card reader unable to read my MicroSD card adapter.?
Card readers usualy have the drivers built in i would try a different usb port if your are trying to use it in the front port it may not be getting enough power or the front port are damaged try using the back ports if it still doesn't work try it on a different computer if you think you do need drivers right click my computer then go to properties then the hardware tab then device manager if you see your card reader with a yellow attention symbol next to it it may need drivers or it has some other issues but it will tell you which additionally make sure its in sp3. if not run windows update. i dont know how many driver problems i have solved for people by doing that
Q:ID card reader and software?
There are all kinds of solutions for your situation. The hardware ranges from less than $20.00 for a simple USB scanner, to over $500.00 for a mountable, slide-in, network ready scanner. Some of the hardware comes bundled with software. It really depends on what your needs and budget are. At a minimum, you will need to get a reader that can read the PDF417 barcode. If you get a smart-card reader, make sure it also reads PDF417 barcodes.

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