OTG USB Hub +Card Reader Camera Connection Kit for Samsung S3/S4/Note2 from dailyetech

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Product Description:

Item: OTG USB Hub +Card Reader Camera Connection Kit for Samsung S3/S4/Note2 from dailyetech


Model: DE-MPCB-0174


Main Features


  • Suitable for Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/Note2.

  • Supports read/write large capacity SD(HC)//MS/TF/M2 memory cards.

  • 3-Port USB support HI-Speed USB devices,USB Mouse,USB keyboard,USB disk,etc.

  • Can connect large current USB devices.

  • All USB devices connected with phone working at the same time.

  • Specifications:

  • Interface: Micro USB male for connect phone

  • SD slot *1 

  • TF slot *1

  • MS slot*1

  • M2 slot*1

  • USB A type female*3

  • Operation temperature: 0~50°C

  • Storage temperature: -10~85°C

  • Enclosure: Plastic

  • Color: Black

  • Wire Length:around 13cm

  • Package content:

  • 1 x OTG USB Hub and Card Reader


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Q:Will this memory card reader take microSDHC?
effortless. the cardboard has a manner greater ability overall performance than your telephone can manage. in the present day, there are nonetheless no dSLRs which could totally make the main the needs of sophistication 10 playing cards, and actually no telephone digicam comes everywhere close to close. exterior card readers nevertheless are often greater as much as this element and can run the cardboard quicker as that's the only activity they could desire to manage, and the host laptop has a lots greater information shifting and variety crunching capacity than your telephone. you haven't any longer any suggestions in any respect, and it is not quite a difficulty which desires fixing, the two. while did you final wait fractions of a 2nd on your telephone to end writing to the cardboard when you consider which you will possibly crammed the buffer up? possibly in no way. as long as your telephone firmware and OS are as much as this element then you definitely are transforming into to be the optimal a threat card study/write overall performance out of your telephone. If the telephone ought to maintain up including your card then the battery does no longer final very long!
Q:Apple 24-inch iMac? Does it Have Card Reader?
No, there are no macs with built in card readers (buy a usb one for $19.95) Yes, smoothly and easily. Yes, it ships with a double-layer Superdrive standard Yes, the speakers on the iMac are awesome, with surprising bass for such small comes
Q:no card reader?
the only way you can use any memory type card to connect to your pc is a card reader (biult-in or seprate) else if you have a digital camera or phone or sth like this which its card slot and your card is same the you might be able to use that as card reader and connect that to your computer using USB cable ,bluetooth
Q:USB 3.0 SD card reader question?
Maybe someday there will be SD cards that can transfer at 5Gbps. Until then, those card readers that claim to be USB 3.0 ready have no performance advantage as even a USB 2.0 with 480Mbps (60MB/s) transfer speed will do for a Class 10 SD card.
Q:SD card reader on old HP desktop?
May be the card reader lived its age. I had a similar issue earlier and updated the Card Reader and it works like a charm now.
Q:Are there CF card readers at Best Buy?
yes, but make sure you get a multi card reader.
Q:how can you tell if your computer has a memory card reader?
If you mean a digital camera memory card, there will be a slot in the front of the computer that the card fits in. Best way: Open MY COMPUTER and look at the drives listed. A card reader will be a higher letter than C: and will say Removable Drive
Q:Usb Card reader Device can't be installed by windows xp.?
Advanced okorder
Q:No memory card reader ps3 40gb?What does this mean?
It doesn't have a built in card slot to read memory sticks but you can buy a 6 in 1 card reader that will plug into the USB port and it will do the same thing so the 40GB version is better value for money as all it has is extra memory.
Q:I am looking for a business card reader that will put all the information into an excel spreadsheet.?
If such a thing exists, it would likely be very expensive and not work very well. The problem isn't in reading the cards but making sense out of what is read. Business cards are far from standard in appearance and content. By the time that you scan in the cards, even automatically, and then proof read what the Optical Character Reader has created from the scans, you could probably have typed in the information more accurately. I have done quite a bit of OCR work in the past and the greatest time consumer was proof reading.

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