MHL HDTV Adapter &; HDMI Connection Kit &; Micro USB OTG Card Reader for samsung galaxy S3/S4/Note 2

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Product Description:

This product is with USB OTG and MHL function for mobile phone design.Small adapter to your Smart phone video,picture output to HDTVs,Monitors,Projectors play.Read anywhere at any time of USB flash disk,SD/TF/M2 memory cards.Video,images,and on the document copying,delete operation.Make difference user experience.



  • Micro-11p USB connector suitable for galaxy S3/S4/Note2/Note3.

  • Support read SD/TF/M2 memory cards.

  • Support USB2.0 host to connect USB disk,mouse,keyboard.

  • Support MHL to HDMI output to HDTV.

  • Supports Max resolution to 1080p and all bandwidth between 25-75MHz.

  • Support 8 channel (e. G., 7.1 surround sound) uncompressed audio.

  • Supports High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).

  • Support audio transfer up to 192kHz.

  • Through the micro usb power supply to the products.

  • Easy to use,driver installation free.


  • Compliant with MHL1.1 and HDMI 1.4a specification

  • USB specification compliance USB1.1 for 12Mbps,USB 2.0 for 480Mbps

  • Compliant with Cards:SD/TF/M2.

  • USB support:USB disk,mouse,keyboard

  • Video:1080p

  • Audio:8-channel(e.g.7.1 surround)digital audio

  • Power supply:DC 5V 1A through micro usb

  • Operation temperature:-10~50°C

  • Storage temperature: -20~75°C

  • Cable length:around 15cm

  • Dimensions:75*32*14mm

Package contents:

  • HDMI Adapter and OTG Card Reader

  • Micro USB Cable

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Q:i have attached a all in one card reader to my pc and it says i cannot open it i have a 1/0 error,?
If it's an external card reader make sure your cable is secure. I recently experienced a similar problem with my MP3 player, which doubles as a USB drive. Turned out my cable was bad. If it's an internal drive check that you connected it properly to the motherboard. Incidently it's an I/O error, stands for Input/Output error -- the computer isn't accessing the drive properly.
Q:is this tarot card reader genuine?
its a tough call, tarot is usually a lot of luck and a very general overview of someones life. If someone else were to go to that reader, chances are theyd say similar things to what she/he told you and the recipient would think the reader would know everything. In my opinion be very careful, do NOT spend money you cant afford on it because you dont want to end up in debt to anyone and also the spell thing is bogus im afraid :/ sorry to burst your bubble but theres no spell to make you marry someone, thats not how it works, we're not in hogwarts or middle earth :/
Q:memory card reader on dell inspiron 1300?
Ehh. its easy to check just check the ports and see if there is a slot for you to slot in your card Anyway getting a card reader is cheap for less than 10bucks you can get a card reader just plug in a card reader to the USB port and slot in your card )
Q:Is the charger always plugged in the power supply?
The degree of charge: the degree of charge of mobile phone charging, the general power of mobile phone batteries maintained at between 40% -85%. Mobile phoneDo not charge the charge is too full, because the battery is always full of dissatisfaction. Mobile phone battery charging too much will lead to reduced battery life.
Q:Card reader doesn't read SDHC card?
Unfortunately, my friend, the most likely reason for this is that your laptop's memory card reader is not SDHC compatible. What you'll need to do, I'm afraid, is purchase a USB SDHC card reader. You plug your SDHC card into this card reader, and plug the card reader into a free USB port. If you take a look at some of the offerings on the following OKorder webpage you'll notice that they range in price. Some of the memory card readers have the ability to read and write to various different memory cards. Do pay particular attention to whether SDHC is supported before you make a purchase. Obviously, a local computer store may well have a selection of different memory card readers, but I doubt that you'll find any as cheap as you can get them on OKorder.
Q:My memory card reader isn't working?
the connector port that it plug into may be undesirable on the motherboard,additionally pass the the gadget supervisor on the coolest click view click teach all contraptions hidden and notice in case you have any pink x's
Q:I have camera which takes sd memory card. If I put card in and store pics on card, do I need a reader?
All cameras have USB connectivity, so you don't really need to buy a card reader. But, in order to upload images to your computer, you will probably need to install the software that came with your camera. However, if using a card reader, you won't need to install the software because the computer should recognize it as a removable drive. This makes it easy to transfer images (or any file) to any computer. When you buy a brand new memory card, you will need to format it (check your user manual on how to do this). And, everytime after you upload/transfer all images to your computer (and you want to delete all images from the card) you should then format it again. If you don't format your memory card regularly, then your memory card may become corrupted or develop errors. A 1-2GB memory card is a good capacity, which will allow room for plenty of images and/or movies.
Q:why can I not view my pictures on my canon 30d camera after I use a sandisk card reader?
Did you either modify the pics, or move them from their original folders on the card? Insert your card in your reader. Look for a folder on the card labeled DCIM. Within this folder should be at least one other folder labeled with a number immediately followed by the word Canon (example 146Canon). Your pictures should be stored within these Canon folders in order for your camera to recognize them.
Q:Can a Memory Card Reader do this?
Yes with a memory card reader you can transfer files from your computer onto the memory card just like it was a flashdrive. I did it all the time.
Q:What good GSM SIM card reader applications are there?
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