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I blew up my 3.9 and i have a 318 and i need to know if it will fit?
it will fit but you will need a wiring harness from a 318. or if you are good with wiring or a friend is you can usually adapt it but its a lot of work. good luck
2 questions; first where can i find a engine wiring harness for a i6 4.2L 96 Automatic XJ, second how hard is it to swap one of these out? I looked on OKorder, they do not have my year or anything close to it. also i googled itcant seem to find anywhere. Thanks!
Well if you mean the main harness that connects up the different sensors, and main comp etc that harness would be ten times that much.I wanted just a small harness with only a few wires and they wanted 300 for it.I think your talking about the wiring that goes around etc the engine now that might be that price but it sounds darn low. Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way with some of these harness's I pull a old harness and replace the wiring on it so that it's almost like new.
I have a 1988 mustang gt and it got struck by lightning which fried most of the wiring in my car. Ive looked all over the internet cant find anything bout a new wiring harness or where I can get a new one thats vehicle specific. any help?
I have a 98 jeep grand Cherokee and I just bought a pioneer stereo for it. We got a wiring harness and connected everything how it goes except 3 wires ( mute, dimmer and illumination) but the radio won't come on. Should I be connecting those 3 wires? If so, where?
No, you don't need to connect those 3 wires just go back and double check your work, make sure all the other wires are connected properly. Also try wrapping up together all the yellow wires to the red wires this usually makes a stereo work.
how do i fix this problem with my speakers everything else is working fine just no sound coming out my speakers and they where working fine with the factory radio
I'm pretty sure that there is no switched power in that harness. Check the pin on the factory harness with the red one on your radio harness. If there isn't a pin there then you need to find switched power somewhere within the vehicle. Your best bet is probably the ignition or accessory wire in your ignition harness. I don't think I've ever found a switched power fuse with enough amperage capability in a BMW.
How to effectively reduce the cost of car wiring harness?
I do not understand: why do you want to do so to detect the beam machine, so complicated, not to detect a short circuit, open circuit, line order? A simple 8-bit microcontroller with interface expansion IC on the line Well, too simple. I do to do a simple multi-beam detector, even the microcontroller is useless, only two LED, one indicates the open circuit, one indicates short circuit, line order error also indicates the circuit can also be used.
does it or does it only need to be specific to the stereo please explain
You never need to spend that much for wire. If the unit came with wires, they will be adequate. I believe what you are witnessing is marketing psychology from companies that tout such ridiculous features as oxygen-free copper and low inter-lead capacitance, none of which produce any audible difference - PERIOD. I even saw one of these shysters advertising that their wire was burned in by running current through it for some period of time. I work in the electronics industry and while there are plenty of reasons to burn in an electronic device (i.e. solid-state circuitry w/other active/passive components), there is absolutely no value to burning in wire.
I have a 1993 Ford Probe 2.0 Manual. I need help figuring out what I can do to get in running again. The only thing that is stopping it from running is the engine wiring harness that was cut. We pulled the starter out and the wiring harness that is connected to it was cut Can they be rewired? If so where can I get that done? Where can I find a new one that isn't cut? Please help me, I need to find a fast and easy way to get this problem fixed. I've hunted for parts in salvage yards but can't find any that aren't cut from them pulling the engines out. Advice?
If people are cutting the harnesses to pull motors out of the yard cars then it must be fairly straight forward to re-wire the engine once it's in another car. A decent mechanic can probably fix whatever wiring problem you're having if you don't know how to fix it yourself. From past failures I can say that if you're not completely sure what you're doing regarding automotive electricals it's usually cheaper in the long run (even if it costs you more up front) just to let an expert handle it and get it done right the first time.