Wireless Phone for Car/ Bluetooth Handsfree

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Wireless Phone for Car/ Bluetooth Handsfree





1, Firm-styled design,stereoscopic and concise; 

2, Can be used for two cell phones,stereo blue tooth sound with music playing function; 

3, Chip of British technology and A level battery with protection board;

4, 10 meters` spectral range ensures high qualified communication; 

5, Voice prompt .



Wireless Phone for Car/ Bluetooth Handsfree

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Q:What about China Telecom cordless phones?
The basic development of cordless telephone is a public telephone network, 1970s, when the economy of developed countries PSTN has been very popular, almost every family have installed ordinary electronic telephone, using the phone to solve problems in daily life and work has become a habit. But the telephone should be connected to a telephone office with a dual core telephone line, and the telephone's landline must be connected to the handle with a microphone with a four core cable.
Q:Is there any difference between a Gigaset cordless phone and a mobile phone? What's the difference?
There is a difference between cordless phones and mobile phones. Mobile phones can communicate freely within the range of signals. Cordless phones can only pick up landline phones between two floors of 200 square meters.
Q:Why don't cordless phones use telephone lines?
And can work with other random phone call each other cordless telephone is close by sending and receiving radio signals between fixed and mobile machine to machine communication voice, generally using narrowband FM crystal control work.
Q:What's good about digital cordless phones and analog cordless phones?
In addition, the distance and the transmitted power (the State stipulated that the transmit power is 20 MW and the conversion distance is 100-150, so the manufacturers can only do some research on penetration performance and anti-jamming performance.) For the main relationship, digital machines are better than simulations in terms of penetration performance.
Q:Some questions about TCL cordless phones
Almost no effect, I have been using the headset, but also did not find the screen wrong
Q:What about cordless phones
If cordless phones are not available for long periods of time, they should unplug the battery and remove the battery from the mobile phone. Otherwise, the mobile phone does not use for a long time, it is easy to make the battery discharge too much, so that the battery is not charged. In addition, if this information infringes your rights, please let us know and we will delete it in time
Q:Which brand is the furthest distance to use?
The Radio Regulatory Commission of our country stipulates that the effective distance of cordless telephone is 50 meters. It is illegal to exceed this distance, especially imported. They do not meet the requirements of our country, and use the outdoor antenna. Cable television in my home was seriously disturbed by the computer in 1990, and later it was checked out by the localizer.
Q:SIEMENS cordless phone W10 how to use?
After the machine is picked up, press the green key, and that is the button, then dial the number, hang up after the call and press the same green button;If the machine directly picked up the microphone, hands-free or press the button, and then dial the number you can, after the call hang microphone or press the handsfree button again.
Q:Ask for the meaning of several buttons on the cordless phone!
A pair of codes is a process of generating a set of mutually identifying passwords between a landline phone and a mobile phone. Each time the machine checks the password with the server, the slave must pass through the code to use it. BBK cordless phone identification password is randomly generated in more than 60000 groups of digital, can effectively prevent other mobile phones or wireless devices illegal embezzlement.
Q:What is the difference between digital cordless telephone and analog cordless telephone?
At present, the 2.4G digital cordless telephone adopts the most advanced 2.4GHz digital frequency hopping spread spectrum technology, and the signal conversion is realized between the plane and the sub machine through digital signal transmission. Analog cordless phones work by analog signals. Thus, analog cordless phones are much different from 2.4GHz digital cordless phones, either in terms of speed transmission or signal reception.

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