Wireless bluetooth handsfree head phones for car,better than car kit and easy receive call

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Wireless Phone for Car/ Bluetooth Handsfree





1, Firm-styled design,stereoscopic and concise; 

2, Can be used for two cell phones,stereo blue tooth sound with music playing function; 

3, Chip of British technology and A level battery with protection board;

4, 10 meters` spectral range ensures high qualified communication; 

5, Voice prompt .



Wireless Phone for Car/ Bluetooth Handsfree

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Q:SIEMENS cordless phones are junk, don't buy it
The phone will be responsible for replacing you with a new phone if the LCD screen doesn't show up properly. SIEMENS will be responsible for replacing you with a new phone
Q:Which brand is good for cordless phones?
I used the phone SONY, Matsushita, PHILPS, BBK and AT&T TCL brand, in terms of workmanship and quality, SONY is the boss, but it seems that SONY does not produce a cordless telephone (that is, production estimates did not buy, then combined 1998 yuan later to buy good not easy to buy a battery in Hongkong Panasonic) weaker cluster machine quality, sound is also great, PHILPS not how, 2 years like a 20 radio effect, AT&T quality is not how work ok. Wired phones like BBK and TCL are OK, cordless phones are not as good as PHILPS. In the absence of SONY, it's time to use Panasonic
Q:Cordless telephone composite machine, machine tool is broken, a sub machine can also be used?
Transmission to Gigaset digital encoding of speech signal between the base and the telephone, to ensure the voice in the transmission process completely without distortion, while Gigaset unique efficient noise reduction technology to ensure both cluster distance, within the coverage area of the sound quality are as clear as before.
Q:How long does the cordless phone stand on a landline (charger)?
Although cordless phones are no longer using rechargeable batteries, they are more convenient to use than they used to be.But I've been selling cordless phone batteries for years. Today's so-called cordless phones really don't compare with the old ones. If it's a cordless phone right now, I don't think my batteries will sell. Now, people come to see me every day.Battery heating, as long as it is not too hot, if the heat can not touch even touch, it is best to change the phone bar
Q:Cordless phone batteries are a bit hot
1, in the mobile phone charging, try not to use mobile phones, avoid battery overload operation.2, when a phone call or play games, resulting in fever, let the phone rest.3 avoid cell phones running too long in the sun.4, stop some background running program is also possible.5, if the phone is really inexplicable fever, then, well, the best way is to take the store repair, or directly for another.
Q:How does the BBK 76E cordless phone set up the sound?
BBK 76E no fly phone, if the water how to do?:In particular, the water must not be thrown, along the direction of the water empty, or with absorbent paper towels on the side of the wipe, and if it was not handled well, or go to the after-sales service center to see.
Q:Does the TCL67 cordless phone need to be recharged all the time?
If your cell phone is charged on the host, you can put it on the phone after you call it.
Q:Charge time of PHILPS TD6816A cordless phone
The new airplane charge for 12 hours, cell activation. Later can also be used with charge, or to sub machine low power instructions charging, usually 8-9 hours for full capacity.
Q:What about cordless phones ?
When the mobile phone is not charged, it always shows the "low power" state. One of the reasons is that the battery is discharged too far after the power is dropped to a certain value, so that the circuit can not be charged. After two years of using the battery, when the power supply is enough, the time is not long. The battery is dead and the battery needs to be replaced.
Q:Why do cordless phones need batteries, don't they have batteries?
Hello. See, you write, I want to laugh. I'm sure I don't understand. The cordless phone (handle) needs to use 1.2 volt 7 or 5 rechargeable battery (NiMH rechargeable battery).General two cannot batteries can be used even if it is not the Nanfu battery. Dry batteries are not rechargeable, please remember.Cordless phones are charged on the charging seat, but your rechargeable battery. Just install a rechargeable battery.. Cheap!Your alcohol or wipes clean the leaking battery compartment.. Otherwise, electric shock is easy to rot. Cause to be unable to continue using

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