bluetooth parking sensor car camera black box with Car dvr

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Product Description:



Portable Audio Player,Mobile Phone

Special Feature:


Place of Origin:

Guangdong China (Mainland)



Operating Frequency Band:

2.4GHz ~ 2.48GHz

Talk time:

up to 16hours

Standby time:

up to 1600hours

Charger time:


battery capacity:



MP3 / MP4 Players


1 Years

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Carton dimensions: 47.0*27.5*32.0CM Qty per carton: 50PCS Net weight: 12.0KG Gross weight: 13.0KG
Delivery Detail:15working days


Dual connected wireless speaker phone HF-810
1.HD voice+ voice prompt
2.dual connection
3.bluetooth 4.0

Dual connected wireless speaker phone HF-810









Product features:




1.Compatible Bluetooth Specification V4.0+A2DP;

2. Operating Frequency Band: 2.4GHz ~ 2.48GHz unlicensed ISM band

3.Support Headset and HandsFree profiles

4.Support Multiple paired,and support two link.(Meory Up to 8 Bluetooth Phone can be paired);

5.Integrated with echo cancellation and Noise suppressor;

6.Built in speaker and microphone;

7.Report call number when the call come in;

8.Auto answer the call when the call come in.

9.Voice Prompt.
10.Talk time: up to 16hours

11.Standby time: up to 1000hours

12.Charger time: 2~3hours


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Q:The noise problems of SIEMENS cordless phones
According to my experience, the noise should be caused by your ADSL Internet cat, but it does not rule out the possibility of a strong interfering source nearby. If you turn off the Internet "cat" and then use the phone to make no noise, the output signal of the cat can not be filtered out by the demultiplexer. Please consider changing the separator or "cat"". Because there are no other bandpass filter products on the market.
Q:How does Motorola cordless phone d1002 pair code?
If it's a digital machine, you need to find the submenu below the menu to find the meaning of "'register'", that is, "registration.". Then, in accordance with the meaning of the display of the machine, press the host's "page" or "intercom key" for a few seconds, the general register of successful buzzer buzzer sound, while the opportunity to show'Registered, indicating successful registration.If you have the manual, you can refer to the instructions, but usually in English, you need a little english. I hope you can handle it
Q:Do you have any special rechargeable batteries for Panasonic cordless phones?
Heat the battery with a freshly boiled water. Wait until the positive end is no longer bubbling, but don't boil the battery. Then put it in a cold water pan and shake for a minute. 4, take out the battery, dry, pull out the sheath. Best to use cross screwdriver with a small hammer, the positive cap center position slightly dented, in order to increase the safety valve seal, the concave 0.5mm can hit more dangerous! 5, 5 hours after placing began to charge and discharge repeatedly 3-5 times. The first charge with fast charge (here, the Panasonic BQ390) charge about half an hour, and then use the slow charge (with 100mAGP charging treasure) charged to the terminal voltage above 1.45V (very long time), then with the medium or slow charger (with SONY BC-CS2A). Reset volume. Here is the first full power for 5 hours, and then use the "ZB210 multifunctional battery capacity tester with 1A transverse flow discharge to the end, and then the capacity (10mAh, accurate to four to five homes) with paint pen mark on the battery. This can be reused.
Q:How does a cordless phone pair code ?
If the simulator is very simple, as long as the handle machine on the host number of seconds (like charging way), you can see the host lights quickly flicker, said the success of the code. If the indicator blinks slowly, it means the code is not successful;
Q:How do I set the voice number for BBK cordless telephone?
Cordless phones have two main parts: a landline and a handset.The landline is connected to the telephone jack via a standard telephone line connector. In the case of a telephone system, the landline is similar to an ordinary telephone. A landline receives incoming calls through telephone lines (in the form of electrical signals), converts them into FM radio signals, and then spreads the signals.
Q:Does the host of the cordless phone have a wireless host?
The main transmitter cordless telephone is done in no rope machine, the host is only one wireless receiver, if the host also need wireless, that has not called but the PHS cordless telephone. Or direct use of mobile phones is the same.
Q:How about HWCD1888 for PHILIPS cordless phones?
The simulator is very simple, as long as the handle on the host machine can charge code;
Q:Cordless phone machine, rechargeable battery, how to use the science? How long is the service life of it?
If it has been on the charging seat, it will have an impact on life, but it doesn't affect much. Digital cordless for rechargeable lithium batteries, the machine has a charge control circuit, has been placed on the charging seat, there is no impact.
Q:Does the frequency of the cordless phone is high or low?
The frequency is high, can use the shorter antenna, the antenna length and the wavelength are direct proportion, the frequency is low, the penetrability is better, but the antenna will be long. The frequency of indoor radio calls is higher now.
Q:Why don't cordless phones use telephone lines?
Cordless telephones are generally used in conjunction with fixed telephones. A fixed machine is used to access the local telephone line, and the fixed machine acts as a relay

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