solar bluetooth handsfree car kit speakerphone support music play

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Product Description:



Portable Audio Player,Mobile Phone

Special Feature:


Place of Origin:

Guangdong China (Mainland)



Operating Frequency Band:

2.4GHz ~ 2.48GHz

Talk time:

up to 16hours

Standby time:

up to 1600hours

Charger time:


battery capacity:



MP3 / MP4 Players


1 Years

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Carton dimensions: 47.0*27.5*32.0CM Qty per carton: 50PCS Net weight: 12.0KG Gross weight: 13.0KG
Delivery Detail:15working days


Dual connected wireless speaker phone HF-810
1.HD voice+ voice prompt
2.dual connection
3.bluetooth 4.0

Dual connected wireless speaker phone HF-810




Product features:




1.Compatible Bluetooth Specification V4.0+A2DP;

2. Operating Frequency Band: 2.4GHz ~ 2.48GHz unlicensed ISM band

3.Support Headset and HandsFree profiles

4.Support Multiple paired,and support two link.(Meory Up to 8 Bluetooth Phone can be paired);

5.Integrated with echo cancellation and Noise suppressor;

6.Built in speaker and microphone;

7.Report call number when the call come in;

8.Auto answer the call when the call come in.

9.Voice Prompt.
10.Talk time: up to 16hours

11.Standby time: up to 1000hours

12.Charger time: 2~3hours


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Q:How long does the cordless phone stand on a landline (charger)?
Although cordless phones are no longer using rechargeable batteries, they are more convenient to use than they used to be.But I've been selling cordless phone batteries for years. Today's so-called cordless phones really don't compare with the old ones. If it's a cordless phone right now, I don't think my batteries will sell. Now, people come to see me every day.Battery heating, as long as it is not too hot, if the heat can not touch even touch, it is best to change the phone bar
Q:Motorola D10 cordless phone with a large number of rechargeable battery 7 okay? Can you use 800mAh or 900mAh?
Capacitance, in theory, is bigger, the better, but some batteries in front of large capacity batteries, sometimes happen, suddenly the battery can not charge, the greater the capacitance, the longer the standby time.
Q:After changing the fiber, the caller's Caller ID is gone. Who knows which brand of cordless phones support fiber?
You can be sure that this is not a problem with the phone. You should call a broadband provider. If you have broadband installed in your home, it will cause a call from the fixed line to not display. They will come home to deal with it.
Q:2.4G digital cordless telephone set. For home use, can I get it in Australia?
You put the machine get anywhere, as long as the connected telephone line, telephone to accessibility, because between landline and sub machine contact, and use the local telecommunications system does not conflict, so there is no technical obstacles, but you should pay attention to the machine itself the band used in 2.4000 - 2.4835GHz range. In China is legitimate, but in a foreign country, the local is open the corresponding frequency, not to say, each country is very strict on the radio management, this is not the distinction between socialism or capitalism, because the radio band is a strategic resource, can not be completely open, so the local radio management department you the best advice, if not, you were, on the personal credit information system will be a devastating blow, on their own is an accident.
Q:How far is the distance from a cordless phone? Why not go further?
Recommend that you use Gigaset digital cordless phone, digital transmission with Gigaset encoding speech signals between the base and the handle to ensure the voice answer, in the transmission process completely without distortion, while Gigaset unique efficient noise reduction technology to ensure both the mother machine in the distance, covered within the scope of the sound quality are as clear as before.
Q:Charge time of PHILPS TD6816A cordless phone
These do not have a certain view, buy it is for the sake of living more convenient, don't pay attention to it intentionally, use in the home also 2 years or so time want to change a battery. Also, the charger voltage 9 volts, this is to work for the use of the plane, the charger has been step-down. Rest assured.
Q:Do all cordless telephone hosts have to plug in?
But the generator must have the power source, that is, the battery;LZ you can think about, the host plugged in power does not matter, ah, the machine can be active on it!
Q:Can cordless phones plug in cell phone cards?
For example, HUAWEI ETS3125 wireless landline, on the support of the National Mobile Unicom ordinary mobile phone card. Cordless telephone is a wireless duplex mobile telephone device that can enter PSTN. It consists of a landline connected to the PSTN subscriber line and one or more handheld cordless telephones that perform the function of the ordinary telephone within a defined range.
Q:Does the cordless phone signal conflict with the WiFi wireless network signal?
There should be no conflict, the wireless network is the use of 2.4GZH frequency, cordless phone should not be so high frequency, because the cordless phone has not 2.4G out of this technology, the 2.4G technology is a new technology developed later, because of the possibility of letter frequency all is not the same as the mutual interference is very small, more moreover, the wireless network is a digital signal, cordless telephone is an analog signal, not on the same level.
Q:Questions about the effective range of cordless phones
Digital cordless telephone for multi room buildings, villas, use double deck.The digital cordless phone has a signal display. As long as there is a signal, it is OK to use it. The digital signal is very stable! Upstairs and downstairs like you can use, and the more floors are not necessarily.I suggest you buy BBK digital cordless telephone, the domestic old brand, the quality is guaranteed, durable, and after-sales service is also convenient (as if the country has more than 300 after-sale centers, national UNPROFOR)The country is currently mostly 2.4G, and 2.4G is generic, meaning that 2.4G can talk to 1.9G's digital phone, but 1.9G can only talk to 1.9G.So I suggest you buy domestic brands!

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