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Yes, solar panels can be used to heat water. Solar water heating systems use the sun's energy to heat water, typically through the use of solar thermal collectors. These collectors absorb sunlight and transfer the heat to water, which can then be used for various purposes such as bathing, washing, or even space heating.
Yes, solar panels can be installed on historical landmarks. However, it requires careful planning and consideration to ensure that the installation does not compromise the historical integrity of the landmark. This may involve using discreet mounting systems or integrating solar panels into existing structures. Additionally, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from relevant authorities is crucial before proceeding with the installation.
Yes, solar panels are affected by shade. Shading can significantly reduce the efficiency and overall energy production of solar panels. It is important to ensure that solar panels are installed in areas with minimal shade to maximize their performance.
how much do you think it would cost for installation?i heard that solar panels can store electricity and any excess electricity gets sold back to the electric company. how much money can a home owner make from doing this?do you think solar panels are worth it?
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Yes, solar panels can be used to power a train. Solar panels generate electricity by converting sunlight into energy, which can be used to power various systems, including trains. However, the feasibility and efficiency of using solar panels to power a train will depend on several factors such as the size of the train, the available surface area for solar panel installation, the train's energy requirements, and the geographical location's solar potential.
Yes, solar panels can be installed in areas with high humidity. While humidity can affect the performance of solar panels to some extent, it does not prevent their installation or significantly diminish their overall effectiveness.
Yes, solar panels can be used in apartments or condominiums. However, the installation process may vary depending on the specific building structure and ownership arrangements. In some cases, individual units can have their own solar panels installed, while in others, a shared or community solar system may be implemented to provide renewable energy to the entire building.
I would like to know of any construction companies, road crews, or any company that uses solar panels in the Tampa area and throws them away. I like to recycle solar panels by repairing and processing what power I can from them. Know any companies that throw out used solar panels? If so, can you provide the name and number?
Check out home power magazine for the list of vender's. Construction companies typically return damaged panels to the distributor or manufacturer for credit. The companies may have an inventory of goods for sale. Also, check out large insurance companies (Nationwide) to see what they do with panels they write off as catastrophic loss when a homeowner or business files a claim. Hope this helps