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All I want to power is a small ice-maker (250 watts) for 25 minutes per day. That's all!!!Can I do that by using a 00 watt panel with 2-3 deep cycle batteries and getting 0 hours of quality light per day.(BTW) what size converter would you recommend? I want more than I need to grow the system
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Does anyone know the earnings potential for the actual fitter of pv solar panels,and the electricians earnings.ty.
it depends on your solar panel, but you can sure supply most if all of your electronics and electric stuff in your house on a sunny day. If you want to know exactly how much power it supplies and how much $$ you can save you simply have to calculate how much power your home consumes per day/month. I know of people totally reliable on solar power for their home and I too will put solar panels on my home one day.
Solar panels can greatly enhance a property's energy independence by generating clean and renewable electricity. By harnessing the power of the sun, solar panels reduce the property's reliance on traditional energy sources, such as fossil fuels. The excess energy produced by solar panels can be stored in batteries or fed back into the grid, further increasing the property's self-sufficiency. Ultimately, solar panels enable homeowners to reduce their electricity bills and contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly energy system.
right now, you would need a suitable number of solar panels just to power house that can take up a lot of real estate. so my question is, is it feasible to create something that absorbs more of the suns energy like a magnet it would suck it up. the point of doing this would be so that we wouldnt need so much space so many panels just to power home for example.i hope thats coherent.
we are near the edge of what is physically possible for solar power. You only get so many photons per area you know...and much of this is lost in entropy. Solar panels today are over 80% as efficient as what could ever be theoretically possible. No you will never get an easy solution to the land problem. lol what invisible talker suggests about using a black hole i suppose could be a way to increase the photons per area...but you would get much mroe power by using the tidal forces produced by a black hole than solar power heh...not to mention your panels will get sucked in...and whatever energy they produce wont be able to escape the black hole and power anything outside.
Okay so.. if light deflect the light of the sun and black absorbs it, then aren't solar panels just absorbing more light, sun and heat into our atmosphere? Wouldn't this lead to an increase in global warming? Shouldn't solar panals be white? No rude answers please.
There are two basic types of solar panels. ) Thermal absorbers 2) Photovoltaics Thermal absorbers are black in order to convert sunlight to thermal (heat) energy. The whole idea is to capture all of the light with a dark surface, convert it to thermal energy and transfer the energy into your home for water heating or space heating. If you make the surface white or reflective, then the surface will absorb only a small fraction of the available light, hence the efficiency will be very low. In other words, the panel will not produce any heat. Photovoltaic panels produce electricity instead of heat energy. Photovoltaic panels are made from thin slices (“waffers”) of silicon with special coatings on the front and back surface. One of these coatings on the front is an antireflection coating to capture the light and channel it toward the silicon. Underneath the antireflection coating the silicon waffer is coated with other chemicals that convert the sunlight to electricity. The combination of these coatings gives the panel a dark color, usually blue or black. Here's the bottom line. If you want thermal heat or electricity from solar panels, the panels have to capture the light. When that light is captured, the surface appears dark because no light (or very little) light is reflected back to our eyes. It is not possible for a surface to be an efficient absorber, capturing all available light, and at the same time appear white or bright color or reflective to our eyes.
Yes, solar panels can be installed on remote monitoring systems. Solar panels are a sustainable and reliable source of energy that can power remote monitoring systems, allowing them to operate independently from the electrical grid. This makes solar panels a suitable and practical solution for remote locations where access to electricity may be limited.
The voltage and power problems of solar panels
From morning to night (with sunshine) solar panel voltage is generally relatively stable, that is basically about 30V; but the output power is always changing, sooner or later, noon; if it is good quality solar energy,
What are the benefits of solar panel heating?What does it cost for solar panels?any other important facts about it?
Firstly,it is environment friendly,solar energy can replace electricity,so it reduce the carbon emission.Secondly,solar energy is cost effective,you will not pay any bill for electricity any more.