Tier 1 Brand Tiger Neo N type Mono-crystalline 72HL4-(V) 565-585 Watt MONO-FACIAL MODULE

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100 watt
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10000000 watt/month
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Item specifice

Monocrystalline Silicon
Max. Power(W):
Number of Cells(pieces):

1.Overall Characteristics:

- 144 Crystalline photovoltaic Cells per Module

- Size:2278×1134×35mm (89.69×44.65×1.38 inch)

- Weight: 28kg

- Front Glass:3.2mm,Anti-Reflection Coating,High Transmission, Low Iron, Tempered Glass

- Frame: Anodized Aluminium Alloy

- Junction Box:IP68 Rated

- Output Cables:TUV 1×4.0mm2; (+): 400mm , (-): 200mm or Customized Length


  IEC61215(2016), IEC61730(2016)

  ISO9001:2015: Quality Management System

  ISO14001:2015: Environment Management System

  ISO45001:2018 Occupational health and safety management systems


- Product warranty: 10 years

- Performance warranty: 10 years with maximum loss of 10% & 25 years with maximum loss of 20% on Power Rating 

4. Factory Ability:

    Automatic Production Equipment
        uses advanced automatic production equipment and precise testing instruments to create reliable, high quality solar products.

    Quality Commitment

        adheres to the idea of "excellent quality, excellent life "to ensure the quality of products, meanwhile we pay attention to protecting the environment and improving the quality of life, successfully passed the ISO9001, ISO14001.

    Customer-centric Services

         provides solar PV grid-tie power stations, solar off-grid stand-alone system, solar lighting system, and other solar application products' manufacture, sales and installation services.

Tier 1 Brand Tiger Neo N type Mono-crystalline 72HL4-(V) 565-585 Watt MONO-FACIAL MODULE

Tier 1 Brand Tiger Neo N type Mono-crystalline 72HL4-(V) 565-585 Watt MONO-FACIAL MODULE

Yes, solar panels can be installed on airports or transportation hubs. In fact, many airports and transportation hubs around the world have already installed solar panels as part of their sustainability initiatives. These panels help generate clean and renewable energy, reducing their carbon footprint and dependence on traditional energy sources. Additionally, the large open spaces available in these areas make them ideal for solar panel installations.
Yes, solar panels can be used in areas with frequent thunderstorms. While thunderstorms may temporarily reduce the efficiency of solar panels due to cloud cover and reduced sunlight, they do not pose any significant risk to the panels themselves. Properly installed solar panels are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including thunderstorms. Additionally, the energy produced by solar panels during sunny periods can still offset the electricity consumed during stormy periods, making them a viable option for areas prone to thunderstorms.
Q:I have a solar panel I bought for a diy project and it has a small plug on the end of it, but I need to remove this plug to expose the positive and return wires so I can solder a bunch of stuff together. How do I cut off the plug without shorting out the solar panel when I make the cut? Can I just leave it in the dark a while before cutting? I don't think I can remove the wires from the solar panel end before cutting.
A solar panel doesn't store energy. As soon as the light stops, the current stops instantly. If it's a 200-watt panel or more, it won't be harmed by a short circuit, but it might be good to turn the panel over or cover it with cardboard before working on it. The spark can slightly mar the contacts. Doing the work indoors is enough to cut down the current, too. For a 60-watt panel or less, I wouldn't even worry about the spark, the power output is too low to do any damage.
Yes, solar panels are generally easy to maintain. They have no moving parts and require minimal upkeep. Occasional cleaning to remove dust and debris is recommended, and regular inspections to ensure proper functioning are necessary. However, overall, the maintenance requirements for solar panels are quite low compared to other energy systems.
Q:Is it possible for the everyday person to increase the efficiency of solar panels that they own? If so, how is it done?
If you have a way to keep silicon panels cool, that really helps. On a hot summer day, our array was down 20% in production. I sprayed a hose to wash the panels, and for a few minutes, the power spiked to 20% ABOVE normal. The usual thing to do is mount the panels exposed to the wind if you can, or at least 8 off the roof otherwise. A few lucky souls with access to free stream water on their property have been known to use water cooling under their panels.
The amount of energy that solar panels can produce varies depending on various factors such as the size and efficiency of the panels, the location, and weather conditions. However, on average, a typical residential solar panel system can generate around 10 to 12 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per square meter per day.
Q:I was trying to look online for solar panels for my home to take some of the strain off of using oil and electricity but I find it very hard to understand exactly how they are used.Like one that I looked up is 00 watts.....is that like a light bulb watt? How many things can that power? Is it really cheaper in the long run because the panels are very expensive?If anyone has web sites that can explain this to me I would appreciate a link, or anyone to answer part of my question.
I had one on my homestead in CT. It grew to become right into a photograph voltaic warm water heater. It grew to become into hooked as much as my general warm water tank, so as that if it have been cloudy for a pair of days..i could nonetheless have warm water. in case you think of of all of the nice and comfortable water you employ, it grew to become right into a real mark downs. whilst i bought it, you purchased a $3000 tax credit from the government. that could be a protracted term investment , yet i could say mine paid for itself in 3 or 4 years. i could be careful presently..with oil being so costly, you going to have crooks and fly by utilizing nighttime businesses obtainable.make certain you examine out the corporation...very intently. And be taught , be taught, be taught...approximately how the structures paintings
Q:I have thermal solar panels on my roof. Iive in Colorado
Build okorder /
Solar panels can still be installed on a shaded roof, but their energy production may be significantly reduced. Shading from nearby trees, buildings, or other obstructions can block sunlight, impacting the panel's efficiency and overall output. It's important to assess the level and duration of shading to determine if solar panels on a shaded roof are a viable option.
Yes, solar panels can be installed on a carport structure. In fact, carports are an ideal location for solar panel installations as they provide ample space and can help maximize the energy production potential. Additionally, solar carports offer the added benefit of providing shade and protection for vehicles while generating clean and renewable energy.

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