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Hi girls.My boy is 10 weeks on thursdayI still half swaddle him with the proper swaddle blanket.(under his arms)How do you dress your baby to sleep?How do you put your baby to sleep? How many blankets (if you use them)Do you use the sleeping bags? If so when did you start using them?Hope your all okay :]
Just want to give an advice-Try using Parchment paperParchment paper works best for baking.
HiI live in a council house where the walls are naturally paper thin and it is very irritating to hear my neighbours' noiseI know its not their fault, everyone has the right to enjoy their homes but even the smallest noises like loos flushing e.t.c.well you dont really wanna hear that do you?So i was thinking, as I am going to buy the house from the council,I heard that I can build a cavity wall insulationWould this drown out some of the noise? How much do they cost?
I've had to build a few sound walls in remodelingYou first need to get the walls re insulated, blown in the the easiestDepending on money and time, I've gone in and put an extra layer of sheetrock over the existing and off set the seams to help with noise and in a couple houses where people wanted music rooms, we've blown insulation in through the sheetrock, put a sound foam material we found for music studio es on and then Sheetrock over all and the sound was minimal from loud playing musicThe foam wasn't too expensiveponygirls husband 8 years remodeling
I've been taking the Ultimate Cleanse (with herbs and fibers) and I actually feel like I've gained weightI've bloated up like crazy!
I've used up a lot of old hamburger and hot dog buns doing thisI split them in half, then spread them with butter or margerineNext I sprinkle on garlic powder or granulated garlic along with paprika and parsley flakesI also like to sprinkle on Parmesan cheese with mineThen I place them under the broiler until browned and toastyHope this helps!
How To Curl My Hair Like This?
probley power steering fluidi had that problem with my car where it only leaked at certain times, which us when i turned the wheel thats because i had a cracked hose as the pressure builds up when you turn the wheel it starts to leak, that is hopefully all that is wrong! you should take it to your dealership to get it checked it out
I installed a heat cable on my parents roof and plugged it in to test itI put my finger on it and could tell it was warm I was wondering how warm does something need to be for you to feel that it is warm With our body temperature being 98 degrees or something If I felt something at 98 degrees seems like that would burn me? Also with the heat cable being outside (80 degrees) wouldn't it have to be warmer than that to actually feel its warm?Second part is I'm trying to heat my one chromium wire to like 45 degrees(I only need it to melt snow) But I run electricity through itI can't feel it getting any warmerThen I realize room temperature (I assume the temperature of the wire) is already more then that?
Skin temperature is a steady 85FYour electric blanket feels exactly right at exactly 85F, whatever the control has to be set at to reach that temperatureYour forearm is good for 110FThat is why mothers shake a drop of milk on their forearm before giving the bottle to BabyA thing is hot enough to cause pain at 140FA heat tape applied to a pipe doesn't have any distinctive feel except no iceYou need some insulation for the pipe, so ask the clerk at the hardware store how to be sure the whole setup is working rightMy first thought is some sort of a thermometerThose are cheap and you can stick one through the insulation and leave it there permanentlyYou're trying to melt snow on a roof? That is a rather heroic project! I think it's preferred to make the roof strong enough to take the weightIce sliding off a roof is not nice.
6th grade science experiment: What is the best insulator to keep an ice cube from melting quickly?
Put anti static in your wash
How do I find someone who could work a miracle on a beautiful crocheted sweater given to me for my new babyI made a huge mistake by putting it in the washing machineNow there are 4 big holes in it where the yarn unraveledI'm so beside myself and I can't bring myself to tell the person who made it for meI need to have it repaired.
Search Yahoo groups for a crocheting or knitting or fiber arts group in your areaYou can make a request for someone who can fix it for youAlternatively, look in your phone book (or search online) for a Yarn Store or Knitting Supplies/StoreA chain craft store like Michael's or JoAnn Fabrics is unlikely to helpCall the specialty store, tell them your dilemna, and ask if they have anyone who can helpDon't worry about my term, specialty store - most crocheters are extremely reasonable in cost and want to helpIf all else fails, email me offlineI am on a New England Textile Arts email list and will try to find someone for youI am a bit of beginner, or I'd help you myselfDon't fret! It can be fixedTake care.
Hello everyone i just moved into my own apartment and have my own stuff nowWich means i bought my own bed and now i need my own blanketsI want silk but everytime i check ebay it says quot;silk satinquot;Is silk the same as satin or what? I want the best of the best so is there such a thing as silk only blankets or is it all mixed? Also what feels better? Thanks
Silk is a type of fiber and satin is a kind of weave- you can also have silk chiffon or polyester satin Satin is a way of weaving the fabric so that it's smooth and shiny on one or both sides and can be made out of any kind of fiber- silk, polyester, cotton.