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What are the car tires?
The tire carries the maximum speed of the specified load under specified conditions. The letters A to Z represent the certification speed of the tires from 4.8km / h to 300km / h. Y: 300km / h; S: 180km / h; T: 190km / h; H: 210km / h; V: 240km / h; W: 270km / h; H; Z: ZR speed is higher than 240km / h.
The tires are on the F150, but nobody I know has ever heard of them.
Just put a new set on a Ford Flex. To say they are noisy would be an understatement. Going back to dealer to figure out how this much noise is possible.
how long can we usually drive with a spare tyre in a passenger carhow many times can we use it.any safety tips while driving with a spare tyre, that needs to be followed
on a spare tire mainly a donut, your not supposed to exceed the speed of 40 mph. Also if your car is FWD you shouldn't have the spare on the front tires as it will throw off your front balancing and destroy your axle differential. In terms of how long it lasts, look at its threat life on the tire, as you would on any other tires.
I have a BMX Bike and I was looking to buy some Tan wall tyres because I think they look lovely. But which are the best for the price and what is the difference between ?30 tyres and ?15 tyres??
The difference between the ?30 tyres and ?15 tyres is most likely the bead on the tyres some BMX tyre companies put a kevlar bead in there (folding tyres) which makes the tyre a bit lighter and makes them last longer but i think that ?15 tyres are more than sufficient. The Cult Dehart tyres are pretty good also the Odyssey Aitken tyres come in tan and they are great tyres i have them, but i think that Fit FAF tyres are great just get the 2.25 for the front because the tread is knobbier and will last longer but for the back i would just get maybe a 2.1 or 2.25. Good Luck!
I have a Truck that has a recommended tire pressure of around 30 psi on all four tires. On the front two tires I got about 30 psi, but on the back tires I've got 40 psi. The sidewall maximum pressure reads 35 psi. The thing is, I put a lot of stuff in the trunk, and sometimes i measure my tire pressure and it goes all the way up to 70 psi. So my question is, since I always carry such a heavy load, should I lower my current 40 psi, or should I just leave it there so my tires won't be super flat when I carry heavy stuff?
The tire manufacturer and the truck manufacturer both recommend tire pressures. The tire manufacturer will have it printed on the side wall, while the truck manufacturer will have it printed on the inside of the drivers door pillar or just refer to the owners manual.As long as you are going with the size tire that the truck manufacturer recommends,use the tire pressure that they print.That tire that they recommend is also the tire that corresponds to the allowable weight that the truck will haul.If you are using a tire other than the truck manufacturer allows,use the pressure printed on the tire.
Noticed today that my rear tire has more wear on it than my front tire does is that normal? Also what‘s the proper psi for my bicycle? I have 20 psi n them now is that too much? My rear tire was flat and I fixed it with tire sealant.
Ok, you really need to read up on some S197 forums on this but I'll break it down to you. First off, T/A is wrong. CAI systems do work especially under high rpm situations because your stock intake tube is a rubber piece. It collapses in situations of high vaccum. As for the S197 cars the issue is the Spanish Oak computers. Yes the K+N CAI does add power but the minute you put it on a dyno and check the F/A ratio, you will find that there are moments the car runs lean. not just lean but very lean. With these cars you need a CAI AND a tuner to get it properly tuned. This is why you see other brands toting a much higher figure (usually about +28 HP or so). And I'm betting some of those no name brands aren't really no name brands, but just brands you aren't familiar with (like JLT or GMS).
I need to get tires soon and I wanted to know who has the best deals on tires. I am looking to get 4 tires for $200-300. I need them to work in snow and rain because I live in New England. Any suggestions?
It does not shift to the next gear or you step on the gas and it hesitates to do anything could be just bad luck or crap parts that wore or owner abuse
What‘s the tire manufacture date?
It's a code on the sidewall which tells you what month and year the tire was made. Rubber deteriorates from ozone in the air even when the tire isn't being run. Most companies recommend having tires inspected for road worthiness, even if they have good tread, after five years of age and replacing them regardless of tread left when they're seven years old. Once they're seven years old, normal rubber deterioration is such that they aren't considered safe to drive any longer