Vehicle GPS Tracking and Monitoring Module for car

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Vehicle GPS Tracking and Monitoring Module for car


TR200 is small but powerful GPS/GPRS/SMS vehicle tracking device, support both TCP and UDP socket communication, with 4 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, Integrate car alarm functions together, you can monitor the vehicle and control the car alarm remotely. It is designed for almost any vehicles. With its compact and small size, easy hide and install inside the vehicle.


  • Quad Band GSM, Enable to Work Worldwide

  • Sirf III GPS Module, GPS Accuracy: 10m

  • Friendly PC Setup

  • 8 outputs/ 4inputs

  • Backup battery with power cut alert

  • Built-in memory 2M for data storage

  • Sleep mode and Geofencing etc.

  • 0-12V programmable AD port

  • Intelligent report and history report

  • Keep Alive Processing

  • Optional GPRS Dial-up procedure


DC Tolerance voltage9V - 35V
GSM Module850/900/1800/1900MHz
Number of Channels20 Channel Simultaneous Operation
Current (GPRS online)60mA
Current (GPRS transmission)80mA
Sleeping mode40mA
Accuracy Horizontal<5 meters (50%), <8 meters (90%)
Altitude<10 meters (50%), <16 meters (90%)
Velocity0.06 m/sec.
Hot Start<13 sec
Warm Start<42 sec
Cold Start<84 sec
Backup battery800mAh
CommunicationGPRS \SMS\RS232
Operating Temperature-20°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to +65°C

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Q:How do you know if a car is equipped with a satellite positioning system?
GPS positioning has been widely street, 1, Qianduoyi, can buy a navigation, and see if there is no LCD screen can be found on the LCD screen.
Q:Is it necessary for the car to mount GPS
The above may not have a clear understanding of the meaning of the GPS positioning device, GPS positioning and GPS navigation is not the same device, GPS positioning is the computer can be clearly seen on the map of the vehicle's real-time location information.Vehicle installation of such equipment, you can sit next to the computer, you can achieve the monitoring of vehicles, more suitable for the management of their own vehicles, as well as personal vehicle theft.If your vehicle is relatively high, the security can be installed.
Q:European GPS locator customer service phone
Amoy B flagship store should find technical solutions
Q:Car GPS positioning tracker shows how offline
Usually the following situations will lead to offline: 1, locator shutdown, power off. Dial the phone number through the phone locator, if prompted to shut down, this is the case. Check locator power supply line is not a problem, there is no power. Power supply voltage, current is not installed in the locator voltage, current range. Locator body on the three indicator is not completely bright.
Q:How to detect whether the car installed jgps locator
However, some of the locator is a sleep function, that is, the vehicle will remain dormant for more than five minutes, it is tantamount to death, it can not find any signal.
Q:How much is the general GPS locator? Do you pay any fees?
GPS car may be more than the above that price
Q:UU vehicle GPS locator convenient?
3, the installation of the GPS system can check the fuel consumption of the car, the company's vehicle management can do to prevent false oil.4, the bus system can be installed GPS voice broadcast to remind speeding, while the camera can be installed to monitor.Before, I bought a new car, on the recommendation of a friend to buy a GPS car locator grain security, helped me a lot, once almost was stolen. Fortunately, the GPS locator alarm in time, just let me discover, although at the time the thief escaped, but my car is not stolen.
Q:Samsung mobile g7106 navigation GPS positioning slow what reason
Samsung companies know, to provide you with quality solutions, intentions to answer your questions, hoping to get your satisfaction evaluation.
Q:GPS locator has a mobile phone card can automatically transmit voice
Car GPS locator, you can connect a microphone head, so you can listen to the sound around the device! But the device needs to support the listening function, the proposed selection of R & D manufacturers, the latter has technical support!
Q:GPS locator in the ACC detection function is what mean
ACC detection means that the vehicle ignition switch detection, when the ACC display is open, that means the vehicle is the ignition state.

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