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I have an 2005 road star. I found a pair of 7 auto headlights for 1/2 the price of one motorcycle headlight. it should fit the bucket but what about the 12 volt system?
Most bike headlight bulbs are auto parts mounted in custom housings, and replacements can be bought off the shelf at AutoZone or Poopboys. My light I've run for the last 25 years is like that. In fact, some of the original custom chopper headlights were bolted up right off old antique cars like the old bullet light Chevy's and Model A Ford's. All electrics, both Bike and auto nowadays are ALL 12 volt systems.
1993 honda prelude vtec auto electrical problem. Sometimes doesn't start sports light flashes on dash?
bypass with the Anderson Ford Motorsports power Pipe. One great piece. not great low-value, yet certainly incredibly certainly worth the extra horsepower. not one of the others study. don't be attentive to with regard to the twister, sorry. i've got heard that is junk and would not paintings, yet won't be able to inform you that from my very own adventure. My opinion (and that's all it incredibly is) is that what they're attempting to do is finished by the manifold (much extra proper in a gasoline injected engine) and this may not do something. New heads and intakes have swirl technologies to assist with this, yet with injectors, gasoline atomization into the air isn't a situation. that is finished lots extra proper by injectors than by a carburetor.
well i am seeing that everyone is saying that we are only required to pay liability. basically pay the damages you inflict on the other car. The Auto Insurance system is backwards then. Why are we paying to cover the other persons damages, wouldnt it make more sense if the person pays X amount of money every month to cover their own asses? that would mean that if i chose to not have insurance and i happen to get in a wreck then that was my choice and if the person i hit was smart enough and payed for insurance to cover themselves then what would be the problem with that?what are your thoughts?
let me get this straight. you're saying that if you run a red light, and bash into me, that i should pay my medical expenses, and to fix my car. have i got that right? do you understand the concept of responsibility? you're responsible for your actions.
I‘m trying to install a RS1200 remote starter in my 2006 Dodge ram. I have everything working on the truck. A/C comes on, radio and lights all start, the whole nine yards. The only thing that wont start is the engine. All of the other stuff only stay‘s on for about 10 sec before it turn‘s off, restarts and try‘s again and repeats. I verified all the wires on the truck are correct. I was thinking the truck has an anti-theft system but i wasn‘t sure. If it does do i have to buy a bypass module for it to get it to start?
Contact Dodge with your vin #s and see what unit was factory and did your have 1 or a aftermarket system. If all else fails contact a stereo install center.
All the lights are surging brighter to dimmer when the car is at idle. This includes the headlights and all of the accessory light bulbs.
You probably have a 10 year old battery (unless it has been recently changed). The charging system is trying to compensate.
I own a Springfield 1911 A-1 and I would like to get a rail system to attach a flashlight. Are there rail systems available which require little or no machining? If so what are the best rail systems available?
Thats a tough question. Both are excellent guns Springfield Armory's Mil-Spec 1911A1 semiautos are, just as the name implies, made to emulate the original military 1911 .45 ACPs that have been part of the fighting handgun scene for 90 years. These are not accurized pistols with adjustable sights or any other bells and whistles. Springfield Armory says of their military style 1911s: Springfield's Mil-Spec pistol is a faithful recreation of John Browning's classic 1911-A1. If you're looking for traditional features and quality in a no-nonsense package, the Parkerized Mil-Spec is for you. I just purchased my first RIA 45. Paid 340.00 out the door, and I've got to say this was a great deal. I have 7 1911 style 45's, Kimbers, Colts, And SW's. I was very surprised at the quality and and how well this thing shoots. 250 rounds not a single problem. its an awesome gun!
in an auto what does brake warning light indicate
when the brake light comes on it could mean a lot of things. but most of the time its from low brake fuild. look the brake fulid under the hood and see how full it is. or you can look at the ground where your car was siting and see if its leaking some where. if all of that is fine then could be a sticky brack calber.
i've done a complete tune up wires plugs cap rotor oil change also replaced distributor with one from a toyota changed the tranny fluid and filter i haven't done the o2 sensor yet but was wondering if it came on for other reasons .now i can reset the COMPUTER and after driving 125 miles then the light comes back on .any advice would be very appreciated
yeah go ahead the fact that the axle is broken should have no bearing on that. i wonder how the car is gonna move with a broken axle in the first place