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i have an 07 ford focus, and today on the way to school, i noticed the light illuminated, and i pulled off the road to call my dad since he's car guy. but what does it mean?and how dangerous is it?it was flickering, from dim light to bright orange light, and sometimes flickered off.what should i do?
Electrical tape works well to hide that light so it won't bother you anymore.
I got a PO446 Evaporative emission system vent control circuit thru Check engine light from Auto zone today, where is this mysterious fix? 1999 Toyota Corrolla
probably needs a charcoal canister assembly. usually comes with the charcoal canister and the vent solenoid. i think its only available through toyota, but they go bad frequently
But feels hot
Could mean the oil needs changing, air filter, fuel filter or it could be something more serious. Take it to a parts store that will loan a code reader and see what codes come up.
2000 lincoln ls airbag light on .what is the fix.?
You didn't believe Auto Zone why would anybody think you would believe them. You'll find out soon.
What is the best brand of automotive light bulb brand
If it is car lights, decorative lights, usually very small power, and now basically to LED products for the mainstream, OKorder have a lot of options, cheap, but the length of life is not easy to say, if you want to change hands Play, you can buy 1-2 as a backup, which in the future can be replaced at any time bad. I hope you can recommend it for your reference!
I went to auto zone and they hooked my car up to their little machine to figure out why my check engine light is on. This is what I found out.My catalytic converter is defective because I might have these problems:Engine misfire or running condition.Large vaccuum leak.Engine oil leakage into exhaust valve guide seals, piston rings.Can anyone give me a simple explanation of what that means? I have a 1998 Ford Escort wagon. Anyone know how much that will cost to fix?
A defective catalytic converter is one that doesn't properly reduce emissions. Right now I'm looking at one of the sites I go to for parts and I could have the part for $115 It's been said you may have a misfire though you'd probably notice that so I'd rule that out, a large vacuum leak would cause a misfire so I wouldn't blame that and if you notice a problem with oil running low you can blame that for the cat failing.
Car headlight cover can not see how to deal with?
Go to the professional headlamp repair place! They can handle
The little yellow check engine light I guess it is came on yesterday in my 00 Grand Caravan, wondering if anyone might know what causes this. The manual says possible emissions issue, or auto transaxle?
The most common reason is an oxygen sensor is going bad and needs to be changed. It can also come on if the gas cap was off while the car was running or the gas cap is not tight enough. Take the car to Autozone and have them scan the computer to find what codes were stored. That should tell you what caused it.