Stainless Accessories System For Ceiling

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1,Structure of (Suspension System) Description 

Steel keel system:
Stud (vertical keel) :QC 70X40X0.60MM, 75X40X0.60MM
Track :QU 70x35x0.60MM

Steel keel system:

Include two parts: Accessories System for Ceiling and Accessories

Stainless Accessories system for wall partition:

1. Track ( Keep along the top(floor)): Style: QU75

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.8m/M2

2. Stud ( Vertical Keel ) : Style: QC75

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2.5m/M2

3. Link-up keel: Style: DU38x12x1.00mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.8m/M2, 3m/PC

4. Supporting block: Style: 75

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2pcs/M2

5. Paper Tape : B50XL45 45M/ROLL , WIDTH 50MM

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2m/M2

2,Main Features of the Suspension System


Stainless Accessories System for ceiling:

1. Main keel: Stype: DU38x12x1.00mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1.0m/M2, 3m/PC

2 Secondary keel: Style: DC50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 3.30m/M2

3. Second juncture: Style: DC50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.5pc/M2

4. Level fitting: Style: 50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.8pc/M2

5. Second rail: Style: 38back50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2.5pcs/M2


3,(Suspension System) Images


Stainless Accessories System For Ceiling

4,(Suspension System) Specification

Stainless Accessories System For Ceiling


5,FAQ of (Suspension System


6. Light steel chief juncture: Style: DU38

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.99pc/M2

7. Hanging rod: Stple: 8mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.75m/M2, 3m/PC

8. Expansion bolt: Style: 8mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1pc/M2

9. Chief rail: Style: 38

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1pc/M2

10. Angle: Style: 15x20x30x0.50mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.5m/M2

14. Connecting nut: Style: 6mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1pc/M2



Q:Decorative light steel keel paper gypsum board wall height of 4.1 meters span 6.5 meters need not add structural column, beam
Do not understand what the title of the 'span' is a special term, the wall is a vertical component, there is no 'span'
Q:Lightweight wallboard light steel keel how to construction
Light ends of the keel should be installed firmly, keel and the base of the fixed point spacing should not be greater than one meter, installed through the series keel, less than three meters of the partition to install a three to five meters installed two When the transverse joints are not on the edge, along the top keel, should be added to the dragon keel fixed, doors and windows or special joints to install additional keel should meet the design requirements of the skeleton wall in the installation of decorative panels should check the firmness of the skeleton , Whether the installation of wall equipment, pipeline and filling materials meet the design requirements If there is a non-compliance should take measures. Light wall panels The installation process as long as the step by step, the order of work also need to be more cautious.
Q:Can the gypsum board be painted on the wall
You can play tuxedo on the keel on the line
Q:Curved gypsum board wall technology.
The curvature of the gypsum board can not be bent directly into the required curvature; if slightly larger, you can spray a small amount of water or water bend into; and then a large curvature of the keel to be encrypted, with plaster slab splicing, and then putty leveling on the line.
Q:Waterproof gypsum board for toilet partition and paste tile installation steps?
Bathroom wall on the calcium silicate board filled with less than 3CM steel mesh; fixed with a code nail gun; and then use 1: 3 of the cement mortar smear 2-3CM thick. After leveling the hair according to the normal process of paving wall.
Q:Light steel keel wall waterproof
1. The use of steel coated excellent 1011 metal roof for high-elastic waterproof coating (grass-roots) Used for bonding with the substrate, to achieve 100% continuous sticky. 2. Use 1032 to enhance the polyester cloth Used to enhance the coating of tensile, tear resistance and fatigue resistance. 3. The use of steel coated excellent 1011 metal roof for high-elastic waterproof coating (grass-roots) By enhancing the gap of the mesh structure of the polyester cloth, the intermediate layer and the base coating are fully infiltrated and integrated to effectively enhance the sealing performance of the coating. 4. Use steel coated excellent 1021 metal roof dedicated high-elastic waterproof coating (surface)
Q:Light steel keel wall can be installed sliding door
940 door to install the sliding door a bit small, open only less than 500 after the space, I suggest you install the folding door
Q:I would like to have a toilet in the house, bathroom with mineral wool board cut off or light steel keel gypsum board line?
The walls of the bathroom must be waterproof and moistureproof, or it will be deformed and affect life. And the bathroom wall to do the waterproof treatment, or the toilet to the area of water and more will then penetrate the other side of the wall.
Q:Light steel keel partition wall how to get, and how to purchase materials and tools, I now empty-handed, the best comprehensive ~!
I think if you are not engaged in the decoration industry, then still find a carpenter to help you do something better, because the production of light steel keel wall, after all, also need some technical and experience Moreover, you just to do so a little Wall, it is necessary to buy so many tools, this should be unacceptable. In particular, the partition is also required to have a vertical degree, you have never come into contact with this kind of thing, then I think you are doing bad.
Q:Can the interior walls be made of light steel keel partitions? Bathroom wall and interior wall with light steel keel wall is good or brick wall good?
Light steel keel (generally with gypsum board) wall lightweight, easy construction, low cost, a large number of indoor partitions,

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