Stainless Accessories System For Ceiling

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (Suspension System) Description 

Steel keel system:
Stud (vertical keel) :QC 70X40X0.60MM, 75X40X0.60MM
Track :QU 70x35x0.60MM

Steel keel system:

Include two parts: Accessories System for Ceiling and Accessories

Stainless Accessories system for wall partition:

1. Track ( Keep along the top(floor)): Style: QU75

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.8m/M2

2. Stud ( Vertical Keel ) : Style: QC75

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2.5m/M2

3. Link-up keel: Style: DU38x12x1.00mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.8m/M2, 3m/PC

4. Supporting block: Style: 75

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2pcs/M2

5. Paper Tape : B50XL45 45M/ROLL , WIDTH 50MM

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2m/M2

2,Main Features of the Suspension System


Stainless Accessories System for ceiling:

1. Main keel: Stype: DU38x12x1.00mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1.0m/M2, 3m/PC

2 Secondary keel: Style: DC50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 3.30m/M2

3. Second juncture: Style: DC50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.5pc/M2

4. Level fitting: Style: 50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.8pc/M2

5. Second rail: Style: 38back50

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 2.5pcs/M2


3,(Suspension System) Images


Stainless Accessories System For Ceiling

4,(Suspension System) Specification

Stainless Accessories System For Ceiling


5,FAQ of (Suspension System


6. Light steel chief juncture: Style: DU38

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.99pc/M2

7. Hanging rod: Stple: 8mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.75m/M2, 3m/PC

8. Expansion bolt: Style: 8mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1pc/M2

9. Chief rail: Style: 38

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1pc/M2

10. Angle: Style: 15x20x30x0.50mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 0.5m/M2

14. Connecting nut: Style: 6mm

Quantity or per M2(Square meters): 1pc/M2



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Q:Do light steel keel gypsum board partition to pay attention to what matters?
After the installation of the gypsum board, the paper gypsum board installation and the ground to stay in the gap, so as not to drag the ground to do when the tide back. If you consider the sound effects can be filled with sound-absorbing cotton, but the effect is not good. Really too loud, you can use cotton plug The
Q:How to construct double - sided double gypsum board partition wall
Installation of vertical keel, light steel vertical keel. Keel must be vertical, vertical keel inserted at both ends along the top keel and along the keel, adjust the vertical and positioning accuracy, with a core pulling rivets fixed.
Q:Light steel keel wall circuit how to wear pipe
1, to C-type vertical keel on the threading hole as the basis, first determine the direction of the upper and lower ends of the keel, try to align the threading hole. Vertical keel length size, should be measured according to the size of the scene. The premise is to ensure that the vertical keel can be along the ground, along the long keel slot slide. 2, light steel wall vertical keel installation spacing, according to the actual width of the panel size and wall structure design may be. 3, vertical keel installed in place, should ensure that the vertical. Door and window openings should be taken double row of vertical keel reinforcement. When the design requirements for the steel connection, the vertical keel and the edge along the top keel of the fixed, the application of self-tapping screws or shaft rivets to connect. sixth,
Q:Shanghai Light Steel keel ceiling Shanghai plant decoration office building decoration light steel keel ceiling wall
Reasonable top design Also in the plant decoration should also pay attention to the top, the top of the plant is usually high, and most of them are steel frame, in the decoration of the top of the first design fire, ventilation, and the central air conditioning reasonable arrangements , Because these are plant decoration necessary hardware facilities, especially fire. The next is based on the use of the requirements to determine whether the ceiling of the problem, the plant ceiling a lot of material, if the beauty can be used for some mineral wool sound board, gypsum board, and other materials to do the top decoration, you can not do any ceiling, The top of the need to hide or not some of the facilities to do some local modification is also a modern minimalist design.
Q:How to fix the middle of the light steel keel to the roof and the ground, the keel has a joint?
If it is looking for decoration workers to do, then they are professional. Under normal circumstances is the use of surge tube and self-tapping screws fixed. (There are other ways). Keel specifications a lot, generally long after the increase in joints. What specifications of the keel with what specifications of the joints. Not common.
Q:9 + 9 double gypsum board is what it means
Gypsum board is a kind of material made of building gypsum as the main raw material. It is a light weight, high strength, thinner thickness, easy processing and insulation and fire insulation and other properties of better building materials, is currently focused on the development of one of the new lightweight sheet. Gypsum board has been widely used in residential, office buildings, shops, hotels and industrial plants and other buildings within the wall, wall panels (instead of wall plaster layer), ceilings, sound-absorbing panels, ground floor boards and the Such as decorative plates. Gypsum board gypsum board (divided into ordinary gypsum board (commonly used), fiber gypsum board, gypsum decorative plate "interpretation") it to gypsum as the main material, adding fiber, adhesive, modifier, Dry from. With fire, noise, heat, light, high strength, low shrinkage and other characteristics and good stability, not aging, anti-moth, available nails, saws, planing, sticky and other methods of construction.
Q:6 meters high ceiling to do 4 meters with light steel keel do wall light steel dragon skeleton is to do 6 meters to the top or do high
Formal practice, must be done to the top, unless it is not the request, nobody tube project, it may not be the top.
Q:Light steel keel gypsum board wall height is how to determine
D =
Q:4 m long prefabricated board can do light steel keel double gypsum board wall?
Yes, the gypsum board partition wall is not much weight, far less than the prefabricated board capacity
Q:A layer of gypsum board layer of nine layers of partition wall
Sure to press the double calculation, not to mention fixed nine plywood than gypsum board but also a little trouble. The specific price per square is not good to say, there are differences in the price of different regions. I received a company two months ago, a small project, to my wall cost of labor, single and double back, 30 a square. Local minimum wall monolithic gypsum board partition 15 yuan per square, high in 20 or so. A layer of nine percent a layer of gypsum board, the minimum also 30 a square.

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