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Such as title. Take the key between the door and the inside. Do not care to go out to close the door, and now with another key in the outside to play long to pay the drink of the evaluation of Taiwan and Taiwan is not open. Inserted into the screw. Do not know is not inserted in the end Now has the middle of the night, the lock is definitely sleep, what way to solve the soil? Please answer in detail Thank you more
Anti-theft door lock is divided into two parts inside and outside, which plug the key. Basically there is no way to take the key down. You can try to open the door from the door with a tool to open (specific utility professional lock people have), but this The method is only fast to lock the door, and the door did not long to drink drink the evaluation of the platform of Taiwan with the key to lock the case with the key to apply the second method, their own drill with a drill drill, specifically the first lock Hood damage, and then identify the lock cylinder, first with M4 drill bit, and then drill in the end with the M8 drill can be out, oh, of course, the location of the bottom of the lock, ....., such as their own uncertain about the best or To find a professional person, the cost is generally about 50 yuan, not too expensive.
There are 5 bars B key, 2 A key. It is said that after the renovation of the B key turn a week A key failure, but the B key turned N weeks, now the situation is A, B key can be used to make a fool often get the door to full power, what is the situation? Questions added: each B key has turned a lot of circle, 2 A key can still open the door more
With the front of the groove with the inside and outside are rotated 360 degrees, A on the void. If A can be used, it is only for the lock cylinder
Panpan's anti-theft door just installed that is c dang side of the side of the fertilizer stem hair plugging plug the chicken-level lock, but today saw the door fitted with a keyhole plug key is very obvious loosening, this normal? More
Looking for the door frame slot where there is C logo? A to E are genuine. No you understand ,,,,,
Solid wood doors and security door price difference
Solid wood doors are indoor doors, security doors are outdoor doors, the price is not comparable. If you really want to, then, solid wood doors to a little higher. Solid wood door price in 2500 up, the security door is estimated at around 1500. This price should be a better anti-theft door.
Is a door when a door on a door with a handle, the other is the ground there is a groove that does not move the door so that can be installed to prohibit the more
Can ah, casually an access control engineering company can help you change, or even lock the store can help you modify, this asked the technical difficulty is very low.
Anti-theft door lock about what it means
Simply say that is open from the outside when the door is used to open which side, or with the handle of the security door, outside the direction of the handle is where the side.
Home decoration has been admitted, but found profiteers to install the security door is not soundproof, want to change the security door, but the old anti-theft door on the expansion of the screw how to remove is a big problem, listen to the door that must be removed next to the security door Wooden door sets, in order to remove the security door, that the amount of work on the big. Also read the online on the expansion will be smashed to the wall, and then pull out the outer ring metal approach, but are not very good. So I recently wrestled with a way, if you use a larger than the expansion of the long hair of the long hair of the body, the expansion of the screw in the middle, directly to the concrete wall to play a role, is not Can easily pull out the expansion screw. Because do not understand the specific principles of expansion, I hope to understand the user under the reply, or who now with me the same confusion, with my practice under the method, the results tell the next, thank you! More
A method for your reference. I did not try on the security door, but in other occasions used effectively. 1, exit the nut washer, etc., may be difficult but must exit. Rinse the screw in the inside, make it loose and return to the wall as much as possible. 2, with a flashlight to help, observe and find the expansion of the bolt jacket and anti-theft door between the hole, the widest place. If you can insert the head of the needle nose pliers at the widest point and reach the wall, continue with the following steps. Otherwise skip to step 6. 3, with the appropriate small drill, in the widest point by the wall side of the hole, about 3 ~ 4mm deep can, the hole is also close to the bolt jacket. 4, with a pointed nose pliers from the hole into the clamping bolt jacket (while the tip to be inserted into the screw and jacket), also into the also, slightly rotating, and slowly remove the jacket. 5, the above need a thin and long needle nose pliers, short rough not work. -------------------------------------------------- -6, with a diameter of about 4 ~ 6mm of the drill, in the anti-theft door frame edge along the expansion of a hole, the hole and the door through the hole (of course, the operation of some difficulty.Multiple hair of the crown, Prevent), appropriate into the wall 3 ~ 4mm. 7, turn to step 4.
Hooply lock, there are three types of keys A, B, C, how to make the decoration key effective. Question added: Under normal circumstances, the use of C key to make A failure, C can use it? More
According to reason, when the decoration after the house, will stay in the hands of the key (should be with a magnetic) can be inserted into it, the decoration of the key on the failure slightly! But the current lock on the market most of the three types of security door configuration lock, is largely useless, some of the key to the decoration or can open the edge of the lattice melon gypsum insects to sleep. I hope that a lot of friends pay attention to this point!