Stainless Steel Security Screen

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Product Description:

Security Screen

1) SUS316 (marine grade) 0.0315 inch (0.8 mm) wire diameter, high tensile stainlesssteel 10.5 strands per linear inch weft and 11 strands per linear inchwarp.  The woven wire cloth according to ISO9044 / ASTM E2016-06standards.  The open area space for the mesh is 42.7% (with min. tensilestrength > 800 lbs./linear inch).

2) Themesh is powder coated to Australian Standard (AS4506-2005 Metal Finishing forthermo set powder coating).  These standards set out relevant testprocedures and specify performance requirements for thermo-set powder coatingsapplied to metal substrates.  Major applications specify for a stainlesssteel substrate with very high grade of industrial classification.

3) Thepre-treatment system incorporates process for the mesh which include alkalinecleaning, water rinsing, acid cleaning, water rinsing, deionizer, chromate,drying, and coating.

4) Independentsalt-spray testing has exceeded 10,000 hours under laboratory conditionsaccording to ASTM B117-2009.

5) ExtraSecurity Mesh Specification:




12 Meshx0.58mm


6)Standard Size:

3 ft x 4 ft

8 ft x 4 ft
4 ft x 4 ft

6 ft x 4 ft

3 ft x 3 ft

1 ft 4 " x 3 ft


All Security Series Stainless Steel Mesh Security Screens& Doors are manufactured and installed to comply with the strictrequirements of the following Australian Standards - Stainless Steel Mesh KnifeShear Test AS4483.2, Dynamic Impact Test AS4483.1, Lock and Hinge Lever TestAS5039 as well as Cyclone Rating AS1170.2

Security Screen Performance

KnifeShear Test  AS5039, AS5041

Standardizedcompliance test for security doors and windows. A specifically selected knifeis used to simulate an attack on the mesh, repeated 3 times, in a constantdirectional force.

Vertical force 15kg (150N); horizontal force 35 kg(150N); at avelocity of 6 mm/second.

DynamicImpact Test  AS5039, AS5041
Another standardized compliance test appliedto ensure impact resistance to the fixing systemof a sash and panel components.  The test comprisesof a heavy bag (36-46 kg) swung to directly impact the mesh, repeated fivetimes, in varying directions.  Majestec security meshsuccessfully passes and/or exceeds this test.

Jemmy Test  AS5039,AS5041
A strength test designed to simulate attemptedforced-entry by burglars and intruders using an implement to pry open doors andwindows or break locks and hinges by applying leverage forces against thelocking, fastening and hinging points.

SaltSpray Test  ASTM B117
Corrosionresistance test for all metallic components.  An accelerated climatemachine (10,000 hours equivalency to 10 years) produces acorrosive attack on coated samples, accuratelymeasuring the suitability and resistance of the protective finish to corrosiveagents. Simulates exposure to coastal weather conditions.  Majestecsecurity mesh successfully passes and/or exceeds this test.

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The wall and the concrete belong to two kinds of different materials, because of the shrinkage coefficient has certain difference, easy to cause shrinkage cracks, so it is necessary to set up the metal mesh
In addition to screen more holes. That hole, it can be said at the same time for the screen by the particle size, the higher the number, the smaller the particle size, the standard sieve with standard vibration sieve machine can be determined accurately
It is like an antenna, it will receive some electromagnetic signals, thus interfering with the television signal
Q:The metal mesh can shield the electric field; electricity and magnetism have some similar characteristics
The metal mesh can not shield the magnetic field of the iron, because the magnetic field of the iron is a fixed magnetic field line, so that the metal net can not cut the magnetic field line, and the electric field can not be generated,
Separate list, code multiplied by 0.3m, if the shop is plastered on the wall
The mining grid is flame retardant and antistatic, which is smaller than the metal mesh, which has the advantages of large effective shielding area, high safety and good control effect, and is beneficial to the management of coal quality, and greatly improves the safety factor.
It plays a role in the stretch will be covered in the heating pipe above the cement layer to prevent cracking, so put a few layers is not much use.
Q:Recently saw there is a kind of metal capacitance of wheat anti spray cover, does look better than the traditional. But it seems that the metal mesh, and do not know the traditional compared to the real effect can be achieved, which kind of good point, the price is almost the same (general brand)
Metal is the rise in recent years, and certainly not cheap, it should choose stainless steel materials, mesh is very dense two layers,
The standard name is "industrial wire woven square hole screen"
Towards the opposite direction of electric field oriented mobile E, induced electric field induced charge resulting in the additional 0 and the external electric field E on the contrary, E 0 block in the conductor of the directional movement of free electrons. As long as the E>E 0, the electron will still move directionally until E=E 0, free of charge in the conductor will stop the directional movement; at E=E 0, and in the opposite direction, which means that the electric field is zero, no charge directional movement, which reached a state of static equilibrium. But it is worth noting that electrostatic balance stopped just macro directional movement, the charge inside the conductor is still in the thermal motion of irregular, but only charge distribution in the electrostatic equilibrium conductor surface as such, the surface potential and electric field intensity is stable to zero.

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