Stainless Steel Security Screen

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Security Screen

1) SUS316 (marine grade) 0.0315 inch (0.8 mm) wire diameter, high tensile stainlesssteel 10.5 strands per linear inch weft and 11 strands per linear inchwarp.  The woven wire cloth according to ISO9044 / ASTM E2016-06standards.  The open area space for the mesh is 42.7% (with min. tensilestrength > 800 lbs./linear inch).

2) Themesh is powder coated to Australian Standard (AS4506-2005 Metal Finishing forthermo set powder coating).  These standards set out relevant testprocedures and specify performance requirements for thermo-set powder coatingsapplied to metal substrates.  Major applications specify for a stainlesssteel substrate with very high grade of industrial classification.

3) Thepre-treatment system incorporates process for the mesh which include alkalinecleaning, water rinsing, acid cleaning, water rinsing, deionizer, chromate,drying, and coating.

4) Independentsalt-spray testing has exceeded 10,000 hours under laboratory conditionsaccording to ASTM B117-2009.

5) ExtraSecurity Mesh Specification:




12 Meshx0.58mm


6)Standard Size:

3 ft x 4 ft

8 ft x 4 ft
4 ft x 4 ft

6 ft x 4 ft

3 ft x 3 ft

1 ft 4 " x 3 ft


All Security Series Stainless Steel Mesh Security Screens& Doors are manufactured and installed to comply with the strictrequirements of the following Australian Standards - Stainless Steel Mesh KnifeShear Test AS4483.2, Dynamic Impact Test AS4483.1, Lock and Hinge Lever TestAS5039 as well as Cyclone Rating AS1170.2

Security Screen Performance

KnifeShear Test  AS5039, AS5041

Standardizedcompliance test for security doors and windows. A specifically selected knifeis used to simulate an attack on the mesh, repeated 3 times, in a constantdirectional force.

Vertical force 15kg (150N); horizontal force 35 kg(150N); at avelocity of 6 mm/second.

DynamicImpact Test  AS5039, AS5041
Another standardized compliance test appliedto ensure impact resistance to the fixing systemof a sash and panel components.  The test comprisesof a heavy bag (36-46 kg) swung to directly impact the mesh, repeated fivetimes, in varying directions.  Majestec security meshsuccessfully passes and/or exceeds this test.

Jemmy Test  AS5039,AS5041
A strength test designed to simulate attemptedforced-entry by burglars and intruders using an implement to pry open doors andwindows or break locks and hinges by applying leverage forces against thelocking, fastening and hinging points.

SaltSpray Test  ASTM B117
Corrosionresistance test for all metallic components.  An accelerated climatemachine (10,000 hours equivalency to 10 years) produces acorrosive attack on coated samples, accuratelymeasuring the suitability and resistance of the protective finish to corrosiveagents. Simulates exposure to coastal weather conditions.  Majestecsecurity mesh successfully passes and/or exceeds this test.

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Q:Metal wire mesh welding method
Blue son do not have to use the welding ah, you can weave, or even a small number of stainless steel wire mesh can be directly stamped out of shape, of course, deformation can not be too large. These things you can not need to direct investment, if there is a sales channel, you can try a variety of processing methods, select one of the cheapest on the line, so that manufacturers to quote! This also saves a lot of management costs.
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Q:Haia, Hello, how to shield high-frequency electromagnetic waves, such as metal mesh, conductive foam, such as
Shielding is the isolation of metal between two space regions to control the induction and radiation of an electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetic wave from one region to another. Specifically, the interference source is used will shield components, circuit and assembly, cable or whole system surrounded by preventing electromagnetic interference shielding body outward diffusion; receiving circuit, device or system surrounded, to prevent them from the influence of external electromagnetic field. Because of shielding from external wires, cables, components, circuits or systems such as electromagnetic interference and internal electromagnetic wave plays an energy absorption (eddy current loss), reflection energy (reflection of electromagnetic waves on the interface of the shield and energy (on) offset by electromagnetic induction electromagnetic field in reverse, shielding layer can be offset the effect of electromagnetic wave interference), so the shield has the function of reducing interference. (1) when the frequency of electromagnetic interference is higher, the eddy current generated by the low resistivity metal material is used to counteract the electromagnetic wave, so as to achieve the shielding effect. (2) when the interference of electromagnetic wave in low frequency, using high permeability material, so that the magnetic shielding limit in the internal space to prevent the spread of the shield. (3) in some cases, if the high frequency and low frequency electromagnetic fields are required to have good shielding effect, different metal materials are often used to form a multi-layer shielding body.
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The door is made up of metal frame and glass window.
Q:Metal mesh flocking glue which is the strongest?
Flocking glue is mostly polyacrylate, PU glue and so on

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