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What are the types of pumps used in chemical plants?
With stainless steel, acid resistance, corrosion chant
Slag pump is a chemical pump, or what pump is used to do what, the general price of how much ah?
Slurry pump, as its name suggests, is the medium conveying slag, abrasive or corrosive pasteApplications are mainly used in environmental protection, sewage treatment, mining, metallurgy, municipal, lake dredging, sand mining, coal, electricity, chemicals, building materials and other industriesPrice, the price of different models is very different
What is the chemical pump for delivering low temperature brine?
Watersea waterordinary steel in Sodium Chloride Solution and sea water, salt water corrosion rate is not high, usually to be used to protect paint all kinds of stainless steel, has a very low corrosion rate, but may be due to localized corrosion caused by chloride ions, typically 316 stainless steel is better.