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I already have an airsoft gun. I just would like to be able to skirmish. They think it's really dangerous and I'm going to get shot in the eye through the paintball mask I have. It doesn't make sense but, you know how they are. Any ideas on how to prove to them I can handle it?
Don't know about California but it's been done for generations in Philly and New York as a way for city people to keep cool. blem is , of course, it lowers water pressure in the area and the fire department hates there is a constant firemen turn 'em off people turn 'em on back and forth all summersometimes the cops get involved. Common sense has finally prevailed and the FD puts sprinkler heads on the hydrants.less water loss but still a way fro people to keep cool, especially in neighborhoods w/o public pools
myspace proxy?
you should get a connector [[ just a straight pipe that is about three inches long ]] and follow through with the correct size to fit for your extension the use of the white teflon tape will help you seal those joints so you do have any leaks .
How far from a fire hydrant can you park in NJ?
specific, i might try this commerce. Hamels is a huge pitcher and gets you W and a lot of ok's. He performs for a team which will supply him a lot of run help. Valverde is likewise a large participant with a lot of saves. you do no longer incredibly want him when you consider which you have Rivera, Reyes, highway, and Myers. Myers and highway would be back quickly yet interior the period in-between, Mariano and Al might shelter your saves. i might surely try this.
20ppr pipe joint is not what brand, 20ppr pipes can weld?
Standard requirement is to carry on the water and electricity warm transformation, is the water pipe and the joint choice same brand product.
Where do people park at the fire hydrant factory?
PLEASE DONT !! Fire Alarms save lives. Yours is obviously badly placed. Phone the Fire Service and ask them to come and advise. In Australia this is a free service they seem to love to do, and for seniors they will move it for you; for hard of hearing people they will make sure you have one you can hear without your hearing aids.
First off, before I get a bunch of crap about it- I know some victims didn't jump they fell it's just easier to say jumpers. Second, R.I.P. to the victims of this horrible day.But, I want to know a few things:1. What do you think were going through their heads? (family, the fall, etc)2. Did they pass out before impact?3. What happened to the bodies on impact?
Call your local gas company, I'll be they'll tell you.
why is there a fire extinguisher in every movie?
Because when acid reacts with metals, it produces Hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas is extremely flamable, and can explode in the correct environment.
I'm doing a project where you get a shoebox and put it under sunlight or a heat lamp. What materials can I put in the box to make it heat up faster? Mainly materials I can find at home and don't have to go out and get. Also will keeping the lid on the box help it heat up faster?
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