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for christmas im getting my dad an outdoor speaker system buttheunder groung wire costs ALOT so i was wondering if regular speaker wire will work fine if i used it and burried?
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Trying to wire up a toogle swithch for boat light. Have a positive and negiative wire coming from the battery. I have 2 wires coming out of the toggle switch and two wires coming from the light. What goes where? Thanks
Boat Battery Switch Wiring Diagram
is there a way to wire an exit sign to a plug for an outlet receptacle?
Yes just get an electrical cord with a plug at the end and wire it up. White on white and black on black with wire nuts If you have only the wire with no plug you can buy one and put it together, it's easy to do in the plug the same thing one white wire goes on one screw and the other screw you put the black. It makes on differance what wire goes to what screw only the ground if you have one, which is colored green that goes to the ground screw.
Who makes the best spark plug wires? i think the ones on my car are crap...they are Mag*star O.E. replacements, and they suck. What do you recomend?Its an 89 thunderbird
Get some bosch wires.
for standard electric wiring, do I cut the white wire or the black wire to not get shocked?
in case you have customary fencing up already and are only including a strand on the proper that your horse does not challenge besides, electric powered cord is okay. that's greater low-value; however the heavier gauge actual is far less risky than the skinny gauge IF the pony ever gets caught in it. Ribbon tape is safer. you may decide the only million/2 inch stuff for this objective. The signs and indicators are only small plastic or vinyl ones asserting that the fence is inspired. some screw into wood posts or rails, some clip suitable directly to the cord. Any farm shop has them the place the insualtors are bought. If young little ones are dumb sufficient to pour milk over the fence, they are too dumb to study signs and indicators. however the signs and indicators cut back your criminal accountability if one claims that they at the instant are concepts lifeless because of the fact they have been given bowled over. (Amber, that's a tongue-in-cheek remark.)
let me start off with I am not an electrician I just do basic stuff for side work I came in the project at the end. The lady wanted me to wire in 6 receptacles, a light switch and light fixture all on one circuit. everything is good except for the receptacle at the start of the circuit it has the lead/ hot coming in the power to the other receptacles going out and the power to the light going out (3 groups, 9 wires total). normally I would have used a junction box but I didn't pull the wire. How can I wire this. Would a 15 amp receptacle work?
A 15 Amp receptacle will work, of course, but the receptacle box is most likely already overfilled. So in order to keep the wire count down, your best way to go is to buy a receptacle that uses screw down connector tabs. (NOT the kind that you have to put the wire under the screw, but the kind that you insert the wire into the back and then turn the screw down to clamp onto it!) The receptacle is a little more money but it would be worth the expense to make this hook up work. Hot wire (Black): Connect all three black wires to the back of the receptacle on the brass colored screws. Common wire (White): Connect all three white wires to the back of the receptacle on the silver colored screw. Ground: make a short pigtail of bare copper wire (about 6 or 7 inches long). Then connect the pigtail to the other 3 bare copper ground wires using a wire nut. Then connect the other end of the pigtail to the grounding connection of the receptacle. MAKE SURE THE POWER IS OFF WHEN YOU DO ALL OF THIS SO THAT YOU CAN LIVE TO TELL THE TALE! :-)
i have some ikea wall lights that are wired to plug but i would like to wire them into exsiting wall points. Is this possibleSandra
Check with your local building code department. The 16 gauge wire used for those lights is not meant to be run through walls. Other than that, they should work fine. Be sure they're on a suitable breaker and are grounded.
does copper, bell, or speaker wire carry energy faster
If he is an Electrician than my guess is that the wire is solid copper (not stranded). While this will technically work, it is not very flexible and it would be single wire which could mean getting the polarity (+ and -) easily confused. Save yourself the headache and just buy some 12 gauge stranded speaker wire. (It's not that expensive).