Galvanized Binding Wire for Saudi Arabia/Galvanized Tie Wire

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Item specifice:

Material: Galvanized Iron Wire,Iron Wire Cross Sectional Shape: Round Application: Construction Wire Mesh
Type: Galvanized,U Type Wire,Loop Tie Wire Wild in Width: 1.1M Surface Treatment: galvanized
Metal Wire Drawing: Cold Drawing Status: In Hard State Thickness: Metal Thick Wire
Galvanized Technique: Hot Dipped Galvanized,Electro Galvanized

Product Description:

22Gauge 7kgroll Galvanized Binding Wire for Saudi Arabia/Galvanized Tie Wire 
China Supplied Galvanized Iron Wire for Binding Material(BWG6-BWG28) 

1. Wire style: 

Electro Galvanized Iron Wire

Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire

2. Use:  

Mainly used in communication equipment, medical equipment and weaving nets, brushes, cables, filters, high pressure pipe, construction, handicrafts and other industries.

we can be made according to customers specific requirements 

3.Features of Galvanized Wire:

Material: low carbon steel wire  

Tensile Strength: 400--580Mpa 

Standard wire gauge for electro galvanized iron wire: From 8# to 16#

Hot-DIP galvanized iron wire standard wire gauge: From 8# to 24# 

Materials: Q195/235 low carbon steel wire
Wire Diameter: 0.2mm-5.0mm
Tensile Strength: 350-550 MPA
Wire Gauge: BWG8-BWG22
Zinc Coating: 10g-250g
Packing: 5kg, 10kg, 25kg ,plastic film inside and weave bag or
hessian cloth outside
Application: used for construction, express way fencing, binding of flowers
and wire mesh weaving.

Wire GaugeSWG(mm)BWG(mm)Metric(mm)

China Supplied Galvanized Iron Wire for Binding Material (BWG6-BWG28)China Supplied Galvanized Iron Wire for Binding Material (BWG6-BWG28)
22gauge 7kg/Roll Galvanized Binding Wire for Saudi Arabia/Galvanized Tie Wire
China Supplied Galvanized Iron Wire for Binding Material (BWG6-BWG28)China Supplied Galvanized Iron Wire for Binding Material (BWG6-BWG28)

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