Galvanized Binding Wire for Saudi Arabia/Galvanized Tie Wire

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Item specifice

Galvanized Iron Wire,Iron Wire
Cross Sectional Shape:
Construction Wire Mesh
Galvanized,U Type Wire,Loop Tie Wire
Wild in Width:
Surface Treatment:
Metal Wire Drawing:
Cold Drawing
In Hard State
Metal Thick Wire
Galvanized Technique:
Hot Dipped Galvanized,Electro Galvanized

22Gauge 7kgroll Galvanized Binding Wire for Saudi Arabia/Galvanized Tie Wire 
China Supplied Galvanized Iron Wire for Binding Material(BWG6-BWG28) 

1. Wire style: 

Electro Galvanized Iron Wire

Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire

2. Use:  

Mainly used in communication equipment, medical equipment and weaving nets, brushes, cables, filters, high pressure pipe, construction, handicrafts and other industries.

we can be made according to customers specific requirements 

3.Features of Galvanized Wire:

Material: low carbon steel wire  

Tensile Strength: 400--580Mpa 

Standard wire gauge for electro galvanized iron wire: From 8# to 16#

Hot-DIP galvanized iron wire standard wire gauge: From 8# to 24# 

Materials: Q195/235 low carbon steel wire
Wire Diameter: 0.2mm-5.0mm
Tensile Strength: 350-550 MPA
Wire Gauge: BWG8-BWG22
Zinc Coating: 10g-250g
Packing: 5kg, 10kg, 25kg ,plastic film inside and weave bag or
hessian cloth outside
Application: used for construction, express way fencing, binding of flowers
and wire mesh weaving.

Wire GaugeSWG(mm)BWG(mm)Metric(mm)

China Supplied Galvanized Iron Wire for Binding Material (BWG6-BWG28)China Supplied Galvanized Iron Wire for Binding Material (BWG6-BWG28)
22gauge 7kg/Roll Galvanized Binding Wire for Saudi Arabia/Galvanized Tie Wire
China Supplied Galvanized Iron Wire for Binding Material (BWG6-BWG28)China Supplied Galvanized Iron Wire for Binding Material (BWG6-BWG28)

Q:Does anyone know what color the amp sensor wire is on a 2005 EX?
some amp's have an auto power on when they receive a signal through the input speaker wires. that would give them a power and ground wire only.
Q:I have a kicker cvr 12 inch 2 ohm dual voice coil sub (400 watts) and a kicker zx750 amp. how to wire?
MDC is correct. You need to remember anything that is run (+) to (+) and (-) to (-) is parallel. When you run this with one dual voice coil sub, or two subs together, and then bridge it at the amp in mono, you are actually supplying a higher percentage of power from the amp, and the amp will see an ohm load that it may not be able to handle, which will cause thermal overload and shut the amp down when it gets too hot. Running in series will bridge the ohm load up. In your case your 2ohms that you run in series will double your ohm load. Increasing it to 4ohms, and when you bridge it mono at the amp, the amp will see around a 2ohm load in mono. Good luck!
Q:I have 2 wires coming up a conduit. i need to put those wires into a timer and then to my pump. can anyone explain or has a website with diagrams
With only 2 wires exiting the conduit, I can say with absolute certainty that you cannot wire this to code with what you have. Please hire an electrician to do this. There are rules and regulations for a reason, - to keep you safe, and this is NOT safe no matter how you slice it. I see no mention of either ground wire or bonding wire and they are both required for pools and pool motors. Al
Q:i have an amp (sony xm 2002gtr) that says it requires 4 gauge wire..but they cost $100+ and i have plenty of 8 gauge wires. can i use two 8 gauge wires as a substitute for one 4 gauge wire?and also, i have my capacitor grounded to unpainted metal of my car AND the ground port of my that incorrect?
Two 8-gauge wires combined are equal to a 5-gauge wire, but that should be close enough for that amp. Make sure each wire has its own fuse near the battery; 40-amp fuses would be a good choice. If you capacitor is connected to ground, and your amp is grounded, then you don't really need a wire between the capacitor's ground terminal and the amp's ground terminal. It doesn't hurt anything, though. If the only ground wire at the amp is the one that runs to the capacitor, then you're better off connecting the amp ground directly to chassis metal.
Q:im assuming red to red and black to black? but then what about the extra green and white wires in the iphone cable? where do they go?
Those are the USB wires. For a charger, they need connected through voltage setting resistors.
Q:The spark plug wire on my dirt bike needs to be replaced because it was touching the exhaust and it burned through.I was wondering if the ignition coil and spark plug wire are one piece and need to both be replaced or is there someway to disconnect spark plug wire? They spark plug wire doesn't seem to be pluged in, but it seems to be one piece. Does anyone know?
Many small coils on dirt bikes, small engines and scooters have the spark plug wire pressed and glued into coil- usually replace coil and wire together as plug wire basicly not replacable in field.. Aftermarket coils can be used with seperate wire or maybe use a car coil from VW beetle type or in couiple cases i know plain Ford patterns. BMW /5 had 2 Bosch coils with replaceable wires- what kind of bike you working with. Clamp car coil to front frame, run extended wire loom to coil, use metal core spark plug wire and marine plug cap- used to be common or 2 stroke racers. In emergency you can cut wire cored wires and splice in another piece, tape it up .
Q:how do you connect two copper wires together
a wire nut
Q:What are some of the basic advantages of twisted pair wiring?
Less interference.
Q:whats a good brand for 0 gauge wire to get? im looking for a good brand that has 100% OFC wire, i would get knukonceptz, but their wires are copper coated aluminum which isnt as good.
Just get some 0 gauge at home depot. You are wasting your money with anything else.
Q:I have a set of two rotating beacon lights on my truck. I would like to wire these directly to the vehicle with an on/off switch. I picked up a two prong toggle switch from autozone, as well as some wire. I'm not sure how I need to do the wiring. I read somewhere about running wire from the fuse box? And how about grounding?
Run a wire from the positive side of the battery to one of the prongs on the switch. Then attach another wire from the other prong going to the light. Take one wire from each light and wire them together. Then take the other 2 wires and wire them together. On those lights positive and negative don't matter. Now take one set of the wires you put together and attach them to the wire from the switch and the other set of wires ground them anywhere on the vehicle.

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