Iron Wire with Electro Galvanized Finish

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Description of Electro Galvanized Wire:


We are a manufacturer specialized in producing all kinds of galvanized wire,


our galvanized wire can be divided into: Electro galvanized iron wire & Hot dipped galvanized iron wire.



Descriptions of Electro Galvanized Wire:


1. Material:
Q195, Q235, 1006, 1008, 1010, 1018


We use high quality carbon structural steel wire rod Q195, Q235, 1008, 1018 etc as raw material to manufacture galvanized iron wire,


through drawing, annealing, chlorhydric acid washing, water washing, hot dipped zinc coating, drying and other procedures, our


product can achieve in ASTM641 standard.


2. Wire Diameter:





3. Zinc Amount:




4. Tensile Strength:




5. Elongation:


10% - 25%


6. Packing:


0.2-800kg/roll, with plastic film & woven bag, or plastic film & hessian cloth, or robbins, or as your request.


7. Popular Specifications:



Galvanized Wire

Wire gauge


































































8. Applications of Electro Galvanized Wire


weaving wiremesh, baling, armouring cable.


9. Some specialized name of electro galvanized wire:


mesh wire


construction binding wire


stitching wire


gardening binding wire


cotton baling wire


dedicated clean ball wire


 Factory Corner

electro galvanized wire

Wire-Rewinding Machine

electro galvanized wire

Packing Ways

electro galvanized wire


electro galvanized wire


Q:my husband is running wire to a hot tub, which uses a 220 plug. he is going to hook up a 30 amp breaker. what size wire should be used?
First thing you need to do is call your city's building inspectors and get necessary permits. !!! For your protection. #10 wire for thirty amp breaker. For 220VAC you will need 3 wire (three conductor cables) plus ground wire for a thirty amp breaker. But question is what is the ampacity rating of your hot tub? You need to size your circuit breaker to the ampacity of your hot tub. Breaker is going to have to be a two pole (double pole) breaker GFCI breaker since it is 220 VAC. since it is for a hot tub. You should have a red wire a black wire a white wire and a bare wire in your cable. The black wire and red wire are your hot wires they go to the breaker. The white wire is your neutral (grounded conductor) it goes to the terminal strip where all the other neutral wires are connected in the breaker box. The bare wire is your ground wire! It goes to the ground wire terminal strip in the breaker box. Now that said if you or your husband is not absolutely sure about what you are doing get an electician to do it for. First water and electricity do not mix at all good together. Good way to get fried if tub goes hot on you if hooked up wrong. Good way to burn the house down if hooked up wrong as well. Another thing since it is a hot tub meaning like wet area like bathrooms and out side special considerations are going to have to be taken for safety namely you are going to have to use a GFCI circuit breaker or have a GFCI double pole switch to disconnect the tub incase of a short circuit or excessive current leakage to ground otherwise you end up bolied lobsters. Well done and ready to eat by the time you are found. Not as easy as just hooking up three wires is it. And if you do not know exaclty what you are doing call an electrician.
Q:but it says there are three Pink wires. There's not even three pink wires coming out of the car.The chassis/clip has been removed (by previous owner) and all that is left is the wires. All that is needed is a list of the colors and what they go to. Thanks.
Try going to the radio manufacture's website. Some of them have the owner's manuals online with the diagrams in them.
Q:Can we use pilot wire protection to protect overhead line, and which country use this scheme ?
Pilot wire protection can be used anytime anywhere. The question is not where it is used but why, and is it required. Pilot wire protection provides better discrimination of fault location, than, say, an impedance or distance relay. If the zones are too close, pilot wire may be the only feasible solution. .
Q:Kind of a confusing question I guess. I want to cut a wire that contains 3 other wires and splice into them then reconnect them. is all I need relatively the same gauge wire or is it potentially different type like some sort of special speaker wire..? Should be one positive one negative and the other some sort of signal for sound. (Microphone to a speaker). All I need is standard copper wire?
i wont even begin to touch on this,leave it alone and call a pro
Q:Im Very Curious As To How Did The Designer Orese Make Her, African Continent Shape Wire Earrings? I Have The Supplies To Make Wire Earrings. I Would Love To Do A Personal DIY! :~)
as well as on the first page link above, under the category Wire-Framing (P.S. Why did you use initial caps on all words in your question?...kinda hard to read.) .
Q:pendant wiring hookup. issue: light is always on house wires: red, white, black, ground pendant wires: green, white, black (and a ground wire to the frame) I did connect red to green, white to white, black to black, ground to ground is connecting the red to green the problem causing the light to be always on? do I just disconnect the red to green to fix?
First of all you need to determine where the switch that controls the box on the ceiling is. It sounds to me as though three conductor wire was used in the event that a ceiling fan might be installed at some future date. Turn off the breaker to that circuit first. Make sure it is off with a circuit tester. Remove the plate from the switch location and unscrew and pull out the switch. There will be a pair of wires ( white black and bare ground ) coming in to the box. This is where power is coming from. There will also be a trio of wires ( black, red and white plus bare ground. Which ever wire from the trio is attached to the switch will determine which hot wire to connect to in the ceiling box. You will attach that to the black wire from the fixture, the white to white and the green to bare ground. If there are two switches in the same box on the wall, choose the one closest to the door, determine wire color, cap the other color wire in the ceiling box with a wire nut and some electrical tape around it. Push it up in to the box first before any of the other wires. Then make the other connections, attach the pendant base to the ceiling box and you're done.
Q:I made a kill switch for my car. All I need to do now is cut the wire that goes into my engine control module and join it with the switch I made. Would it be fine if I just use wire nuts or some sort of tape to join the wires instead of soldering? The instructions say quot;Step 6: Attach the killswitch wires one to each side of the wire you just cut. Step 7: Tape up all new connection.quot;It says to tape the new connections, but should I use exactly?
Sure thing. Wire nuts work fine. I've used them a bunch on my project cars. However, if you want a connection that won't be affected by water (rain and/or humidity) and a connection that is permanent (won't come loose) use automotive crimp type connectors covered with heat shrink tubing or liquid electrical tape.
Q:Does anyone know where i can buy them? I need new ones because my crazy cat chewed up two of the wires lol =#92;
Buy some speaker wire and electrician's tape and splice new wire in the area where the old wire is chewed. Make sure you don't cross positive with negative. This way, you don't have to worry about getting the right connections, and it will be inexpensive.
Q:Given following setup of three wires in the plane of the page with I1 = 1.3 A (to the right), I2 = 3.4 A (to the right), I3 = 4.5 A(to the left) and each wire is separated by 3 m.I'm completely lost, I need to..1. What is the direction of the magnetic field at wire 3 due to wires 1 and 2?2. What is the direction of the force on wire 3 due to wires 1 and 2?Any help would really be appreciated! Thanks!
I assume that those wires are sitting parallel 3 m apart from one another. 1. The magnetic field around a wire forms concentric circles around the wire. Wire 1 and Wire 3 are parallel so when you draw a concentric field line around Wire 1 with radius 6 m, you get a magnetic field line passing Wire 3 at a right angle. And a concentric field line around Wire 2 with radius 3 m passes Wire 3 at a right angle. Both magnetic fields have the same direction because the current in both wires flows in the same direction (to the right). Using the right-hand rule, you can find that the magnetic field at wire 3 due to Wire 1 and Wire 2 goes into the page. Ans: Into the page 2. The force on a wire can be calculated in the following manner: I X B * L. Here I is the current on Wire 3, B is the magnetic field due to Wire 1 and Wire 2, L is the length of Wire 3, and X is the cross product operator. So I cross B would give the direction of the force. Now use the right-hand rule, I cross B will give the force direction pointing down. This means the force due to the magnetic field would repel Wire 3 from Wire 1 and Wire 2. Ans: The force on Wire 3 due to Wire 1 and Wire 2 would repel Wire 3 from them.
Q:Is there special speaker wire in order to run 250 watts max rms or will the oem speaker wire in the car be sufficient (did not originally have an amp and is most likely at 50 watts max rms). If I need a special wire for that please let me know what it is called and possibly an example link. Thanks!
most likely the wire pre ran in the car was 16 guage wire which is fairly small id recomend atleast 12G for speakers and 8G for a power wire.
RICH WIRE ,it is a factory which is specially in hot-dipped galvanzied iron wire, hot dipped galvanized steel wire, galvanized wire, etc metal wire. Our machine and capacity: It owns the most advanced plastic-dipping production line in China, fully automatic computer controlled welded machines, bending machines and other related machines. Welcome new and old friends to visit our company.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hebei, China
Year Established 1994
Annual Output Value Above US$ more than 1,000,000
Main Markets Mid East; Eastern Europe and America; North America; and other coutries
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 80 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above,1000,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 5 producce line,80 units machine
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range reasonable; Average;

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