• Ductile Iron Pipes & Factory Prices C25 EN545/EN598/ISO2531 DN300 System 1
  • Ductile Iron Pipes & Factory Prices C25 EN545/EN598/ISO2531 DN300 System 2
Ductile Iron Pipes & Factory Prices C25 EN545/EN598/ISO2531 DN300

Ductile Iron Pipes & Factory Prices C25 EN545/EN598/ISO2531 DN300

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$486.00 / m.t. get latest price
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China main port
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
23 m.t.
Supply Capability:
200000 m.t./month

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1,Ductile Iron Pipe Description :
1) Pipes confirm to ISO2531,K9 class,T type joint,6m long,with inside cements lining conform to ISO4179,  outside Zinc spraying(130g/m2) and bitumen coating(70μm) conform to ISO8179.
2) Pipe ends: Spigot and socket ends, with 100% SBR rubber gaskets accoding to ISO4633
3) we can do third party inspection according to customer's request.
4) Our products have been sold to many international market, such as Middle East and South East Asia and Africa.

2,Main Features of the Ductile Iron Pipe:
1).Quality guarantee
•  Chemical checking
•  NDE after rough machining
•  Mechanical testing after heat treatment
•  Final NDE,dimension inspected
2).Quality document
•  Full Q.A document as per client request
3).Packing and Shipping
•  standard export package(carton/wooden case/pallet)
•  accept FOB,FAS,CNF,CIF door to door etc or customer designated shipping agent
•  In-house Foundry
•  Third party inspection available upon requirement
5) Our goal
•  To be your preferred partner

3,Ductile Iron Pipe Images:

Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings & Factory Prices

Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings & Factory Prices

4. Ductile Iron Pipe  Specification:
Surface Finishes: Bare, Oiled, Mill Varnish, Galv,FBE, FBE Dual, 3LPE, 3LPP, Coal Tar,Concrete Coating and Tape Wrap
End Finishes: Beveled, Square Cut, Threaded, hat
Additional Services: Internal Coating
Packaging: packed in bag, plastic bag, steel strip, steel wire,double wire, iron box, wooden box, tarpaulin, plastic sheeting
Test: X-ray, UT, magnetic particle,inspection,hydrostatic test.
Processing service: Beveling, Threading, Slotting, Cut-to length, Bends, Quench and Temper, Fabrication, Double-jointing and On-site assistance
Documentary: MTC, material certification,Origin certification, CI or PI,Test Report, export licence, handling order, B/L,insurance policy,shipping instructions, contract, packing list etc.

We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:
1.Q: Why would you choose ductile iron pipe rather than other pipe materials?
 A:The reasons are obvious for that not only ductile iron pipe possesses the inherent strength and flexibility of ductile 
iron, combined with proven corrosion protection systems, but also the cost savings can be achieved from design to 
installation and commissioning.
 2.Q:Why can you guarantee the inner of pipes can’t be corroded?
 A: High alumina cement mortar lining and sulphate-resistant cement mortar lining. These two special linings are applicable 
to inner anti-corrosion for sewage pipes, improving resistance to erosion of the sewage components.

Q:Can ductile iron pipes be installed outdoors?
Graphite is exist in spherical form, usually graphite size is 6-7, casting spheroidization grade control requirements for 1-3 quality (spheroidization rate greater than 80%), so the mechanical properties of the material itself has been improved, has the essence of iron, steel performance. The annealed ductile iron pipe is composed of ferrite and pearlite. The mechanical properties of the ductile iron pipe are better.
Q:Can ductile iron pipe be used for industrial process piping?
Yes, ductile iron pipe can be used for industrial process piping. Ductile iron pipe is known for its strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for various industrial applications including process piping. It can handle high-pressure and high-temperature environments, making it a reliable choice for transporting fluids and gases in industrial settings.
Q:Can ductile iron pipes be used in areas with high levels of groundwater contamination?
Yes, ductile iron pipes can be used in areas with high levels of groundwater contamination. Ductile iron is highly corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for such environments. Additionally, these pipes have a long lifespan and can withstand external pressures, making them a reliable choice for transporting water in contaminated areas.
Q:How are ductile iron pipes manufactured?
Ductile iron pipes are manufactured through a process known as centrifugal casting, which involves the use of a spinning mold. The process begins with the selection and preparation of high-quality ductile iron, which is a type of cast iron that contains small amounts of magnesium to enhance its strength and ductility. First, the ductile iron is melted in a furnace at extremely high temperatures. Once the molten iron reaches the desired temperature, it is poured into a spinning mold. The spinning mold is designed in the shape of a pipe, and it rotates at a high speed to distribute the molten iron evenly along its inner surface. As the mold spins, the molten iron cools and solidifies against the mold walls. This rapid cooling results in a fine-grained structure and enhances the mechanical properties of the pipe, such as its strength and durability. The spinning mold continues to rotate until the pipe has completely solidified, which typically takes a few minutes. After solidification, the pipe is removed from the mold, and excess material, known as the "skin," is removed. The skin is typically removed by machining or grinding to achieve the desired dimensions and surface finish. Next, the pipe undergoes heat treatment to further enhance its mechanical properties and reduce internal stresses. Once the heat treatment is completed, the pipe is thoroughly inspected for any defects or imperfections. This includes visual inspections, non-destructive testing methods, and pressure testing to ensure the pipe meets the required specifications and standards. If any defects are detected, the pipe may be repaired or rejected depending on the severity of the issue. Finally, the pipes are coated with a protective layer to prevent corrosion and enhance their longevity. This coating can be applied through various methods, such as cement mortar lining, epoxy coating, or zinc coating. Overall, the manufacturing process of ductile iron pipes involves melting the iron, centrifugal casting, cooling, skin removal, heat treatment, inspection, and coating. This process ensures the production of high-quality pipes that possess excellent strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion.
Q:Is the spigot and socket connection of the ductile iron tube reversed?
The whole process is formed by the radial compression of the pipe blank and the stretching process of the branch pipe. Different from the hydraulic bulging three, the metal of the three way joint pipe is compensated by the radial movement of the tube blank, so it is also called radial compensation process.
Q:Are ductile iron pipes available for cutting and are there any relevant specifications?
You can cut, there should be no specification requirements, as long as you can use, in line with the needs of the project can
Q:What is the exterior anticorrosion of nodular cast iron pipes?
Spraying anti-corrosion paint, usually first spray a anticorrosive paint, and then primer 2, paint 2!
Q:What are the different sizes of ductile iron pipes available?
The sizes of ductile iron pipes available vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of a project. Common sizes range from 4 inches to 64 inches in diameter, with larger sizes also available for specialized applications.
Q:What are the different lining thickness options for ductile iron pipe?
The different lining thickness options for ductile iron pipe typically range from 3 to 5 millimeters.
Q:What is the expected fatigue life of ductile iron pipes under cyclic loading?
The fatigue life of ductile iron pipes under cyclic loading can vary due to factors such as the magnitude and frequency of the loading, material quality, pipe design and installation, and environmental conditions. Ductile iron possesses high strength and ductility, enabling it to withstand cyclic loading to a certain extent. However, like any material, it is susceptible to fatigue failure over time. Engineers commonly employ fatigue analysis and testing methods to estimate the expected fatigue life of ductile iron pipes. These methods involve subjecting representative samples of the pipes to controlled cyclic loading and determining the number of cycles required for failure. The results of these tests can then be used to extrapolate the expected fatigue life of the pipes under similar loading conditions. It is important to note that the expected fatigue life can significantly differ depending on the specific conditions and loading patterns experienced by the pipes in a given application. Therefore, it is crucial to consider operational demands, maintenance practices, and the overall structural integrity of the pipeline system. Additionally, adhering to appropriate design standards and guidelines, along with regular inspection and maintenance, can help enhance the fatigue life of ductile iron pipes. In conclusion, while providing a specific value for the expected fatigue life of ductile iron pipes under cyclic loading is challenging, engineers can estimate it through fatigue analysis and testing methods. Considering various factors and maintaining the pipes properly is essential to ensure their longevity and prevent potential failures.

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