U Tie Wire, Loop Tie Wire (Double Loop & Single Loop)

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Item specifice:

Material: Iron Wire Cross Sectional Shape: Round Application: Construction Wire Mesh
Type: U Type Wire,Loop Tie Wire Wild in Width: 1.1M Surface Treatment: Black
Metal Wire Drawing: Cold Drawing Status: In Hard State Thickness: Metal Thick Wire

Product Description:

Tie Wire is popularly used in construction,packing,agriculture, handicrafts or daily use. WeiCai have four types of tie wire:straight tie wire; U tie wire;single tie wire;double loop tie wire

Straight Tie Wire

Wire Dia: 2gauge - 30gauge(0.3mm-7mm)
Cut Length: 2" - 200"
Any metal material is ok. 
Package: 2kgs,2.5kgs,10kgs cartons or packaged as per customer's requirements. 

U Tie Wire

Wire Dia: 18Gauge -22Gauge (0.7mm to 1.2mm). 
Wire Material: Electric galvanized iron wire, hot-dip zinc-plating iron wire, black iron wire. 
Length: 25-55cm
Package: 20 or 25kgs/ctn

Single Loop Baling Wire

Single Tie Wire is know as Baling wire, otherwise known as bale wire, farm wire, or soft wire, is a type of wire used in an agricultural setting and industrial setting for everything from mending fences to manually binding a rectangular bale of hay, straw, or cut grass. 
Wire Dia: 10Gauge-12Gauge(2.5mm-3.5mm) 
Wire Material: Fine low carbon black wire (black annealed wire),Galvanized wire,Stainless steel wire,PVC coated wire 
Length: 2.5m, 3m,3.5m,up to 7.5m 

Double Loop Tie Wire

Double Loop Baling Wire

Wire Dia: 21gauge -16gauge(0.8mm-1.6mm)
Wire Material: Fine low carbon black wire (black annealed wire),Galvanized wire,Stainless steel wire,PVC coated wire 
Length: 4" - 16" 
Package:  500,1000,2000,5000pieces/bundle,then in gunny bag or paper carton.

Galvanized Tie Wire, Baling Wire, U Tie Wire, Loop Tie Wire (Double Loop & Single Loop) , Straight Cut Wire, Wire Bag Ties, Hank Tie Wire

Galvanized Tie Wire, Baling Wire, U Tie Wire, Loop Tie Wire (Double Loop & Single Loop) , Straight Cut Wire, Wire Bag Ties, Hank Tie Wire
Galvanized Tie Wire, Baling Wire, U Tie Wire, Loop Tie Wire (Double Loop & Single Loop) , Straight Cut Wire, Wire Bag Ties, Hank Tie Wire


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Q:Need help in wiring a solenoid for a '74 evinrude 70hp.?
The tan wire is the overtemp warning horn, should have a flat connector on it, connect it to the temp switch near the top of the cylinder head at the back. solenoid has four terminals, 2 large, 2 small. 1 large terminal gets the battery (+) cable *and* the red wire with the inline fuse (it provides +12V to the keyswitch), the other split end gets juice from the alternator for charging the battery. On the terminal strip, it should hook up to red wire coming from the rectifier (small metal canister-shaped device). It's best to secure the battery cable with a nut, then the red wire with a second nut. The other large terminal gets the cable from the starter positive terminal. 1 small terminal gets the white wire from the main wiring harness plug (it's the start circuit), and the other small terminal gets grounded -- just run a black wire from there to any good engine block ground. The small terminals actuate the solenoid, closing the circuit between the battery and the starter motor. To test the overtemp warning circuit, touch the end of the tan wire to the cylinder head with the key in the on position -- steady tone should sound from the buzzer located in the control box. Might want to take a closer look at your tan wire -- maybe the white one yellowed a bit. In '79 they changed that to yellow/red.
Q:what is the final wire for braces?
I had braces for two years, and i have never heard of this term. But the thickness of wires depends on what force you need applied at a particular time. The last wire i had was the thickest, to ''cement'' my teeth, so they would not move anymore. It was left in for 2 months while my teeth adjusted to their final places. SO i believe it is for the last treatment before removal. Hope that helped. :D
Q:what does this diagram for wiring a subwoofer mean?
this is what you will desire to do. merely connect the beneficial to beneficial terminals on the subs themselves and the negatives to negatives mutually besides. you will % 4 man or woman wires for that when which connect the subs as much as the container with one portion of the terminals to the beneficial and unfavourable wires and do the resembling the different sub. Then connect the two one among them to the comparable terminal on the amp and that's a a million ohm load.
Q:kenwood wiring to blazer?
unless you known what each wire does get the wiring harness or you very well may destroy your head unit
Q:Subaru outback aftermarket wiring?
There are two wires that you must hook up. One is for continuous power so that the settings are saved, the other is for power to the radio. If you had purchased your equipment from Crutchfield, you would have gotten free installation instructions and a wiring harness that would hook directly to your Subaru wiring - saving you a great deal of time and trouble.
Q:Soldering electroluminescent wires?
The wires do not have to remain straight. If you need to fold one over and make a loop for the others , that's fine. I would suggest you not solder one wire then try to add the other. Get all the wires connected securely, then solder.
Q:Wiring the switch to my 2 speed attic fan.?
Wire nut all the white neutral wires together. Wire all the bare ground conductors together. The the hot wire will attach to the terminal labeled common and one each of the other 2 black wires will attach to the high and low terminals. If it runs high while low is selected etc, the swap the last 2 and try again. PS any time there are multiple conductors in an overall covering it is called a cable. You have for example 1 black cable and 2 white cables.
Q:1994 ford ranger O2 sensor wiring?
I know you're looking for very specific information, but I think you might be better off getting a service manual or at least a wiring diagram of the car. Some info is very VIN specific. This may not be, but it could be. Any answer you get could be unintentionally wrong, an cause you no end of headaches as you get mystery problems after you apply the wrong info. It happens.
Q:Where do you wire amp speaker outputs?
ideally you want to wire directly from the amp to the door speakers with new speaker wire but doing this properly requires removing some of the trimming and passing the new wires throughout the car. you can also take the easier route and pass the wires from your amp up under the steering wheel behind the center console and splice them into the existing wires going to the door speakers. as long as the wattage isn't very high the latter shouldn't be a problem. however, if it were up to me i would use new wires and pass them throughout the car, removing the trimmings, etc. this can be somewhat of a pain to do if you have never done it before though.
Q:Are headphone wires not compatible with earphone wires?
Copper wire is copper wire.The headphones have other issues, or you're not connecting the wires properly.

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