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I've never tried making my own bread before but I'd love to give it a shotlots of fiber and as little sodium as possible are the only things I'm really going forif anyone just has a link to this sort of thing then that would be wonderfulany tips in general would be greatly appreciated as well
You need to use a bit of salt in the dough.You can reduce the amount a bitLike a recipe usually calls for 1 tspgo for 3/4 of a tsp and use Sea salt wich has less sodiumAs fars as fiberLook for a recipe for a multigrain bread, or an oatmeal breas, and even thn try adding soem flax seeds.
My power supply to my alarm system is on a receptacle close to the attic ladderIt run through the attic to the master bedroom which has a high flat ceiling that slopes on two sides(no space except on sides where ducting is running) to a bathroom closet on the other side where it goes down a wall and powers the control box.and no, I don't want a wireless system.How do electricians/HVAC technicians run wire through such small spaces and then down a wall?
The hair on your legs and arms will grow faster.
Own a house where the previous owner closed in the garage to make a media roomThere is no insulation in attic or walls (I live in South Mississippi)Ducts had been run from the central AC to the addition, but when summer comes, the AC goes out all the time trying to cool the extra (uninsulated) loadThe HVAC people suggested insulating as much as possible (duh), closing off the ducts to the addition (so the AC only runs it's proper load), and adding a heating/cooling unit (like in a hotel) to the garage/media room.What experiences (good or bad) have people had with various units? Friedrichs, Amana, GE, etcGoing to ask the HVAC folks, as well as insulating folks, but want to get as much opinion as possible.Thanks
A PTAC system, or hotel unit, like you mentioned will work well, but they are noisy, especially if it is for a media room.The Cadillac would be to get a ductless mini-split Mr slim There are several on the market, but they are not cheap.If you want cheap, stick with a PTAC unit.
what are some foods that are high in fiber and protein?
I wouldn't worry about the actual electrical cable touching the insulationIf properly installed, electrical cable does not get hot to start a fireThe Junction boxes are the same way, you can cover them, just make sure they are accessable and the insulation can be easily pushed aside if you need to get into themThe only thing I would be worried about is if you have recessed lightingThere are 2 types of recessed lighting, one which can be completely covered in insulation, and others which have to have an air space around itIt usually says it right on the fixture if you can have insulation touching the fixtureIf you got recessed lighting that cannot touch insulation, then its just a matter of determing how much clearence it requires and if your laying fiberglass you can just not insulate that area, or if your using blown in insulation, just build a little wooden box to go around each fixture to prevent the insulation from touching itI don't have the specs infront of me, but if you go to home Depot look at the fixtures there and it should give you an idea of what you have to do.
I currently live in a huge house that was built for 6, but currently houses 2.We cannot afford to heat said house.As a result, aforementioned house is freezing cold, 24/7I can see my breath in the unfinished part of our basement.I am currently typing as I sit on a heated bed, bundled under 3 blankets, sipping coffee that would go cold in 10 minutes if I didn't have it sitting on a hot plate.I do know that cold temperatures can affect your joints and such (to what extent, I do not know), which pretty much makes it painful for me to work out or run on a treadmill strenuously or for extended periods of time, but I also find that when I am at home, freezing my off, I often feel quite depressed, uninspired, and unmotivatedCould it be the cold?
do you have an air return line for that heating duct? if air can't leave the room it won't come in,plug the new duct into the the return line of the furnace,if you still can't get enough flow you might add a fan to push the air down the return linefor cooling cut a hole in the wall and install a window room ac.i would definitely insulate ,how about the floor is it a concrete slab ,perhaps put in an insulated floor ,put down a vapor barrier and a thick carpet backing and then a thick carpet,or go expensive put down a vapor barrier stud it out like a wall fill with insulation,cover with flooring then carpet,tile whatever.tom
I built a metal building and want to make an office from some of the areaI want the best insulating methodWhat would be better a Strofoam sandwich or fiberglass between wall as normal, than what R rating?? I need for warmth and coolingBEST INSULATION.
Fishing gear can be your most valuable thingIts much easier to find fish then meatKeep in mind different fish are caught with different lures and gearWhat would I put? Hooks-Deffidently get a few small packs of hooks ranging in sizeYou will have to know what fish live in your areaThen collect some bait from outsideLures-I dont know why everyone thinks spinners but their not that great of a lureHow will you reel line in fast? How will you catch inactive fish in cold water? I would place one trout size roostertail which will catch most small fishThen I would place fly fishing luresTheir small light and can be used to catch many fishNow to start moving up in the ranks I would place a few bass luresPlastic wormsCrankbaitsBackup hooksAll thatLine-Deffidently I would buy 65 lb braided lineWhy? Your fish probably wont snap your lineBraid is extremley durable so they sayIt can last your 50 years and rocks and abrasion typically wont fray itDownside? Its very visable to fishMost fish will not care except troutThey are extremley line shyWith green powerpro braid they may think its just seaweed thoughExtras-Water bottlesHe would probably have bottles in their anywayWhy waterbottles though? You can make fish traps out of them and even catch lizards anything else that goes in.
im making quot;Ugly Dollsquot; for xmas and they're like stuffed animals/ what can I use to fill them inside, THAT I CAN BUY AT STORES LIKE THESE:pearl art supplytargetwalmartshopriteetc(no specialized or online stores)thank you!! ]
Having light colored rain fly on the pack would help it not absorb the sun's raysPutting a thermal container or insulated bag inside the backpack would probably work bestI have a backpack chair which is made with a pocket to hold the smallest size Playmate coolerSo that's how I deal with this sort of situation.
He eats power cords, paper, blinds, clothingIf we take all that stuff away, he'll start trying to eat the furnatureThe vet is stumpedHave any of you had to deal with this?
I rarely cover! Didn't the other day and came out fine just gotta watch it