Grinding Wheel for Stainless Steel High Speed

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Grinding Wheel for Stainless Steel High Speed


Grinding Wheel  for Stainless Steel
the most strong
the best safe

Products description

Grinding Wheel & Cutting Wheel for Stainless Steel

Name:Grinding Wheel & Cutting Wheel for Stainless Steel
Application of Grinding Wheel & Cutting Wheel for Stainless Steel
Maxim performance for stainless steel applications.

White Horse Abrasives Co., Ltd has many years experience of making abrasive products. It is enough for us to offer excellent grinding wheels, diamond blades, sanding disc and other abrasive products for you. We'll recommend the right Grinding Wheel & Cutting Wheel for Stainless Steel to you by choosing the right material if you let us know special requirement, like, longer life or faster grinding, etc. Please kindly inquire for details.
1.3.1Extremely Thin C.W for Stainless Steel

Art. no.SpecGW(KG)PCS/CTNSizeN.W.4300m/min4800m/min
01411801105x1x162480032x22x232013700R.P.M152OO R.P.M
01411802115X1X222780042X23X1321.611900R.P.M13300 R.P.M
01411803125X1X2231.550040X25X141611000R.P.M12200 R.P.M
01411804150X1X224850040X32X17249100 R.P.M10200 R.P.M
01411805180X1X227040035X20X40287600 R.P.M8500 R.P.M
01411806105X1.6X163260040X22X2319.513700R.P.M15200 R.P.M
01411807115X1.6X223660040X23X1321.611900R.P.M13300 R.P.M
01411808125X1.6X224740042X27X1419.511000R.P.M12200 R.P.M
01411809150X1.6X2262.540042X32X17259100 R.P.M10200 R.P.M
01411810180X1.6X229720038X22X20217600 R.P.M8500 R.P.M
01411811105X2X163660043X22X2321.613700R.P.M15200 R.P.M
01411812115X2X2245.540046X23X131911900R.P.M13300 R.P.M
01411813125X2X225440046X25X1421.611000R.P.M12200 R.P.M
01411814150X2X2288.530038X32X1726.59100 R.P.M10200 R.P.M
01411815180X2X2213220035X20X4026.57600 R.P.M8500 R.P.M
01411816230X2X2221510029X24X24.521.55950 R.P.M6650 R.P.M

1.3.2 Flexible Grinding Wheel for Stainless Steel (Soft Wheel)
WA #46 60 80 100 120 150 180
Maxim performance for stainless steel applications.

Art noDxHxdMax.speed

014212014x1/8x5/8100x3x1613700 R.P.M15200 R.P.M
014212024 1/2X1/8X7/8115X3X2211900 R.P.M13300 R.P.M
014212035X1/8X7/8125X3X2211000 R.P.M12200 R.P.M
014212046X1/8X7/8150X3X229100 R.P.M10200 R.P.M
014212057X1/8X7/8180X3X227600 R.P.M8500 R.P.M


  • How about the delivery time of geogrid?

  • 2~4 weeks.

  • Can you produce the product according to      customers' requirements ? 

  •  We      are professional manufacturer OEM and ODM are both welcomed.

  • Can you offer      samples ?

  • Yes, we can      offer  samples free of charge before order for testing quality.

  • How about      your product quality?

  • We are China      state company and Fortune 500 company with ISO certification. The product      are with the best quality. We can meet Europe standard, American standard,      Chinese standards and so on. We can also manufacture  according to      your requirement on quality. 

Grinding Wheel for Stainless Steel High Speed

Grinding Wheel for Stainless Steel High Speed

Grinding Wheel for Stainless Steel High Speed

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